The Price of the Ticket

“Buy the ticket, take the ride…and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well…maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion”
— Hunter S. Thompson


Funny how victimized we can feel by our own choices. “He took me home that night and he hurt me. He used me until there was nothing left. It’s no wonder I haven’t been able to find a good relationship since.” No, no and no. No matter how good a line he had you made a choice as an adult to go with him and stay with him even tho you felt drained. You needed the lesson and what you can learn from it. Now you find that you don’t have enough to give to another vampire. Fine, see if you can find someone who can make your heart sing. See if you can do it outside the bar scene. You bought the ticket.
“He screwed me over on that deal. I’m always too trusting and I always get fucked over.” Again, No, I’d agree with you if you were right but in all of those times you have never learned that if you don’t specify terms before hand, the other person may take advantage. How many times do you need that lesson.
“That’s It. I followed another fake guru and found out he’s full of shit. I’m an atheist. All of this spiritual stuff is bullshit.” Sigh, Again you bought the ticket. I hope you enjoyed the ride but there’s no refunds of time or money. Tell me, you spent so long learning from this guy. Are you really saying you learned nothing? I have learned something from ten minutes spent with the dullest people imaginable. There must have been something in what this guy said that made you want to learn from him. Even if the only thing of value said to you was in the first moments you met, you must have gained something to make you think the ticket was worth the cost of the ride. If you spend some time thinking about it, you probably gained a lot more. If the only thing that came out of it was the self-knowledge of what buttons you have that push your spiritual pilgrim button then wow, you learned a lot. Don’t sell the ticket or yourself short.
In the long run, there is little in life that isn’t worth the price of the ride. On some level we know that. It’s why we choose to play in the first place.
Blessings, G


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