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Choices Informed


“No matter what choices we make in life, we still carry our beginnings with us. Perhaps its in something as simple as our choice of breakfast or how we wash our hands. But if we choose to be truly free than we ignore the influence of our beginnings at our own peril.”
— Randall Wolfe


I have been stumbling across a certain meme a lot lately. I have even used variations of it myself. It says something along the lines that we are not composed of where we came from but of choices we have made along the way. Now I do believe that our choices contribute a lot to who we are but do we choose freely? Are our choices dictated at least partly by the environment we grew up in and the way we watched our parents do things? Perhaps we have chosen to reject everything about our homes as many who have come from far less than ideal environments have. Does our rejection of our past mean that we choose our futures free of their influence or does choosing the opposite of something in rejection still mean that we are influenced by it? Are we perhaps programmed by our childhood influences in ways that we might not even realize?
It is only when we look deeply at our pasts and its programming that we can make conscious choices and know that we are choosing not out of blind acceptance or rejection but out of the people who we truly are. Even then our past influences can turn around and bite us when we least realize it. But then perhaps on a deeper level we made the choice of where when and to whom we were born in the first place. It is food for thought for sure.
Blessings, G


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Wandering Through Lunar TidesWandering Through Lunar Tides by G A Rosenberg


Crystal MeshCrystal Mesh by G A Rosenberg


One Way to A Better World


“Our minds are information vacuums. Either we fill them with thoughts of our choosing or someone else will.”
― Ray Davis


I have been paying way too much attention to various sources of news and world events in the last month or two. Not that I think it a bad idea to be informed about what’s going on but wow there’s a lot of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) being thrown around out there. At any given time we are supposed to be fearful of various terrorist groups, various other governments, our own governments, the illuminati (most of the variations of it that you hear about because no two people who talk about the illuminati seem to have the same idea what it is), radiation leaking out of Japan into the ocean, fluoride, science, various practitioners of various religions, various members of various political parties, the police and a disease or two. Wow there just does not seem to be enough time in the day to be worried about it all so it seems we have to pick and choose. Hmmmm I choose none of the above.
What? Not be scared or upset or traumatized by any of it? How can I be so apathetic? Well the simple answer is I’m not. Of all of those things I’ve listed, there is a percentage that I can personally affect. Some of them I do either directly or through donations to support others that do. Other things I can’t affect personally. What is the number of concerns I can change through fear and worry?. Let’s see zero divided by zero, carry the zero and add zero. That would be zero things I can affect in the world by either being worried myself or spreading FUD. Minds cluttered by fear aren’t good for much else. I would rather focus on creative and practical solutions. Well that and working on my own self-development. If enough people did that, it may catch on. A world in which the majority of people focused on becoming better people and taking responsibility for their own messes would be a damned sight better than the one we live in now. It also would be a world with far fewer things to be concerned about.
Blessings, G


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In Silent OrchestrationIn Silent Orchestration by G A Rosenberg


Ripling Opelesque ExpansionRippling Opalesque Expansion by G A Rosenberg


Observations- From a Conversation with R.H. last night

if its meant to happen it will happen
this world is the fast track, don’t put it down
you’re here because either you can help, it can help you or both
it was the fit
enjoy the fun partsand plow through the rest
For this stage of evolution, us starseeds are here to help
but also because it is the best place for our development
it is a win win situation even if in our 3D selves we don’t always see it
or even in 5D
here’s one way you know for sure you were meant to be here…
its a sure proof method
If you exist here then you were supposed to
there are no accidents.
There is free will but no accidents
Beyond the constructs of time and space, everything already exists
A perfect jewel of manifestation.
We can make whatever changes we wish
Existence will still be complete and perfect
but with some of the lines slightly altered
metaphorically speaking
time and space are constructs
so don’t fret, be the perfect being you already are
and manifest that person in love and light
that being i should say…
i mean to me the puzzlement, knowing this, is that there are people who choose to be unhappy or miserable for long periods no matter their circumstances
i mean its a choice and i guess from some perspective, it might be interesting to check out how 3 consecutive lifetimes of depression might work (in infinite possibilities)
but from my limited perspective, unhappiness gets tired pretty fast