PUBLISHED!!! (July 2017)


I have finally reached a point in this blogging of my pictures from this last year I’ve been looking forward to sharing. Edgar Kerval writes, edits and publishes many amazing books on LHP Magick, philosophy and practice including the superlative Qliphoth Opus series. (He is also an amazing practitioner and musician). Over the years Edgar has had lots of great things to say about my art. Last summer he asked me if I would like to submit some of my work to appear in his book Sabatica Vol III – The Keys of Death Bringer and the Waters of No Return . I answered yes and subsequently had my art work published for the first time.
Since then my art has appeared in Asbjorn Torvol’s book Beyond Prophecy and in the booklet accompanying Sombre Soniks musical compilation “Thee New Ritual Movement Vol. II” — More to come on those later but Edgar published me for the first time for which I am beyond grateful.

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New Power Emerging by GAR


Nightmare by GAR


Santisma Muerte (B/W)by GAR


Santisma Muerte by GAR


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