Tarot Card – Eight of Cups (Two Versions)

Long have I stayed here
drinking deeply of the pleasures offered
Now my soul longs for more
Cups lie empty strewn around me.
Surely there must be more!
I look out and feel a yearning
a calling- some message
telling me…what?
that I can be more than this mundane creature
with neither needs nor ambition
that there is purpose and meaning
once I give it such.
I know I will be changed
by what lies ahead
Do I have a choice?
Stay here and become not
bur remain that which I’ve been
or follow the pull
on mind heart and being
no choice at all
I reach out and
I’m gone

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Eight of Cups by G A Rosenberg

(side note: After seeing this depiction, a friend of mine who knows quite a bit about the tarot and things esoteric suggested that traditionally the cards are stacked… Looking at given meanings for the card, I could see his point. Sometimes before finally given up, we make a show of trying to put the chaos in our lives into order.  I did a second version of the card to reflect this (and leave a neater beach):

Eight of Cups (Version 2) by G A Rosenberg

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