Archways at the Centre (January 2018)


“The means by which we may enter into communication with these atavisms of magical heredity through the Gateway of our own bodies may best be described in terms which are at once both mystical and practical. We are taught that the Primal Goddess, who is Life Itself, must be called upon at the Place where three roads meet. These three roads are the three states of awareness – Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping. The Goddess is the Continuity of Awareness – the State in which the Adept abides after the accomplishment of contemplative, ritual and votive disciplines. Beyond the Meeting-place of the three roads there is the Fourth Road; this is entered through any State of ‘Inbetweenness’, such as a ritually induced hiatus of consciousness or more often the State of Hypnagogia. The Fourth Road is the Trance State Itself — the State of Silent Knowing or Gnosis. The Sabbatic Teaching is that where the Four Roads meet the Power of Death resides. As the God of the Cross’d-Roads he leads the Aspirant through the Psychostasis of the Initiatory Ordeals, thus granting him communion with the ‘Living And the Dead of All Blessed And Wise’.
In summary, the instantaneity of Illumination is the immediate result of contact with the innermost sanctum of our own being. It is the unveiling of all past and future transitions of entity through which the Indivisible ‘I’ will pass, by the means of going to the ‘Cross-roads’ or Transvocatory Point between all Space and Time.”

— Andrew Chumbley


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At the Center (redux) by GAR


Worship (redux) by GAR


Archway (redux) by GAR


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