Moving Day


“I give you this to take with you:
Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”
― Judith Minty


Waking Spirals has been around for over six years now. I have appreciated the likes and the comments and sharing thoughts, poetry and art with you on all kinds of subjects. However even with the extended package on, this blog is outgrowing its space. So it is time to move on. In less than a week’s time, Waking Spirals as it is will be gone. Monday will see the emergence of and it will have all of the features that you see here. In addition, there will be a web store and other features that in time will emerge. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Blessings, G


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Volcano DeityVolcano Deity by G A Rosenberg


Besides and WithinBesides and Within by G A Rosenberg


Staring into the Flames Part 2


The less I accept the social status quo in favor of my own sovereignty, the more at peace I will feel.
Fires of destruction, fires of creation.
A fire that reveals a new start as I am reborn Phoenix like
Not so much an external change but an internal one.
Partly it’s spiritual rebirth and renewal.
Partly it’s being willing to let things fall away
The opposite of which is clinging to past thoughts, actions events and ways of relating to others that no longer benefit anyone.
I will rise above.

Quote of the Day – April 2 2011

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
– Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear  Frank Herbert

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For Aaron – Thank you

Improbable Brush Strokes  (For Aaron) by G A Rosenberg

Aaron told me a few times when I was starting out making art with photoshop that he’d like to see what happened when i started making my own brush strokes…i had questions about my drawing ability and wasnt sure that would happen and started focusing more on learning technique in photoshop (along the way picking up things like the clone brush and partial erasures to help blend (cut down on the opacity). Tonight I felt like seeing what i could do with a brush…May all my fears be so easy to face….GAR

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Volleyball Communication by G A Rosenberg

Our communication,
a volleyball game with a wall instead
of a net
I have missed so many shots
and who can be at fault?
We hope for a volley
juggling give and take
with words received
understood and sent back over
to be met with the same
effort and determination
to make it through
to continue.
Instead we score points
off each other
shots both trick and foul
hoping the other person misses
and shows himself at fault.
At least Tennis has love
This feels like competition

Golden Apples in Vrndavana Fields

Setting : A dance club Vrndavana Fields that lives somewhere in our hearts. I look around. The atmosphere is somewhere between that of a church and a goth club with a bit of druidic conclave added for good measure. Trees grow from the floor and their branches provide natural places for the lighting. All my friends are here along with incarnations of godhead from various pantheons and belief systems. What music plays here? Ah, a bit of everything from the sacred hymns and gospel you may expect to death metal, hitting all stops along the way. Right now Billy Idol’s voice can be heard singing “Dancing With Myself”. Krishna, Yeshu and Lucifer are in a corner dancing shirtless enjoying the irony.

Everybody here seems to be having a great time. We hang out and dance, read, drink or eat, kiss and couple in a totally natural way with none of the drama that sex usually brings. Innocently, an exchange of energy and some of the lovemaking is energetic indeed. In this place even casual play is sacred yet no matter accrues to it.

What lies outside of this club be it field or forest? There are no secrets, we may know or not know. Perhaps we only see a little. After all, the reality is too large and we each have our bit to contribute to this feast..
Speaking of feasts…
A Golden Apple rolls in. On it can be read the word Kallisti, which is greek meaning ‘for the most beautiful’. It seems that the goddess Eris is up to her old tricks. It was an apple, such as this that started the Trojan War. Does she now hope to start the War of the Trojans? She looks around expectantly. It seems that everyone here knows that not only are they entitled to the apple but but that every other being is also, The Most beautiful referred to being that eternal spark of godhead that resides in us all. As each comes to this realization, the apple grows large enough for everyone to take a bite. After all there is only one tree from which this apple could have come and one garden in which we dance. Perhaps the winged doormen with the flaming swords should have given us our first clue…
In love and joy, we partake of the apple, and by doing so we all realize our divinity. The sweet juice of the goddess runs down the sides of our mouths and we transcend transcending. Trance ends transcendeing.

Bookstore Musings

It occurs to me standing here in Monroe’s books, a fantastic bookstore in Victoria BC (a bookstore that caters to reAders as oppose to a franchise) they have books here that you can’t find anywhere else, fantastic metaphysical, philosophy and religious sections )) that I could read every book in here and still be an ignorent schmuck. The difference would be that I’d be an ignorent schmuck who got to spend a lot of time doing the thing I love most, reading.

Truth, Lies..Just Do Your Best

“The Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended — R Buckminster Fuller
In other words, the universe is too big to understand and grasp fully by one person. At most we understand a part and try to fill in the rest, somewhat akin to the old story of the seven blind men and the elephant.
In this way, incarnate in bodies, with physical senses and reasoning, the most we can understand is partial truth.
As many people have told me, the best most pernicious way to lie is to mix falsehood in with truth.
Therefore, whenever someone seeks to tell you about the nature of reality, they are but telling you their lie (or fiction if you will). Unfortunately history shows many cases where people who have found their way into power, either temporal or spiritual have sought to impose their myth on other’s usually using rather violent means.
This does not mean that you cannot gain insight from hearing other people’s reality views. In my life I have often learned more about existence from fictional characters I have met in books and movies than I have from many of the people whom I’ve met in life. There are still characters in books whom I hold 2 AM conversations with. Hey this is my fiction and for me it works (LOL)
Perhaps there exists a necessity to find people who’s reality coincides closely enough with our own as to enable communication but different enough that we feel jarred out of our complacency, free of the notion that ours is the only correct way.

On Art

For the past four or five months I have been constructing these photo-collages. For the previous 3 months before that, I had challenged myself to write 78 haikus, one a night, for each of the 78 cards in the Tarot. Around half-way through this process, I had the thought that if I could illustrate these haikus, I had a potential publishable book on my hands. However, I had never considered myself much of a visual artist. I love writing and I love word-play.

I’ve always enjoyed playing around with Photoshop, teaching myself little tweaks to enhance pictures, etc. Perhaps I could utilize those skills and combine photographs in interesting ways. Perhaps even encourage friends to send me pictures of themselves that I could utilize for the central figure in each card. First though, I’d have to teach myself the form, try my hand at a few and see if they’d be any good.  I started doing these photo-collages and I find them to be both fun and liberating. They seem to come through me rather than from me and even after I’ve completed one, I noticed elements in them that I hadn’t intended.

I enjoy playing with the combination of images and symbols. With every new person or event we encounter we gain the potential to enter a new world, discover a new state of being. Of course that is illusory for we all are different perspectives of the same existence. Different points of view as it were and when we enter a new state of being, as in one that incorporates new people, events and thoughts that weren’t there before what happens if not this shift in viewpoint, that entrance into a new world

I find that fascinating, the point at which two (or more) perspectives meet. There seems to be this rapid fire knowledge spurt that comes before enmity or love or fear can show up when our senses and spirits get bombarded by data emanated by someone or something that we had never conceived of before.