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Card of the Day – December 4 2009 – Queen of Cups

I walked with her to her apartment, She invited me in. We waked to her living room. She guided my steps as she followed close behind, her hand gently motioning the way.
It seemed she could listen for hours and understand my entire being as each part was accepted and absorbed into those deep grey eyes of hers.
Even tho I felt her comprehension, I had no knowledge of what she felt about it all, only that there were dephs there I could never fathom. Gazing at her was like looking into a mirror of my soul but who knew what lay behind that silvered glass.

Water of Water
21° Gemini – 20° Cancet

Queen of Cups-Vertigo Tarot

I Ching Hexagram 58 – TUI
The Joyous Lake
____ ____
____ ____

True joy rests on strength within — the top lines (this is a doubled trigram Tui, the lake on top of Tui the lake) yields to the inner stronger lines. Outward joy and gentleness must be based on steadfastness outwardly

Queen of Cups. So many different interpretations of that card and that fits because by her nature she mirrors what is in front of her at least on the surface. She will give you back what you show her and rarely let you see the depths below. Make no mistake they are there. She carries everything that she ever encountered. If she has been wounded she holds that beneath her surface and that may erupt. If she has known love, that is what you will find. Enormous strength almost always held in reserve, it is nearly impossible to deplete her tho she can feel used up.
Reversed you see someone as fickle as the sea and as potentially tempestuous, she has seen pain and returns it, she can be vindictive and relentless

The third decan of Gemini gives a socially innovative and trusting element to the card. Also one of purpose. The first two decans of Cancer add a strong touch of both Empathy and Unpredictability. Thus again going back to water, as there is a very fluid quality to all three of these decans, someone who can move socially within all circles, being able to pick up on other’s emotions often with unpredictable results.

Card of the Day – December 2 2009 – V of Swords

Geburah in Air
First Decan of Aquarius

Now the battle has been won
He collects the swords of the vanquished, us.
He walks on determined,
all but oblivious to our shame
He may be weary, we are for sure
with wounds to lick
This day too shall pass
and we may yet win out
tho for now we taste Ashes
Another day will come
V of Swords- Legacy of the Divine Tarot

I Ching:47 K’un “Oppression”
— —
— —
— —

The image is of a lake above water–the lake is dried up– the “superior” man is held down by the “inferior” tho there is an implication that by sticking to his truth, the superior man will win out with perseverance.

The card itself refers to defeat. It shows the victor in the foreground tho usually that represents that which the querent is facing…
There are implications of not only defeat but a loss of face and humiliation. This can also be seen as a warning about going into a contest with a defeatist attitude.

When the card comes out reversed it tends to indicate moving beyond past defeats and starting anew..

The First Decan of Aquarius energy tends to add to the persistent shining out one’s unique self quality.