Unfold Your Own Myth


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”
― Rumi


“This always happens to me. I have everything going my way and then bam… the universe laughs at me and my life falls apart”
“I can’t win for losing”
“Life’s a bitch”
No, No, No, No. NO NO NO!!!!!!
Are these the stories we want to tell ourselves? Really? We can do better than that?
“My life keeps getting better all the time”
“No matter how bad things feel, I know I have these things that make me happy”
“I feel grateful for being alive in a world with those flowers or eyes and a smile like that girl / man had.”
Do the above sound overly syrupy or sentimental to you? I can see how but seriously no matter how bad things have gotten for me, pretty consistently the difference between happiness and anger and despair has come down to a choice.
Try it, if you feel like things have been rough for you lately, ask yourself these questions at the end of each day. What was the most beautiful thing I saw today? What made me laugh? If nothing else what am I thankful for? What is the highest outcome I could hope for tomorrow? Keep asking yourself those questions and watch your life start to change.
blessings, G


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