Dangling Conversation (Part I)


“Happiness consists in realizing it is all a great strange dream”
― Jack Kerouac


What? A dream? All of it?
What about the bad parts?
“That’s part of the dream. You’re working out what you need to.”
You make it sound like its all my fault.
“I said nothing about fault. Merely that you have been able to give your true self exactly the experiences you need to balance and grow”
That sounds an awful lot like you are blaming the victims here. Are you saying that a child who is being abused or who lives in a war-torn land and suffers has chosen it.
“Haven’t you told me that you believe that we have existence beyond the physical? That you believe that we live many lives? Suffering exists here on this world. It would be better if it didn’t. Until the human race gets past its need to inflict suffering on others without realizing how truly everyone is connected. Suffering will happen. Perhaps to understand the concept some have incarnated both as sufferers and those who inflict suffering on others. If this is not your true self, if this life is just a dream then we can all live many rolls. Each time putting on the costume that will bring the most understanding. If each physical lifetime is just a moment in eternity and one aspect of your totality does suffering still hold the same meaning? ”
Still that kind of sucks. I hate knowing that people are in pain.
“You say that yet you constantly expose yourselves to the sight of the pain of others. Whether it be in pursuit of entertainment or of news, you bombard yourself with so many examples of so many kinds of misery, it becomes astonishing that you have any sensitivity towards it at all. Also, you show compassion for those in other lands, yet how often do you walk by someone homeless in your own town or city without stopping or even looking at them? It seems you become highly selective with your outrage. In truth tho, they too have chosen the dream that they live.”
er… I do what I can.
“You do what you wish to do and see what you wish to see. That is ok. You, like they are learning. It is why your spirit has picked the physical experience it has just as they have. I can guarantee if you look at the world you will find much to displease you. There are many who seek to make their own dream a nightmare for others. There are ways in which you do this also. One of the most interesting things about the human experience is the tunnel vision. The ability to point out the flaws in the world as a way to avoid working on one’s own life lessons”
You sound awfully judgemental.
“Yes we do. Perhaps its a lesson we both need to learn.”
Blessings, G


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Horus in Crystal SpaceHorus in Crystal Space by G A Rosenberg


Riding Through Caves (Vine)Riding Through Caves (Vine) by G A Rosenberg


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