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Alice Never Checked Out her Options

instrumental instrument
letting the notes flow thru
with as little distortion as possible
becoming the tune
the song the sound
pure tone
seeking the highest vibration
and sending it outwards
so others can feel it too
what symphonies may play
ascension melodies
lines to inspire
igniting the fire
the flame grows brighter
my spirit lighter
heading for the home
unseen for long but heartfelt

©2011 G A Rosenberg

Each (K)night’s Reflection by G A Rosenberg

I kneel here
holding vigil
as the changes occur around me
I search for strength within, without
and to find my way
through the maelstrom
I know I will
never see things
as I see them now
Tomorrow I see through new eyes,
that hoary cliche and yet so true,
a new world’s journey begun
What will become of the man
who kneels here
and what will continue onwards?
Who would be this dreamer
searching for his way
as he dreams in the new world?

Johnny Wisdomseed by G A Rosenberg

Long have I wandered
with this sack of seeds
gathered over lifetimes
and longer still shall I continue
searching for fertile ground
in which to plant
Occasionally I stop to
entertain a questioning mind
or overturn a cherished notion
that has run its course
I joke, I challenge, I plant a seed
staying just long enough
to see it take route

Other times I cast seeds to the wind,
A poem left in a bar
A picture painted in chalk
on a sidewalk
A story written in spiderwebs
or interwebs
With each of these
I send a prayer
that they will land
and spread and grow
possibly providing sustenance for many

Not every seed will thrive
nor every thought take hold
neither life nor wisdom provide that certainty
nor every seed viable

Still I travel
with song and with seed
One day I too shall be done
When that day comes
scatter me on the wind
Another idea
floating on the breeze

Cloud Gazing by G A Rosenberg

Cloud gazing
watching wisps of red purple fluff
dancing across the sun
shaping dreams and whims
as another day’s lights retreat

Crowd gazing
seeing people walk by
assuming shapes we give them
trying new maks on
as their day’s flight resumes

Naval gazing
letting thoughts flow by
dancing through my mind
Are my dreams shaped by whims
am my day’s night begins?