Because the Past…

Lately things seem to be revving up faster and faster. I feel like I’m surfing some kind of strange energy wave. It feel fun and exciting and I don’t want to overanalyze it too much. I’m feeling much too good to fall prey to the centipede’s dilema

Tonight I asked for guidance before walking Rufus and drew a card (When I say asked for guidance, i don’t mean from God, it was more a general asking from the universe, from the earth, from my higher-self.) The card I drew was IV of Cups. Eileen Conolly’s key for that card is “DO NOT REINFORCE YOUR FEELINGS BY SEPARATING YOURSELF FROM WHAT YOU CAN BE. TO BREAK THIS PATTERN, ENJOY YOUR POTENTIAL.” from the First Handbook for the Master

So armed with that, I took the dog for a walk. As has been happening more and more often lately, one of those fortune cookie type messages came bubbling into my brain.

Break Past Patterns. Look at everything as if you were doing it for the first time without any assumptions of what its going to be like. Talk to everybody you know as if they were someone new whom you really want to get to know. If any thoughts involving past patterns comes up ie “He always treats me this way” or “This always happens” feel it, look at it , recognize the feeling as being a programmed past pattern and move on.
🙂 <3

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