Four Pillars Tarot : Princess of Swords

Notes on: The Princess of Swords

(Royal Ambition)

Artist’s Notes:
In some ways, referring to this character as a Princess is as unlikely as calling Deadpool one. Yet the princess of swords will always be there in your face, saying exactly what they think. Not necessarily because of their pedigree but simply because they have watched the adult world and they are convinced that most adults are buffoons at the best of times and that they are so much more sensible. The suspicion dawns on many of us that they may be right. Little Goblins all.
About the Archetype:
The suit of Swords represents thoughts, ideas, plans and conflicts. Princesses (or Pages as they are called in many decks) represent the grounding or emergence of the energy involved. What happens when a new idea is born into the world full-blown like Minerva, the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology springing from the forehead of Zeus? There is a thrill of discovery and great enthusiasm to make it a reality. We want everyone to understand and utilize this new thought of ours. We become watchful, ready to take on any challenges or objections that may arise on the way to making our new thought a reality. We may also find ourselves vigilant to make sure someone else doesn’t come along and do it wrong. We move quickly because who knows how long our energy may last or whether we are equal to the task.
The Page of Swords is perceptive and intuitive and full of flashes of insight that he feels the need to make manifest. He may lack the maturity to make it happen, however. He may at his worse have trouble finding the right words to express all that he has to say. He may be over-defensive and may find himself answering challenges with way too much contempt for those whom he feels just do not get it.
Astrological Correspondence:
Winter- One way of breaking down the astrological signs is by their placement within one of the four seasons. The Three signs of Winter are Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, During the winter, things lie building up their potential to burst forth in the Spring. It is a time of transition and death and Cthonic Energy. It is also a time when one rests on previous accomplishments and work.
In a Reading:


Fate’s Whisper:


When the Princess (Page) of Swords turns up in a reading it often has to do with the need to speak our truth even though we may expect opposition. It may refer to a younger person in our environment who is bright and perceptive but who may be dismissed because of their youth. The card may also refer to the news which we may resist because it has the potential to shake up our comfortable lives. The Page of Swords may also refer to someone who has taken an interest in our lives and is trying to learn more about us. It may also be telling us to clear our minds and consider our approach before we try to communicate our ideas.
The reversed or badly aspected Princess of Swords may be telling us that we have become too hyper-vigilant and that we are jumping at shadows, seeing opposition everywhere. Too often there is a tendency to use perceived obstacles as an excuse to not move ahead in our lives. It may also be telling us that we or someone in our environment is either talking or acting without thinking things through. The card may also indicate that we have become too fearful of expressing ourselves either because we have not thought things through first or because we are unprepared.
In the essence of growth, there will come a time when you recognize something others don’t see. To lay claim to it and hold it can be quite the challenge. Especially when it bears no fruit for a long time. What do we do then? Keep watering the seeds in hopes that something grows or walks away. This test of conviction is what makes the difference between those who fail and climb. Can you cherish that one shred of authenticity under the test of time and hardship? Take the hills and mountains of turmoil that will face you as you climb upward. In many ways, this card is a testament to going through this hardship and still fighting.


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