Flow of Random Thoughts at a Celebration (Consciousness Streaming Through)

Sketching sketchy thoughts
details hazy
not all clear but not all there
present in a real way
but not for unreal things


Finding a fun thought
to tickle my muse
tho humour’s defused
as I light the fuse


Catching the verbal wave
looking for something slick to stick
still the water’s nice
in this consciousness stream.
so I’ll dive right in


I wonder if James Joyce
use to sit with words dancing in his head
connecting dot and syllables as life
went on through and around him


Spirit is here
yet when is it not


Art finds Art
as heArt finds heArt


You can be by yourself in a crowd yet not feel lonely. Warmed by the good feelings that come when strangers embrace. The music also glows with a special organic warmth.


May every being constantly feel as blessed as I do right now.

Quote of the Day – May 28 2011

“This moment. Without any story. The storyless now. What is your direct experience of this moment when you drop ALL stories? Life without the commentator in the head. Pure Being resting in complete (complete meaning whole, lacking nothing) silence.”

                        —-Michael Jeffreys

“Trust dreams. Trust your heart, and trust your story.”

                               –Neil Gaiman

I find amazing truth in both of these quotes. Despite the fact that they seem to contradict each other..

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Star Abstractions by G A Rosenberg

Thinking About New Age

Ah I’ve been going around and around on this New Age idea a bit today and am quickly coming to the point of view that its semantics.. People have a need to connect on a spiritual level with the universe in a way that is meaningful to them. Centuries of corruption and hypocrisy have made it all but impossible to do that with the religions that many of us were born into. To many of us, our families’ religious observances consisted of words, ceremonies and rituals that were empty of either meaning or feeling. A lot of new age thought distils what is good about ancient thought and makes it relevant.
Emphasis is often on both the practical and the positive. Connecting in love with our inner selves, each other and our planet. Advancing and growing oneself spiritually. Using ritual not in a traditional sense of repeating words (often in foreign languages, many of them not used in the modern day) and movements that one has memorized but in a living meaningful sense, using symbolism that has meaning for the person doing the ritual towards a goal that matches the aspirant’s intent.
Unfortunately way too often New Age thought can become as rule-bound and dogmatic as anything you can hear in a church, mosque or synagogue. While we can help, inspire and expose each other to cool things that work for us, if there is no inner spark or connection with what we are doing then it quickly becomes meaningless, no matter how cool the message is delivered and how obscure the jargon.

(To be continued, revised and expanded

Things to Be Grateful For (In No Particular Order)

A Youtube friend of  recent aquaintance (http://www.youtube.com/mahanomi) challenged people to journal on 10 things to be grateful for and to post it as a video response. I don’t know if I’ll do that or not but the idea intrigued me enough to do it. So in no particular order (and I’m not sticking to 10 as once I started contemplating the things I feel gratitude for I found it hard to stop. Which as far as problems go would be one I would wish for everyone

    • My Family – Aaron, Zev, Amanda and our various pets. Each in their own was has been such a gift to me. Aaron and I have been together for 12 years. We are so different in outlook yet we share a language and interests. He has done amazing work in his field and he is one of the most creative, thoughtful people I have ever met. Zev, my son and teacher. Now twelve, with all the challenges that brings. He is so full of life, love and energy. We have so many commonalties tho he is totally his own person with astonishing presence and self-posession. Amanda, my foster daughter, who has helped me so much with developing and using my empathy. Our Various pets (Rufus, Maggie, Brownie, Princess, Luke)
    • My Senses and my ability to perceive the phenomenal world – The Navajo have a beautiful prayer / greeting,  “May you walk in beauty”. It has taken me many years to realize how much of that has to do with attitude and outlook towards life. Now more often than not, I have been seeing beauty express itself in my life way more often even with things that I once would have found off-putting.
    • Souce, Spirit, The Way, God – However you wish to refer to that higher power from which we come, who’s nature is unconditional love.
    • My Imagination- We all have this amazing ability to create something from nothing. We can see how the world can become a better place and make it so. We can see how we may become better, happier, more centred and evolved people and make ourselves so.
    • The Earth-Mother and Provider. Forests, Beaches, Mountains, Cities.
    • The Sun
    • Animals
    • The amazing group of family and friends I have found in cyberspace- I have met so many amazing people from all over the world. I have shared laughter, tears, thoughts, beliefs, art, poetry, music and so much love.
    • My Parents – who raised me to believe that I could be anything that I wanted and showed me that there may be barriers along the way. They have been amazingly supportive.
    • This journey of discovery that I’ve been on
    • People  (including Government, Religious or Corporate entities ) whom anger or frustrate me because they too show me who I am and areas in which I need to grow
    • My art and writing- Self-expression rocks. Finding ways in which I can express myself rocks even harder
    • Music-Of all kinds, so central to my life.
    • Books, Poetry, Blogs, Videos, Art, Movies, Theater – We have so many ways in which we convey who we are and our views / experience of the universe. Through these forms of communication, we are able to commune with voices from the past, present and reach out to those who come after us.. We walk and fly on the shoulders of giants.
    • My Own Being- Within me, as within all of us, universes exist.  I have found vast potential to love, grow and grow in love
    • The time in which I live- There has been a spiritual and societal awakening that has been happening in the world that each month it seems becomes more and more prevalent. There also seems to be a counter-movement towards that but its fascinating to view this.
    • This exercise

Thoughts on the Journey

It is always in progress

It is not a race. Our spirits all move towards actualization (full self-realization through lifetimes) at their own pace and we move towards knowledge of our spirit at our own pace. There is no prize for getting there first.

We do accelerate tho when we slow down to help out another. Indeed realizing that we’re all in this together seems to be a main realization point along the road…
By all means train if that is your inclination.. Training (meditation, energy manipulation, energy charging etc) is fun and useful. When it becomes something you have to do rather than something done in joy that doesn’t seem like training and can set you back…

There is no one path to get there. If anything, every aspect of spirit (each of us) has their own road. For moments or for lifetimes ( a less brief moment in eternity) our road may converge with other’s. Our higher selves (or inner master or Spirit guides, whatever guidance system you use or all of them) will tell us for how long or how far..

There is not one being whom we draw into our path whom we cannot learn something from. Likewise there is no being who cannot learn from us.. Be open to the lesson or lessons. Be open to when they’re over.

We are limitless… Any limits we feel are those we needed at some point in able to help us along…Don’t be afraid to exceed your self-imposed limitations.

Any words we use to describe ourselves, any definitions are by their nature limiting. We may be this for a time but we are so much more…

The journey never ends

Everything on this list may be wrong =)