Conversation / Speculation

There are conversations
that we are not privy to
between beings who cannot be found
save through the doors of spirits wandering
or imagination

Beings both simple and transcendent
discuss their concerns
and we can but speculate
on the realities they craft
with their silent voices

Still our hearts contain answers
and our journeys take us far
perhaps one day
on the path between human and myth
a being will look up and wonder about us…

–G A Rosenberg

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  1. I like your speculation…the doors you speak of…I refer to them as a rip in the fabric between worlds…I have glimpsed and was only able to grasp that reality for a brief moment…and then questioned myself…was it real? The conclusion I came away with is this…that i am an infant soul as opposed to an ‘old soul’ and I just know theres more to this than just eat~pray~love. There are things I know instinctively to be true and there are things just out of my grasp that I need to know…just babbling here I guess…thats where I am on my journey. I just wanted to say I like what you wrote….

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