Influences and Exercises (January 2017)

This year went by fast and my blogging has been rather amiss. Still a lot has happened both personally and professionally and I will fill you in on that as I continue with these postings. One thing I noticed as I do these mega posts is that they tend to load rather slowly. I will endeavor to do something a bit different and limit these posts to 3 pictures at a time. This will give me encouragement to post more each day in an attempt to keep up and maybe talk a bit more as I go.
I hope, as always to become more regular in my postings so some of them may be art uncommented while in some I may ramble on whatever subject is occupying my mind as I go. Be Well. Be Strong. Be True. Become.

Comments are appreciated. Also prints for sale. Contact the artist at

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Three Pillar Exercise (Redux) by GAR


Moving Currents by GAR


Under the Influence by GAR


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