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And Now For Something A Bit Different (21st Century Word Slogans and Memes by Douglas Coupland)


“Anywhere is Everywhere is Anything is Everything”
— Douglas Coupland


Today I went to an art exhibit of the works of the writer/artist Douglas Coupland with the title of the above quote. It was an amazing exhibit and a remarkable reflection of what it means to live during the internet age… There was a room of memes – 21st century slogans that I thought I’d share some of for tonight’s blog. All slogans from the exhibit with perhaps the occasional comment from me.


I Miss My Pre-Internet Brain


Last week I was thinking how difficult it was to remember how I researched things and how different things were before I had basically the world of information at my fingertips. I know that my attention span has shrunk tho my ability to access information has increased. My short-term memory has decreased tho my ability to multi-task has reached an all time high. What’s even more mind-blowing was the realization that my fifteen year old son does not have a pre-internet brain and his generation sees things in very different ways than mine does. I am still working through the ramifications of that


The Natural Human Attention span is the length of one Beatles Song


“We’ve Never Been Smarter. We’ve Never Felt Stupid”


“Getting people stoked is the new power”


Yes, it seems like in today’s world of the meme and crowdsourcing, the more people who get the message and pass it on, the stronger the message becomes.


Once the Internet Colonizes Your Brain it can never be Decolonized


I Miss Feeling Clueless.


Blessings, G


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Drawn in Darkness Drawn to LightDrawn in Darkness Drawn to Light by G A Rosenberg


Opening ExpressionOpening Expression by G A Rosenberg