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“Don’t be afraid. There are exquisite things in store for you. This is merely the beginning.”
—Oscar Wilde


Tomorrow is another Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I am ambivalent to say the least about the origins of the holiday yet for me it invokes memories of family and good food, closeness and feelings of gratitude. Tho my ideas of who I am grateful to and what I am grateful for have evolved throughout the years, there is much satisfaction in looking at the positives in my life and being appreciative.
In the west we tend to become fairly jaded. Most of us feel quite put-upon when the ratio of positive to negative in our lives shifts even slightly towards the negative. I feel pretty certain in saying that at least as far as life’s comforts go, that anyone who can read this definitely has a life that is weighted towards the positive. Perhaps a day is needed to remind us of that every now and then. For me it helps.
Blessings, G


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The Eye LandThe Eye Land by G A Rosenberg


UnfoldmentUnfoldment by G A Rosenberg