Tuning Ourselves to Our Lessons


“To be in harmony with all things would be a wondrous thing, tho just as we learn best when we are outside our comfort zones, it is the points of cacophony from which our lessons come.”
— Randall Wolfe


Many of us strive so hard to feel at harmony with life, with ourselves and with all things. We dislike feeling out of harmony or out of balance with our loved ones or our surroundings. Yet quite often it is in the areas where we feel disharmonious that we can learn the deepest lessons and grow the most. If anything those points of disharmony are our shadows given form. Sometimes in order to feel that harmonious flow, we have to find the disharmony and discover in what way it has taken us out of balance. Sometimes just like tuning the keys of a piano or the strings of a guitar we have to play around with the point of imbalance until the flow is repaired. Sometimes to do this we have to go more out of balance first one way and then another until it feels just right. If we try to force it the string might break so instead it is a gentle tuning.
Take for example if we feel anger towards another, first we have to identify the feeling and see what may be causing this. Perhaps in doing this we may become overly permissive towards the person or behaviour that made us upset in the first place. We have to recognize we are doing that until we come to the realization that either the behaviour was ok and we were overreacting or it was not ok and we communicate this and work out the problem. We tune too high, then too low and fiddle until eventually harmony is restored.
Understanding where we become imbalanced can bring a truer harmony than we had before.
Blessings, G


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  1. Playing Tai Chi is another form in which I have learned to find this balance, in body and mind. That place between being too tight and too loose. That point of movement that is rooted to the earth but at the same time flows, mountain and river. That constant focus around a central core that follows the discipline of the form but at the same time remains unattached. I find so many connections between your words and my Tai Chi experience…just wanted to share that…

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