Notes on: The King of Swords


Artist’s Notes:
The Ultimate Strategist is one whom you can perceive but never truly see. His words are wise but he is as opaque as his intentions and as sharp as the bloodied sword at his back. There is cruelty in his nature yet real malice only happens when there is extreme dysfunction in the mix. Otherwise, he will tell you the truth even if the words twist and cause you to burn.
Air and Fire are a potent mix. The mixture of the creative/destructive element with the one that spreads and disseminates, you are in for a barrage of new perspectives that will challenge existence itself. Most beings whether they be animals, humans, or universes are not that open to having their perspective changed.
There is something to be said for people who have strong moral codes. These codes guide them through almost any situation and give them a strong sense of identity. This works of course until the inevitable day comes when they are faced with a paradox. Two courses of action spring up, both of which are right yet contradictory in their nature. When this happens these moral codes unless they have some flexibility built intend to become brittle and break.
Far better to know that paradox is inevitable and that circumstances change things. This does not mean that one should not have a code that one lives by, only that it needs to be sustaining rather than constraining and that one should allow room for growth in their understanding of their own code of honour. That is why at his best, the King of Swords applies thought to his actions
About the Archetype:
The suit of Swords represents thoughts, ideas, plans and conflicts. Kings are the leaders, the shakers, the initiatory force or person that gets things moving.
The King of Swords is a great military commander and an insightful strategist. As shrewd as he is though, he is a man of action and will often bring his full intensity to bear on whatever cause has most recently gathered his attention. His impulse is to act with thought as opposed to reflect and then act, an important distinction. He is a shrewd judge of character and offers great advice on practical matters such as business and law. He tends to have a strong moral code and does well as long as he does not find himself in a situation where he has to act contrary to it. Consider Javert in Les Miserables. As long as he is convinced that is is correct in his pursuit of Jean Valjean then he is able to continue his pursuit unceasingly. However, when he is forced to question his own sense of right and wrong, he cannot survive it. The King of Swords also has strong debating skills with a mastery of language use.
Astrological Correspondent:
21° Taurus – 20° Gemini
Elemental: Fire of Air
Taurean’s rigidity and steadfastness mixed with Gemini’s sociability and interest in communication make for a very dynamic combination. This individual will want to test himself against any new idea or concept that comes his way not because he is open to changing his viewpoint but to prove that what he believes can hold its own against any comers. He has a strong drive to succeed in every endeavour but to bring as many others along for the ride as possible. At his best, he is a loyal and steadfast friend. At his worst, he is a harsh martinet who will place his standards and moral code above that of friendship.
In a reading:
When the King of Swords occurs in a reading there may be a legal or business matter that we need advice on. It may represent any type of problem where a logical and analytical mind can help us see the right course of action. It is definitely a time when swift action is necessary. It may also represent a time when we need to take responsibility for choices that have been made even if the choice was to delegate the matter to someone else. The King of Swords may also represent someone who has come into our life and is both logical and somewhat autocratic. This person gives great advice when asked but we may often feel judged in this person’s presence.
When the King of Swords is reversed or badly aspected, then either we or someone in our environment may be having serious control issues. The reversed King of Swords likes to throw his weight around and fully expects people to fall into line and may be quite harsh and cutting when this does not happen. There is a strong streak of cruelty in the reversal of this card and control and arrogance are everything to this person at this time. The King of Swords reversed may also refer to someone who is looked upon as an authority who finds himself unable to make a decision. This may have happened because there is nothing in his rule book that has prepared him for the present circumstances.
Fate’s Whisper:
Part of what makes the Spider so worrisome is his Gift to control the absoluteness of your existence. While weird he is a being also known as the King of the Forsake/Forgotten. To ensure life is flowing forwards he manages the flow that stagnates, leading to a fate worse than death, greater existences alike. In his own words the spider says:
“To bear the Shadow of Existence and all that seeks to destroy our creation means to take on the burden of my greatest action. For my siblings may hold the seeds of peace but I hold the first spark of war and conflict. It is also my choice that made the recurring mistake we called our greatest treasure, the existence that came from our clash and formed our purpose.”

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