Quote of the Day – February 15 2013

“You’re always free to change your mind
and choose a different future, or a different past.”
— Richard Bach


How can we change our pasts? Isn’t what happened incontrovertible?  Perhaps so but then even if I can’t change the events that happened, I can still change how I view them. Did I get taken advantage of by people or did I seek out people who would teach me certain lessons in exactly the way that I needed to learn them? So many times when I think of my past, particularly situations that turned out to be either dangerous or damaging or a combination of both, I realized very early on perhaps even before I entered into them, the possibilities of where they may lead. Part of me knew the adventure would be worth it. Looking back now from the perspective of the present, I believe that I was right. I choose not the path where I am time’s victim but the one where I am time’s student. Over and over I choose the path of learning even when the lessons were painful and so become empowered rather than weakened. What of the future? The future I choose each instance.
Blessings, G


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