Art Gallery – 2013

Art Gallery-2013

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January 2013

Cosmic Birth Motion in Space There to Catch Should I Fall
Infinite Amazement Eye Design Firestorm
Earth Mandala Weaving Reality Camp Site on an Alien World
Purple - Blue0 Red Crosses All manner of things be Wheel Page of Swords
Spoked Nine of Swords Caterpillar Mandala
KIng of Cups Star-Crossed The Lovers
KIng of Pentacles Red Blue Inversions Gem's Star Eye Mandala
Glowing Cheetah Bronzeite Conception Juggling Abstractions
Five of Pentacles Whirlwind The Emperor
Techno McArthur's Park Seven of Swords Jewled Vision
Strength Cthulic Maze Mystic Compass
Bronzite 3 The Universe Next Door? Factory of the Infinite Sun - A Closer Look
What Goes On Behind the Eyes Construction fiire and water
Mystery Ace of Wands Flames of red and gold
Consorts in the Chamber of the Flame Crystal Ace of Cups Infinite Tower
Sacrifice Ace of Sword Complex Violet equations
Mandala in the eye of the Hawk ace of Pentacles Soft Journey
Shoots and Ladders Fly-By2 Two of Wands
Animal Totem on an Alien World Resonance Two of Cups
Simply Red Mandalasm Knight SkyWatch Aries
Indigo Garnet Two of Swords Ruby Thursday
Emissions primordial burning herart Fractal Spider Web Mandala
Flame Tales under alien skies two of Pentacles SSSSallly
Diving Into Action Three of Wands Alien Ink Blot
Boat Race G` EnCompass
Diamond Star Tango Mandala That's a Moire When He Has An Opening He'll See You
Three of Swords Propagation Night Flower

February 2013

Firetongues This Ain't Wonderland Cascade
The Cracks are Where the Light Comes In Om Eye Mandala Machine in the Ghost
Pictures in the Multi-Hued Flames Fireflower Midnight Journey
EYecentric Green Thread Mandala Doubts Consigned to the Flame as the Spirit takes flight
Scrying Pool Mandala Flower of Transformation Target
Mathemagickal Hub Stellar Recital2
Crystal Works Jellyfish Orgy Queen's Service
Jewel Eye Pinwheel2 New Expansions
Indigo Waltz Pin Wheel Wooded Vision
Stellar Recital Ripple Storm Flight
Starred Dreaming A Technicolour Reality Bringing the Storm
Expansion4 AquaMarine Crystal Cool Garnet Pathway
Guardians2 Not Defined by Machinery Spiralling Flourescent Style
Energy Blast Green2 Hawkseye Meanderings
Escher's Chamber Crystaline Pathways Country Night
Hive The Dancer Fractalize
Four of Pentacles (N) Energy Field Perceiving the Matrix
Spider's Web Mandala Blessings Cosmic Womb 2
Energy Chamber Xanadu Using Love to Pick Up the Pieces
Welcoming Emerald Grid Indigo Bubble
Tunnel Salutation Galaxies
Mind Field 3 Butterfly of the Mind Awaiting his Audience and the Man Behind the Curtain
Visitor in Light Astral Watering Hole

March 2013

Velocity Mandala Mind Field 4 Crop Circles Beyond 3D
Buddha in the Garden Tree in the Mist View Outside My Window
Getting Clear Green Flame Dancing Audience Chambre
Fall Lotus Reflection Representation
Native Arrowheads Inner Space2 Bloom
In a Magical Universe they studied the Soul Gem Crystal and Clouds Lilith in the Tree
Magick Carpet Mandala Manifesting Mathematics Shadows
Mindfield 5 Externalizing the Process Priestess
Staring at the Ceiling2 Landing Field Caught Up in the Dance
Night Swimming in Strange Pools Colour Poem 22 After Images
Crosswise Rainbow Cascade You Can't Hide
Solar Flare Electric Flower Cloud Gazing
Wondering if His Dreams Have Wings Green Eggs Radiant 2
All Manner of Wheels Be Things Sunburst Jeweled
In Some Ways It Resembles A Map Focus Rooted Design
Haunted by Her Shadow Next Atomic Level Sometimes the Path Obscured
Cool Inversion Mandala sm OMaze Pyramid Skies
PanDimensional Visit Electric Tendrils Tiger Sketch
Electric Aztec Electric Water Lily Black Light Explosion
Presence Lifenet ripples-of-remembered-love
Visions Mad World Arrayed
FractAstraled Healing Ring New Growth Forming
Drop Tunnel Cave of Lost Love The Eye of the Stone
New Gateway Communion Multi-Fit

April 2013

A Multi-dimensional Soap Bubble Dream Priestess Conjured Abstractions
Energy Rising Cabana Mandala Fire Cat and Sorcerer
Blue Flames Gold Flame Convergence Medicine Wheel Mandala
The Scrying Game Scaled Mandala Heart Web
Geiger Encounter Valhalla Awaits Purple Sparks
Temple Abstract DreamScape with Spirit Guides Fractal Chambre of the Heart2
Industiwheel Mandala Is Man Eyewash Mandala
Evening Flight Dragon's Breath Starburst
Seeded Time-Zone Brain Storm
Ribbons Emmitting Light From the Centre Killing Time at the Crossroads
Splattered Queen of the Fractal Glade Purification
Mindfield7 Gem Vortex Dreaming in Tandem
Star Diving Liquid Fire G`
Forces From the Centre Presence 2 Shaft
New Cascade Coloured Smoke Mandalas She
Starry Eyed Curiosity Energy Projection
Embracing it All Vortex Landscape Transformation
Rainbows at night Gestation The Routed Halls
Emoting Star Contemplating Transformation Purple Net
Tryst Violet aand Frost Blue Celestial Dance
Centrepiece A turn in the weather At the Jewel's Centre
Aeon Island in the Storm Crimsonsm
Elaborate Squid Dream Stream

May 2013

Flame mist Star Hawk Release
Emotive Shooting Flame Spiralling Fountain
Trying His Wings2 Maelstrom Marked
Sun Web Approaching KIng of Wands (N)
Near Noon at the Sepia Beach Rippling Spirals Masque2
Shield Occlusion That Was Just A Dream
Ra Hoor Khuit Ornamental Fire Flowering2
Masque Netted Mandala Butterfly Night Landing
Spiked Guarded Idyll Flowers and Flames
Mindfield 6 Shadow Pool Yes One Nears Infinity
Tunnel Vision Compassionate Eyes Rooted Journey
Blue Centre Star Opal Landscape Charged
Stained Glass Twilight Exploding Maze Dream Journey Mandala
Freudian Light Show Fiery Cross Goat Sketchiness
Energy Lines Staring into the Abyss Life Forms
Centre Sun Storm Call Page of Wands (N)
Crimson Radial CHiron Eye Spun Snakes
KIng of Cups (N) Generater Astral Cascade
Offering Queen of Cups (N) Winged foil
Dicey Snakes on a Plane Projection
THreshold Synaptic Circuit Opal Star in the East
Opal Night Opal Reflections Another Star
Rising Spirits Magenta Contemplation DreamScape17

June 2013

Electric Web Work Interdimensional Crossroads Inversed Interdimensional Crossroads
Journeys in Inner Space Inner spaced King of Swords (Fixed)
Puppet Show Iceberg Mandala Indigo Tunnel
Spinning Chaos Entering the Bone City Spider's Jewel
Queen of Swords He Lives There Too Saluting
Fireball 2 The Storm Personified Prince of Swords
Origins Spreading His Wings copy Knots
Holographic Page of Swords Explosive
Reflection on Green Water Space Jewel Guardians of Flame and Stone
Date Night Opal gateway Floating Ruby and Amethyst
Trappings of Love KIng of Pentacles (N) Queen of Pentacles
Front Man Eye of the Warrior Crossover
Weighing Variation Weighing of the Heart Holographic2
Thunder Mandala Maya Four Dimensional Cross Roads
Dark Sun Lizard Prince of Pentacles Gosamer Dream
Serpentine Web2 Atomic Centre Night Shading
Page of Pentacles Whirlpool Many Paths Taken
By Any Other Name Meltdown Raven Stealing the Sun
Energized (N) Ornamental2 Eye of Protection
Gothic Rust Steampunk Lizarman Egg Chamber
4-D Maze Abstracted Passion Smokey Psychedlia2
Star Chambers Multi-Layered Box Channeling the Will
Textured Abstraction Smokey Psychedlia Argyle Shadows
Confronting one's shadow Sky Shadow
Balanced Abstraction Come This Way

July 2013

Spreading The Signal Abstraction Date Night Snakes on the Shadow
Serpentine duotone Love's Strange Mirror Unexpected Roadside Appearance
Cubic Pathways Auric Shadow Tribal Fusion
Burnished Self image Mindful Encounter
Her Thoughts Stormy and Windtornsm Pattern Stretchingsm Fusion in the Heart of a Star
A Guardian Cross Section Maelstrom
Flights of Fancy Autopilot PileUp
Winged Flight Her Spirit Within the Wolf Conforted Him Canine Vortex
The Fool Indigo Pulse Peacock's Fury
The Tower From Below Volcanic Thoughts Follow Her Down
Dreamscape 11 Answer His Question2 Buffeted by Cosmic Winds
Scattered Rainbow Castle Circling the Cosmic Drain
Landscape with Cubes and Bubbles Observation Worlds Within Worlds, a Flower Grows
Strange Shades of Opal Centred Alien Dreams
Moire Firework Flower Storms Real and Metaphorical
A New Day Radient Snow Mandala
Mitosis2 Firefall By the Moon's Light
Orange Flame Myth The True Heart
Interwoven Astral Mandarin Marbled Mandala2
Design Elements Body and Mind in Space Electric Ribbons
Finding Answers Electric Flow Spider Monkey?
Memories of Those that Went Before Multi-Chambre

August 2013

A Glance Outside> Multi-Hued Sun Crimson and Amythyst
Rise or Fall Shooting Star Determined
Fireburst Burst Fluid
Strange Seas at Night Phoenix Flame Mandala The Slow Dance copy
Phoenix Blue Flame Mandala Container and Contents Mandala Golden Emblem
Watching in the Ruins Watching in the Ruins Staring Into the Flames
Expanding Will Mandala Ruby and Golden Fire Mandala Call of the Night
Tongues of Fire Watchful At Night A Face Peers Back
Mountain Shadow Kachina Mandala Viper Mandala
Moire Vision Moon Warrior Protoplasm
She Lives in Multiple Worlds Elemental Bubble Reading
Rainbow Evocation Convergence Pattern Broken Castles
Skewed Perspective Conflagation Eye Shades
Emerging From Art Psyche Flower Green Man 2013
Purple Night Mandala Appointment to a resurrection Shielded Image
Studied Textured Webs Forestal Scene
Kitties in the Colour Matrix Inverse2 Flourescent