The First Word


“Well, as you can plainly see, the possibilities are endless like meandering paths in a great big beautiful garden.”
― William S. Burroughs


When I write, quite often a word is the shortest distance between two thoughts. When I sit down to write there are occasions where I feel totally stuck There is no crossroads more intimidating than a blank screen. I mean the possibilities are infinite. This can feel frustrating. After all I have made this commitment to write at least one hundred words a day and there are both too few and way too many things to think about, talk about and write about. With so many places to go, it is way too easy to go nowhere and stall out. Finally tho I have learned a trick that seems to work every time. Start with a word.
It can be any word. That first word tho like the primal point fixes me in one reality and possibly one topic. One word leads easily to another (after all the conceptual distance between zero and one is always less than the distance between one and any other number) Once something exists it is fairly easy to get it to multiply, so one word leads to another which leads to a second and a third and before you know it, an essay or poem or story has appeared. This concept is not a new one. After all in various scriptures, the act of creation itself is described as the speaking of one word. If universal construction from the void can begin that way than surely one little blog entry can as well.
Blessings, G


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Beads of ExistenceBeads of Existence by G A Rosenberg


Crimson and GoldCrimson and Gold by G A Rosenberg