Notes on: The Eight of Swords

(The Option)

Artist’s Notes:
What is a contract anyway? At the end of the day, it is a written agreement stating the benefits that will accrue by sticking with the agreement and the consequences of not doing so. Is one bound to carry out the agreement? If we sign, are we committed for life or for the term of the contract or are we free to walk away? That word free is an interesting one, is it not? Like many words, free has at least two possible meanings. The first meaning refers to cost, as in “Free beer”, “Free love”, and “The first hit is free”. The second has to do with personal liberty and responsibility.
We are all free to do whatever we want as long as we are willing to be held accountable for our actions. There is a cost to every choice we make, even if that cost is that we don’t end up with the rewards of the roads not taken. No contract is binding on our actions as long as we are willing to pay the cost of breaking it. Using the last example above, the cost of the second hit is the price we pay when we like the first one a bit too much.
Also before you sign the contract, consider the implications that may not be stated outright. You can always prepare yourself for the consequences spelt out in the contract. No contract can handle every possibility a
nd the consequences of words unstated can be unsettling.
About the Archetype:
The suit of Swords represents thoughts, ideas, plans, and conflicts. Eights deal with the recognition of boundaries and a focus on the energies needed to move on and continue. What happens when thoughts and conflicts get in the way of moving on? We finally have decided to leave our past behind and move on to something new. We gird ourselves to take the first steps. The phone rings. A friend of ours needs our help with a trivial matter. We talk them through it and get ready to get to work. The dogs start barking or the kids need to be picked up at school. We’ll take care of that and get right to what we need to get done. Hmmm, maybe just check our Facebook first. What? How could he say that? After a heated engagement, we once again return and it’s time to make supper. And so it goes. Wow, the whole day has gone by and so little has gotten done? If only there weren’t all these distractions. If only our friends and family could look out for themselves then we could be done with this project already. That is the Eight of Swords energy. We can break our way out of these cycles anytime we want by claiming a space to do the things we need to do and yet we avoid taking the responsibility to do so. This energy also pertains to anytime we use others or our past as an excuse to avoid doing what needs to be done.
Astrological Correspondent:
Jupiter in Gemini – Jupiter in Gemini energy wants to expand all at once in as many different directions as possible. It is highly energized and fantastic at communication and at starting things but quite often there will be a problem with either focusing on one idea or following through even if the focus can be found. Quite often it gives us a wide reach but not a far one. In this case, as in many others, the inherent problems of the aspect also come with a gift. While the focus may be a problem, the Jupiter in Gemini energy does show discernment into what is a minor issue and what is not, allowing us to perceive real issues as opposed to petty concerns.
In a Reading:
The Eight of Swords in a reading often points out that we are letting ourselves get distracted from what we need to do by minutiae both internal and external. People quite often with the best of intentions might be getting in our way either with advice (either giving or receiving) or with favours that need doing. The distractions may be internal as well as external and this card can often be a call to focus on the important things, freeing ourselves from the things that seek to bind or distract us. When we do find other things or people pulling focus, it is often human nature to blame them rather than take responsibility for our own choices. This card may also mean that we have doubts that we can get the job done even to the point of pretending we don’t care.
When the Eight of Swords turns up reversed or badly aspected in a reading, it may mean that we are too focused on the task at hand and need to take a break to return with fresh eyes. It can also mean an even stronger sense of avoiding responsibility and refusing to do what is expected of us even by ourselves. It may mean that we have stopped blaming others for our inability to get things done and have taken the bull by the horns.
Fate’s Whisper:
The Spider has earned many names in his existence. Among them, one sits as his honorary title for those who have had the honour of conducting business with him directly, The King of Contractors. The art Daemon kin used to steal valuable souls, Djinn use to expand their vast archives, and many others learned this fabled art from the one who made it. As mysterious as it is to learn, it is just as difficult to grok the limits of it.
There will come a time we are bound to an agreement of some form. Assess what you can control and realize where you put the exit as there will come a time when it will expire. as the Spider once said.
” It’s not what I say…..”
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