Rune Alchemy Oracle – Othala


   by GAR

This land and my people have formed each other
from the time we made our way here
In the growing of crops and hunting of food
by the sweat of our glands and the blood in our veins
that leaked out too often over these plains
and watered the now near unpenetrable forest
with that of our fallen enemies.
We have created each other
so many died to make it as far as we have
and those we venerate
in our ancestral shrines
as do those older spirits
of our past
going back to eternity
each generation sacrificing to drive us further to the ideal
They will guide us through the
tests we have yet to face
and drive to the end of endurance
any unwilling to give it their all
Each test bring us closer to that
purity of spirit that both we as a people
and as individuals aspire to
This land in truth has become home to us
but never as true as the one
that lies within each of our hearts.
Art: Othala (Rune Alchemy Oracle) by GAR

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