Thoughts on the Journey

It is always in progress

It is not a race. Our spirits all move towards actualization (full self-realization through lifetimes) at their own pace and we move towards knowledge of our spirit at our own pace. There is no prize for getting there first.

We do accelerate tho when we slow down to help out another. Indeed realizing that we’re all in this together seems to be a main realization point along the road…
By all means train if that is your inclination.. Training (meditation, energy manipulation, energy charging etc) is fun and useful. When it becomes something you have to do rather than something done in joy that doesn’t seem like training and can set you back…

There is no one path to get there. If anything, every aspect of spirit (each of us) has their own road. For moments or for lifetimes ( a less brief moment in eternity) our road may converge with other’s. Our higher selves (or inner master or Spirit guides, whatever guidance system you use or all of them) will tell us for how long or how far..

There is not one being whom we draw into our path whom we cannot learn something from. Likewise there is no being who cannot learn from us.. Be open to the lesson or lessons. Be open to when they’re over.

We are limitless… Any limits we feel are those we needed at some point in able to help us along…Don’t be afraid to exceed your self-imposed limitations.

Any words we use to describe ourselves, any definitions are by their nature limiting. We may be this for a time but we are so much more…

The journey never ends

Everything on this list may be wrong =)

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