Losing Our Boundaries in Darkness


“Darkness is your candle.
Your boundaries are your quest”
— Rumi


In daylight boundaries are easy to spot. We see signs or post markings that divide what is our territory and what is our neighbours. They also mark clearly areas which are known which for many of us translates to safe versus what is unknown. At night in the darkness it is never quite clear. Signs easily read in the light are missed and lines crossed without realizing. It is easy to lose our way tho that is not necessarily a bad thing.
This extends well beyond the physical. When we are satisfied and walking in sunlight, it is easier to stick with what is familiar and avoid that which is not. Oh we may dip our toes over the line but that is a far cry from immersing ourselves into the unknown. It is when we leave our safe well-lit areas behind us and turn off the blinding light of preconceptions that we can allow ourselves to wander into areas that are not ours and not necessarily safe. However they are the most likely to bring knowledge and awareness that is greater than that which we’ve known before.
Blessings, G


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