Thought of the Day – May 20 2011

There are days when frustration seems to flow… and its ok to feel what you feel..let it go through you and work its way out the other side.. A sense of humour helps a lot. Tho the question “What else can happen” may not be the wisest.

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Fiery Activation by G A Rosenberg


I know a lot more than I believe I do
I know a lot less than I believe I do
I forgive me but sometimes its difficult

Just as not all extraterrestrials have the same agenda
the same is true of starseeds
Different groups have different agendas
attributing positive or negative motivations to them may cause errors in judgement

“You are yourself when you feel good in the moment”

I forgive me for doing the things I do until I no longer need to do them. I would hope that it is sooner rather than later
Finding that voice within…Until I learn to listen I can hear it in the voices of others
When I learn to listen, I hear it in the voice of everyone

Loving abstractly is not difficult…Loving each person, feeling love in every moment feels a lot more so…still the more I feel love, the easier it seems to feel it more often .
Lots of clearing stuff coming up of late…Emotions range out of control and then great clarity

UFO, Extraterrestrials, Disclosure Part I

I have always found it more reasonable to believe that Earth was not the only planet with intelligent life than believe otherwise. There seems to be a preponderance of evidence that we have been visited in the past (and more recently) many times..

In this information age where many things are shifting (in social, consciousness and spiritual levels) evidence of these facts are surfacing. With more and more people carrying around cameras on their phones, more and more sightings of unidentified occurrences in the sky are being recorded and spread  by more people. News agencies are picking up on this.

Our governments are being challenged to reveal what they know. A quick search at reveals many many occurrences or at

at will reveal many cases of interactions and sightings of unexplained phenomenon. It becomes more likely than not that A) the US government has had awareness of extraterrestrial presence on and around earth for awhile and B) that this has been hidden from us.

Observations- From a Conversation with R.H. last night

if its meant to happen it will happen
this world is the fast track, don’t put it down
you’re here because either you can help, it can help you or both
it was the fit
enjoy the fun partsand plow through the rest
For this stage of evolution, us starseeds are here to help
but also because it is the best place for our development
it is a win win situation even if in our 3D selves we don’t always see it
or even in 5D
here’s one way you know for sure you were meant to be here…
its a sure proof method
If you exist here then you were supposed to
there are no accidents.
There is free will but no accidents
Beyond the constructs of time and space, everything already exists
A perfect jewel of manifestation.
We can make whatever changes we wish
Existence will still be complete and perfect
but with some of the lines slightly altered
metaphorically speaking
time and space are constructs
so don’t fret, be the perfect being you already are
and manifest that person in love and light
that being i should say…
i mean to me the puzzlement, knowing this, is that there are people who choose to be unhappy or miserable for long periods no matter their circumstances
i mean its a choice and i guess from some perspective, it might be interesting to check out how 3 consecutive lifetimes of depression might work (in infinite possibilities)
but from my limited perspective, unhappiness gets tired pretty fast

Quote of the Day – May 12 2011

“Service without ideal of self . . . trains you to transcend all the artificial distinctions imposed by history and geography, and to realize that the human community is one and indivisible.”
— Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Transcending by G A Rosenberg