A Few Odds and Ends That May Amuse

Lately the universe has been sending me messages about personal integrity. Now I usually think of myself as a fairly honest person. If anything, I will stay silent to either avoid conflict or avoid dishonesty. But still everywhere I turn, on line for sure but even in offline conversations, people on the sky train talking about honesty.
Another thing I’ve been hearing a lot. Each moment is a choice…If we want to have greater integrity, we need to keep consciously make that choice and be more conscious in our choice making. All I can say is I’m working on it.

It needs to come from the heart
we need to come from the heart

when you’re honest with your self then you learn to trust yourself
that seems so obvious

the more you (meaning me or anyone) lie to yourself and others, the more on some level you teach yourself that you aren’t trustworthy

when did hope become a bad thing?

Visionary toilets
a visionary’s bath

Wiccan Women (Part of a poem)

Wiccan women calling down the moon
seeking to travel
seeking to learn
Does it speak to the heart?
Does it speak to within
Does it speak to virtue
Does it speak to your sin
and what have you done
for what do you grieve?
You have lived, nothing more
no matter what they believe

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