Consequences of Certainty


“Every moment I sacrifice my certainty to confusion so that pathways will open up to greater understanding”
— Randall Wolfe


Jack Kerouac said that all he had to offer was his own confusion. I can relate to that. Any time I find myself certain about anything my universal kaleidoscope spins and questions rush in. I’m learning to be ok with that tho. I have met many people who have total certainty about how things work and while I used to find them infinitely magnetic, I have learned to be very weary. It seems that as soon as something becomes certain for us, we stop questioning it. What’s worse is that the longer that certainty has to set, the more solid and unbreakable it becomes to the point of being unable to allow for error. Once we allow that to happen then our growth becomes stunted and we limit our universe to just what we know. I would rather remain confused and stay open to infinite potentiality. At least that’s what I think most of the time.
Blessings, G


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At the CenterAt the Centre by G A Rosenberg


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  1. Someone far cleverer than me once said;
    “Science should be the first word on some things and the last word in nothing”
    I think that is in the same spirit as Kerouac’s quote.

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