Art Gallery – 2015


Art Gallery-2015

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January 2015

Wistful Dreams of a New Year Turning Her Back on Death and Life Elemental Ripples
In His Keep2 Inner Workings2 Under Observation
Watchful Eye Seed of Belief Matched Frequency
Three of Tigers Night View of a Strange Skyline Strolling Death
When He Has An Opening He'll See You (Redux) Abstract Reasoning Within a Psychedelic Peacock
Gamigin Beneath the Ground in Winter Claiming the World
Anubis in the Ruins at Night Marax Surrendering Her Passion For Memory
Pan in the Techno Jungle Deeply Rooted and Centred And Then A Face Appeared
trumped landscape (redux) Flowing Flower Abstract Leaving the Grid
Ruby Dream Amdusias Boat Race (redux)
Hephestus, Lord of the Forge Fusion Warp Walking Through the Fire
Fractal Seeds In An Abstract Garden Taurus Reflecting Inner Skies
Aries (redux) Neon Bird in Flight Spider's Nest Abstract
Arriving Soon Towards the Snake's Mouth Factory of the Infinite Sun - A Closer Look (redux)
Volcanic Consciousness Affirmation of Life Atavistic Shadows
War's Campfire (Eligos) Cosmic Lion Firefox in the City
Reflecting Pool Winged Dominion Chrysalis
Amulet Milan Star Manifestation
Facing the Dawn Coming Through the Rift Opening To
Buried Seed Three Pillar Exercise The Golden Spiral
The Summoning Haagenti (Transforming Minotaur) Flame Tales under alien skies (redux)
Drawing In, Breathing Out Keepers of the Flame The Broadcast
New Horizons Volcano (redux) Transfiguration2

February 2015

Awareness Sigil Night Forest Opalesque Sunrise
The Broken Oracle Power From the Centre Murmur
Harlequin's Realm Abstracted Butterfly Daemon in Repose Electrifying Presence
Desolation Cosmic Womb (Redux) Awaiting Its Prey
Petals Winged Skull A Visitor
Decarabia A Glimpse Behind Her Eyes Altered Perspective
Volcanic View Colour Study Fiery Dream
Machine in the Ghost (Redux) Offered Chalice In the Flames
Holding It All Together Will Rise in Flames Inspiration
Signpost to Another Level Welcoming Visitors Tearing Through the Reality Wall
INGMRF-00047840-001 Two of Lanters Landscape Abstract
Vortex Curiosity Eyes of the Storm
Hounding My Dreams Cosmic Recital (Redux) Balanced in the Storm
Spin Out Looking Inward Longing
Mind Field 3 (Redux) Serpentine Fire Andromalius
Abstract Realm Choices Within Shadows
Seere Totemic Ape Mountain Entrance
Not Defined by Machinery (redux) Crossroads Haures
Vanitas In a Shadowed Land Doubts Consigned to the Flame (redux)
Golden Darkness Toad King RisingUp
Denizen Night Owl in between Days Calling Forth through Fire
Seduced by the Shadowdance Spider Totem Watching the Phoenix Rise

March 2015

OMaze (redux) The Soul's Revision Nehellenia
Moving Through Green Flames Calling on Thought and Memory Strange Sushi
Fate's Keep Crumpled Paper As Fractal Topography Andras
Lilith in the Tree (Redux) Caught up with the Elements Within Desire Burning
Hunting the Challenge 58-Amy Calling Her Children (Redux)
Time Melting in a Fractured Landscape Mind Field 11 Echoes of Baba Yaga
Caught Up in the Dream Web Fall (Redux) Chaos Denizen
Bas Relief Dropping Into the Flames The Cave You Fear to Enter
Communion (Redux) Projection of Consciousness Warrior of Shadows
Floating Inward Bune Emerge
Visions (Redux) Renewal The Shattered Tower
Accessing the Web 44-Shax Gateway Transition
Spider-Guardian and sometimes I float in strange spaces Colour tension
Wandering Cats Haunted by Her Shadow (Redux) An In-Between Place
57-Ose Wavering Depths In the Forest Waiting
Advisor The Peacock's Bride Communication Breakdown
Life Passages Healing Ring (Redux) Beyond the Entrance
Royal Welcome Focus (Redux) Distortions
Forest Queen Bearing Sustenance Dwelling Place
Fading Sun Tapestry Sad Forestal Energy Flow
Freeing Herself Rooted Design (Redux) Plasma Field
Shadowed Realm Transfigured Mindfield 5 (Redux)
Dreamscaping 6-Valefar Shaken by Outside Influences
Ophidian Awakening Shadow Dance (Redux) Enticed Downward
Puppet Show

April 2015

Memories of Annabel Lee Complex Equations Contemplating Transformation (redux)
31-Foras Dragon's Visage Making My Way Through
Approaching Union Aeon (redux) Colour Study 23
Gateway Opening A New Vista Embedded Secrets
Dream Stream (redux) Cubist Priestess 52-Alloces
Vision of a Crystal Kingdom Strange Depths The Halls en Route (Redux)
Man's Best Fiend 42-Vepar A Symmetry
Sanctuary Gestation (redux) The War Machine
Cosmic Whirlwind In the Field Chesspieces on a Strange Board
Tryst (redux) La Belle Dame Morte Expansion of Consciousness
Inside the Plant Carniverous Through Spirit Chambres to the Mountain Island in the Storm (redux)
Spirit of Multi-Coloured Flame 68-Belial Marsh Tulip
Guarded Reaction Spinning Out Death Waits Outside
Rainbows at night (Redux) What Strange Beast Hellhound and the Angel
A New Understanding Manifesting Shadows Transformation (Redux)
Abstract Journey 23 Inside the Hive Convergence
Falling 1-Bael Embracing it All (Redux)
Scarabic Ties Hazy Pasts Reckoning
Wheels and Surreals She (Redux) Anima
Wounded Heart Vision Scope 50-Furcas
Space Pod Returning Home (redux) Looking Up at a Strange Ceiling Waiting to Make His Move
Coalescing Fire Luminous Reflections 46-Bifrons
Energy Rising (Redux) The Feeding The Glowing Crystal Cast Strange Shadows
Envisioning - Held in Space On Top of Things Time-Zone (Redux)
Visage In the Details Shadow of the Mind


May 2015

Release (Redux) After the Tower, Before the Star Rising Glory
Free Flow Organic Clockwork Grave Spirits (redux)
Travels Along the Dimensional Maze Succeeding the Planet Opal Reflections (redux)
Prowling Through Desolation 28-Berith DreamScape17 (redux)
The Stage is Set Laying Claim Serpents' Lair
Trident Man Conducting Storm Call (Redux) Elemental Faces Hidden in Dark Dreams
Splotches The Night's Offerings Woodsman Belial
Rooted (Redux) Verigated Escape Memories of 15
New Realm Abstract Alien Posed For Picasso Mind Field 8 (Redux)
Blurred Memories of Beauty Undersea Dance Waiting
38-Halphas Dweller (Redux) Towards a Deeper Awareness
Plexus Chaos Sweeps Through She walks in my Dreams
Almost Twelve at the Sepia Beach (Redux) Solace Seeking the Night's Sacrifice
Field Theory Ahriman Killing Time at the Crossroads (Redux)
Galactic Building Blocks Questions Asked and Answered She Had Hidden Depths
14-Leraje Shadow Pool (Redux) Fractal Melted in the Rain
Facing the Easier Storm A Face From the Abyss Spear Expansion
Offering (Redux) Howling at the Night 43-Sabnock
Projection (Redux) While the World Dissolves Around Me Owl's Flight in Fire
Blue Web Lizard's Vision Opal Landscape (Redux)
A Song of the Glade Amid a Storm of Colour Djinn and Tonic
Night Stranger Consorts in the Chamber of the Flame Crystal (redux) Fire on the Mountain
Petals 7-Amon 3-Vassago
2-Agares (final) 8-Barbatos Moving Through the Machinery
Red Dreams Emotive (Redux) Scattered Gems
Welcoming Party

June 2015

Camouflaged Goat Time Flow Mother of Spiders
Archetypes from Another Place Abstracted Passion (redux) Mandala of Partial Connections
Sigil of Emergence Appearing From the Pattern Benediction From Another Mythos
Raven Stealing the Sun (redux) Shimmering Window Into Another Existence
Saturnine Space Warp Night Approaches Egg Chamber (redux)
An Idyllic Place Past he Light's Distortions Passionate Journey Fire Pit Challenge
Envenomed Wisdom Star Chambers (Redux) Enveloping Poppy
Strange Butterfly Night Shading (Redux) Union of Snake and Lion
Sword Maiden Face of the Storm Masked Aeon Stream
Winding Paths Steampunk Lizarman (redux) Seeking Answers in a Confused Space
Born of the City Coming Through the Flmaes Fallen Jewels
Channeling the Will (Redux) Wheel of FIre Watching the Talking Heads
A State of Balace A Platter for a Gorgan's Head Front Man (redux)
Spiralling Downwards Leonine Empty Chrysilis
Force of Renewal Many Paths Taken (Redux) Fiery Visage
Guardian Amulet Echo Bluestar
At Rest The Storm Personified (Redux) Spatial Abstract
Invitation to Knowledge Distorted Cavern Transversing the Dream Roads
Spreading His Wings (Redux) Guardian of the Abyss It Came From the Depths
Roadways Abstraction Alien Shaman Studying Patterns Come This Way (redux)
A Distant Flowering Summoned Odd Still Life
Flowing Towards Moonlight Balanced Abstraction (Redux) A Distant Calling
Waiting for Alice or Someone Like Her Spirits in Motion Serpentine Orb
Confronting one's shadow (Redux) Masque of Loki2 Moon Maiden
Another Tower Through Gateway to Woodland Glenn


July 2015

Wolf Shadows and Blue To See a Darker Sun Entering the Dream
Echo Chamber The Flame Still Burns Memories of Those Who Went Before (Redux)
Night Storm Reading Gods and Monsters Buffetted by Cosmic Winds (Redux)
The Calling of the Moons Seed of Contemplation Restart
Awaiting the Wish (Redux) The Host Ornate and Delicate Web
Flying Against a Masqued Sky Absorbtion Myth (redux)
Heart's Journey Illusions Her Spirit Within the Wolf Conforted Him (Redux)
Colourful Tor Beseeching Storms Real and Metaphorical (Redux)
Reaction Into Her Kingdom Expanding Chaos
dreamscape 11 (Redux) She Stands Between Realms Sense of Being
Landscape With Cubes and Bubbles Stargazing Within the Pattern Precision
Leaving the Past Behind Manifestation Her Awareness and Malachite
Through the Nether Realms Pointing Elsewhere Cosmic Intentions
Within, a Shimmering Multi-Chambre (Redux) Body and Mind in Space (Redux)
A Drawing Force BloodFlower Flame Guardian B (Redux)
Energizing the Helix spider monkey (redux) Warrior Daimos
Mauve Zoned The True Heart (redux) Flame Keep
Creating Anew Caught in the Spider's Weaving The Storm's Eye
Magical Thinking Centre of Wisdom Oraccular Well
In a Cave, Silent Brief Sojourn Midnight Prism
Castle (Redux) Fractal Belfry A New Day (Redux)
Her Thoughts Stormy and Windtorn (Redux) Enigmatic Totem The Maze Reflects on Many Levels

August 2015

A Trident Gate In Fevered Dreams they visit Cosmic Key and Lock (Redux)
Pulsar Minerva From the Waves Call of the Night (Redux)
Ecstasy Ethereal Beatle Beads of Existence
Crimson and Gold waterfall (redux) Shadowed Inference
City Storm Space is Hyper Indeed Strange Dance, Strange Audience
Appointment to a Resurrection (Redux) Neuron Transmission Stopping the World
Harlequin's Smile Balance Sigil Elemental (Redux)
Tapestry Lady of the Two Towers Force Renderings