Understandings — A Mash-Up

“If you really want to change the world, you must first understand it adequately, or all you will do is reproduce in larger numbers your own ignorance.
–Ken Wilber


Ripples in the stream
Unexpected results come
from each thrown stone


This blog entry may go a bit random. I’ve been asked a few interesting questions and I wanted to share my answers and perhaps gain the perspective of those of you reading this.


So what is the precious gift that comes out of letting go of loyalty?


that’s more of a thoughtful guess than a conclusive answer
but when we are loyal to someone or something, we tend to focus on the positive aspects, the qualities that have earned our loyalty
when we let go of loyalty, we can see a more complete picture
*allow ourselves to see
it can deepen our love for what we felt loyal towards
true forgiveness rather than forbearance..


One of the most helpful insights that I received from a friend was the idea that a true gift is something that truly belongs to the receiver already. The gift is in the realization that this is the person whom it belongs to and it is a form of return. The gift we give each other of realization and enjoyment of time spent is something that can never be taken away it belongs to us. It makes the idea of ‘being the gift’ an intriguing one. Tho it would follow that the way to do that is to become fully who we are.


Dealing with despair


I have felt times when my wounds emotional or spiritual felt too big to fix or heal. unfortunately i cant tell you much about how i made it through, for the most part i just did
i talked it through with many and spent a lot of time alone, testing plastic knives against my wrists…
its strange tho, because coming out of it had the quality of jumping the abyss…all of a sudden i was ok
oh some of the parts that brought despair still itched… but it felt like i could feel sunlight again and focus on other things
but then in my experience despair is not really sustainable
tho the times i felt ‘in the dark’ it sure felt like it could last forever


Blessings, G

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