Quote of the Day – August 12 2012

“If only everyone could know and live with their inner craziness. Would the world be a worse place for it? No, people would be fairer and happier.”
―Paulo Coelho


I believe we all have a little bit of craziness in us. Quite often it is where our creativity lies and the more we can channel it, the better we can express ourselves. Far too often we tend to repress it and become envious of people who let theirs have freer reign.  Do we fear our crazy because we feel that once expressed the genie cannot be put back into the bottle? Can we let our freak flag fly knowing that we can choose the time, place and circumstance for it. I believe to a large extent we can at least to the extent that our lives authentically express who we are. I mean we all learned the social conventions game at an early age. As we’ve grown older we’ve realized that not everyone plays it the same way and like it or not some people will think our normal exceeds their crazy. Of course most often they are the ones who tend to run into difficulties at a later stage in life with problems either physical or emotional due to suppression of their authentic selves. At the very least their lives tend to have the colour range of a watercolour left in the rain for too long. Far better from my standpoint anyway to live authentically in vibrant colours a happier expressed life.

Blessings, G


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