Four Pillars Tarot: The Devil

Notes on The Devil

(Awakened Indulgence)

Artist’s Notes :
The Fool Falls  and awakens the Magician’s Will to Power and begins their journey
The Chariot rider brings the outer circumstances of their life under control only to find that their passions will provide them with a much tougher challenge (Strength)
With Temperance, we have learned how to ride the balance of our passions after loss, sacrifice and renewal, but then we hit the Devil.
Our personal devils are always with us.
As Strength speaks to our wants, the Devil speaks to our needs
What is the difference between a want and a need anyway?
When we want something, it is very specific. we want it and we want it now!! No, nothing else will do except that particular thing that we want and we will wait patiently or otherwise for the right specific thing to come along until we get it
A need however is not that specific but it is so much more immediate.
“I need it, man, I’ll take it any way you can give it but please I can’t go without it. No, please man, I’m not addicted I just need it for right now”
Those needs are what chain us and it is only once we realize what our needs are that we can either satisfy or transcend them
That knowledge of what we need is the Devil’s gift
About the Archetype:
It makes sense that for many the Devil is a frightening card. It speaks of vice and temptation and excess and being chained by your own desires. While the card can mean that for some in reality it is the representation of Pan and the pure enjoyment fulfilment and use of the sensory world in all of its aspects. Many of us fear the desires and kinks that we carry around and bury them deep. We can all too easily become so terrified by the shadow selves that we repress ourselves and hide them away. Repression is the true trap for something that is too contained cannot expand and pressure builds up until it explodes uncontrollably. By enjoying ourselves and the world around us to its fullest and by deciding when and how we explore our temptations we give ourselves room to grow. The Devil tells us that we are material beings with a sensual nature and that we should delight in this. Our physicality is not something we need to transcend but a valuable tool in our arsenal. It is when we are incarnate that we can best grow and evolve. Learning to channel the carnal material energy that we have can lead us farther than denial ever can. It is only through the physical that we can bring the forces of our subconscious and superconscious into full awareness and manifestation. It is a force of responsibility because if we go to excess, it is up to us to recover and go forward.
It is only by going forward, accepting the darkest parts of ourselves that we can achieve true growth and true power for the treasure of our deepest selves lies beyond that.
Astrological Correspondence:
Capricorn(♑︎)-Much like the goat that is its symbol, the Capricorn energy leaps to the top of whatever field it is involved in. In material matters, it is hard-working, ambitious, and practical and has no problem making it over any obstacles in its way to get to where it’s going. It may be considered a ruthless energy in some ways tho Capricorn is always willing to take responsibility for its actions. Spiritually (for Capricorn while grounded has an extreme spiritual aspect and has the ability to manifest its spiritual goals) Capricorn will do the work necessary to reach the heights and the depths with a keen appreciation for every stop along the way. Capricorn has a competitive side and likes to win. It can tend towards the conservative side but uses whatever it needs to get to where it wishes to go. The Capricorn energy has a very sexual side and again there it knows how to get what it wants. Its planetary ruler is Saturn which in its slow-moving way gives Capricorn both patience and an awareness of the limitations it must overcome.
In a reading:
When the Devil turns up in a reading, it can often indicate that one is facing the shadow side of themselves. Perhaps they are feeling tempted by desires they are uncomfortable with. It is only by understanding the need and how to satisfy it that the querent can move past it. The Devil may also indicate that a relationship that the querent finds themselves in maybe damaging in some way tho it is very enticing. Perhaps it is with someone with an air of danger or ‘the forbidden’ to the querent. At the very least it may mean danger to them tho danger is not always a bad thing and can often be an amazing learning experience. The card may also refer to a feeling of being trapped or constrained by either circumstances or desires. This feeling is somewhat delusional and maybe a way of the querent avoiding taking responsibility for their own actions when they can release themselves at any time by making the decision to do so and following through with it. Another meaning of the Devil is obsession or focusing on one area at the expense of others. Excess may lead to wisdom or loss, it is up to the querent.
When the Devil turns up reversed or badly aspected, it often is asking the querent if what they currently have in their lives is what they want. They may be coming to an understanding of how they are trapped by their addictions and desires and are preparing to throw off their chains. The reversed card can also mean that the querent is ready to end a relationship that feels destructive. They may be understanding more and more how illusory that feeling of being trapped or constrained by another person in their lives is. It may also be a realization that they have been over-indulging in some area of their lives and it is time to put it aside for a while. The Inversed Devil may also mean that it is time for the querent to detach.
Fate’s Whisper:
In the recesses of our mind, we have chains that hold us back. Ancient dragons once said, “for each being to shine brighter their shadow must grow with it.” What happens when that chain breaks though? After all, what the chain holds back isn’t all the big things but instead the small ones. The more one lives the more those smaller things build up. Everything we swept off with excuses, every shame we ever felt, and many other things. The release of that chain brings may bring out our greater pettiness and hate for everything around us. How will you act when your chain is broken?


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