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Running With Beauty Among the Stars

“Dwell On The Beauty Of Life. Watch The Stars And See Yourself Running With Them.”
–Marcus Aurelius


Today we danced on clouds
They seemed solid enough
and I bowed took your hand
and slow stepped through sky ribbon
The feel was unimaginable
each movement a new shape
and we were part of it all. </h4

Tonight we’ll run with the stars
Still overcome with beauty bliss
and adventure’s touch upon us
we’ll race for kisses
as meteors streak by
and talk with constellations
as the sky returns towards dawn


Tomorrow the sun awaits
Caught up in joy and laughter
we’ll ride in Apollo’s chariot
and journey through it all
The world’s passing beauty
will return us home
as its siren call rings out…

— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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