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Open to Interpretation


“The incipient magician will confess his faith to a universal religion. He will find out that every religion has good points as well as bad ones. He will therefore keep the best of it for himself and ignore the weak points, which does not necessarily mean that he must profess a religion, but he shall express awe to each for of worship, for each religion has its proper principle of God, whether the point in question be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or any other kind of religion. But he will not be satisfied with the official doctrine of his Church, and will try to pentetrate deeper into god’s workshop. And such is the purpose of our initiation. According to the universal laws, the magician will form his own point of view about the universe which henceforth will be his true religion”
— Franz Bardon


Do you seek answers or do you accept the answers given to you by others? If the latter, do you realize that no matter how authoritative they may be and what holy books they subscribe to, you are merely getting that person’s interpretation which is at best an approximation of their understanding. It is rare for even two fundamentalist preachers to agree on every single line in the Testaments both Old and New. If you read any translation from cover to cover, the chances are you will find places where they contradict themselves. If Truth was that easy, wouldn’t they all agree? If it is not that easy then why would you accept another’s interpretation rather than studying and forming your own opinion? Are you sacrificing understanding and realization for security or is it just laziness? “Rev. Johnson tells me how God works. Now I can focus on the things I consider important. Don’t spoil the new Star Wars movie for me, kay”? While I used Christianity as an example, this is equally true of any religion I have come across and I have studied most of the majors including Atheism.
We all interpret truth according to what we hear anyway. Isn’t it time we take responsibility for our own understanding? Don’t take my word for it tho. I don’t even begin to feel I am an authority on anything.
Blessings, G


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