Facets — Just a thought

If we each contain the universe within us yet can at any given time exhibit one part then every change we go through, everything we manifest, every different facet of ourselves, whether perceived outwardly by others or ourself brings us closer to fulfilling our potential. This may seem to be advocating all manner of ‘anti-social’ behaviour but not necessarily. As human beings (or spiritual beings having a human experience 😉 ) we can choose which sides of ourselves we show. We can also choose how to show it.
Perhaps we do it through our music (either performing, creating, or playing on the stereo). Does the quiet banker enjoy Heavy Metal or Punk Rock on the side? Does the biker head into his garage when he can’t take it anymore and play Bach? Does the lead singer of the Death Metal band occasionally like to mellow out with gospel music blasting from his headphones? I couldn’t say but that would be examples of different sides manifesting.
I perceive music as a fantastic way to exhibit the different moods or aspects within us. It would be far from the only way. Any form of art can be used in this way. Perhaps one of the main functions of art is to provide an outlet for each of us to convey our internal universe, On some level I believe we all have some form of artistic expression…