I Course My Corse Course


“Every man and every woman has a course, depending partly upon the self, and partly upon the environment which is natural and necessary for each. Anyone who is forced from his own course, either through not understanding himself, or through external opposition, comes into conflict with the order of the Universe, and suffers accordingly.”
— Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears


I course my corse course of course
through effort of strengthening will
I find my way
tho oft go astray
I find the path in distance or underfoot
conflicting shadow selves abound
tho their voices help me to be found
I careen in mad orbits about my sun
merely to find I’ve only begun
insights, slights
even a touch of delight
guide me through dark night
for in darkness I may gain
that seed of self
thought hidden on some dusty shelf
and so I find my way
distraction won’t hold sway
I seek to find my one true will
holding still, holding still
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Will To ChooseWill To Choose by G A Rosenberg


Fuchsia ShockFuchsia Shock by G A Rosenberg

Return From Balanced Existence


“Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.”
― Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Another day returning from a trip across the continent. It was a fun mini-holiday that strengthened family ties and allowed me three nonstop days of playing with kids and dogs. There is something imminently blissful about just letting go and playing tho somehow I ended up with an average of three hours of sleep a night. Lack of balance is still lack of balance even when it is done in a spirit of love and joy. Now I am home and a good night’s rest will be restorative.
It is fun tho how self-expression can be addictive tho. My sister’s Rottweiler is a great dog tho he will obsessively bring back balls to be thrown and that appears to be what he sees as his purpose in life. To get the ball when its shown. Somehow I have been cultivating that with my art and blogging. I am fortunate in that I learn so much from both the production of my art and the feedback I get from everyone here.
Blessings, G


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Fractal ScryingFractal Scrying by G A Rosenberg


Skyways Home Head in the CloudsSkyways Home, Head in the Clouds by G A Rosenberg

A Curious Paradox


“Wake up! If you knew for certain you had a terminal illness–if you had little time left to live–you would waste precious little of it! Well, I’m telling you…you do have a terminal illness: It’s called birth. You don’t have more than a few years left. No one does! So be happy now, without reason–or you will never be at all.”
― Dan Millman


It seems to me a curious paradox. On one side the I that is me is currently living the one life that I have to live. I should live each day as if it were my last one and take death as my advisor. On the other side there is a part of me that is timeless, It is beyond ego and nothing this identified self does or will do in its perceived brief time matters as much as the action itself, one more character that this eternal self plays. From one perspective everything matters because each moment is precious. From the other, its all part of a much bigger picture. Actions now may have ripples later on but then events then may affect this one. Few people tho can be in this world and may maintain an eternal perspective without at least living their temporal life at least a little.
Being happy feels better than the alternatives. The chemicals happiness releases into the bloodstream a lot more pleasant.
Blessings, G


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Extraterestrial on A Lonely PlanetExtraterrestrial on a Lonely Planet by G A Rosenberg



RadienceRadiance by G A Rosenberg

Family Business


“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”
― George Bernard Shaw


The family gathers
and the shadow play begins.
Odd feints detectable only to those
old hands in the game.
Each move choreographed in steady rhythm.
Each practiced tone pronounced.
More of the heart revealed with every thrust
of witty rapier.
So much love looking to expand the old worn currents
so many shaded ways to show it
yet the message is always delivered
and the understanding grows
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Strange Sky MountainsideStrange Sky Mountainside by G A Rosenberg


Abstract Fractal Caress in Green SpaceAbstract Fractal Caress in Green Space by G A Rosenberg

Curiosity Saved This Cat


“The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin


Life to me has always seen wonderfully strange and bizarre. Every time I start to believe that I have fingered it out, my perceptions of my life (that is usually shortened by people to read ‘my life’) flips and I find myself seeing things from a whole different perspective. I have in turn been working on my adaptability to change.
In my darkest moments, the knowledge that change is inevitable and my burning curiosity to see what happens next has kept me going and life has never disappointed me yet.
Blessings, G


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Dance of the Tripple GoddessDance of the Triple Goddess by G A Rosenberg


Strange ObserversStrange Observers by G A Rosenberg

Clambering Through Past Clouds


“I will clamber through the clouds and exist.”
—John Keats


This week is another week of traveling and family for me. I become acquainted and better acquainted with the next generation of kids and pets and reconnect with siblings and parents. Since to do this I have to cross the continent I don’t get to do this nearly as often as I like. One of the best things about this is that as I grow and learn I feel that each time I have more to bring to the table. I have more self-awareness for sure but also a greater openness and willingness to be without facade. It’s not always the easiest thing to do. Recently I came across a quote that said that the surest test of one’s enlightenment is spending time with family. They do have all the ‘before’ pictures and remember both past triumphs and mistakes. I look forward to this adventure and can’t wait to see what insights will come from it. Another great thing about spending time with one’s past is the spotlight it can shine on the present
Blessings, G


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Cloud MindingFlying Through Clouds
Metallic TartanMetallic Tartan by G A Rosenberg


DiscoveryDiscovery by G A Rosenberg


The True and False of It

“In a universe that defies description, all systems of belief can only be false.”
— Austin Osman Spare


Buckminster Fuller said the universe was asynchronously apprehended which means that it cannot be fully comprehended all at once. At most when we contemplate the vastness that we live in we can only achieve a partial comprehension. I believe it is possible to have a peak or mystical experience where we can catch a glimpse of the totality but those tend to be notoriously difficult to put into words. Therefore any system of belief that is written or spoken is only a partial approximation and thus on some level flawed. With that understanding tho we can look at many belief systems (and lets not kid each other, there are probably at least as many systems of belief as there are people. Even people who believe in as structured a religion as fundamentalist christianity will differ in exactly how they interpret the ‘literal word of God’ and what that means in their lives.) any one of them will be false or at best partial. Of course since I believe we live in a universe of infinite possibility I also agree with Ken Wilber when he says that everyone is right (but partial).
Blessings, G


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Dragon in ReposeDragon in Repose by G A Rosenberg


Idea StreamIdea Stream by G A Rosenberg


Abide as Emptiness… (A Consciousness Stream)


So the call of all Nondual traditions is: Abide as Emptiness, embrace all Form. The liberation is in the Emptiness, never in the Form, but Emptiness embraces all forms as a mirror all its objects…You and the universe are One Taste
–Ken Wilber


Removal of attachment to disapproval…allowing thing to enter into awareness that we would normally dismiss out of hand…letting it flow out again…letting go… even of the things we like and love…allowing them to come and go at will…encompassing all yet holding none…emptying my bowl…emptying my cup… emptying myself…yet more seems to enter…the bucket never fully empties yet even that is an attachment…i will embrace what contains all.. my Nuit… and yet not embrace but join with …becoming centred in the emptiness ..for a second..for a moment..for eternity and then it fills again… release anger, release shame, release fear…release love, release confidence, release releasing and hold… with each wave..i become emptier then more full.. a never ending breath in the ocean of existence…consciousness of consciousness…nothing of nothingness…and so the dance continues …
Blessings, G


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Dark TempleDark Temple by G A Rosenberg


A Stoppage in the FlowA Stoppage in the Flow by G A Rosenberg