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Quote of the Day – September 1 2012

““People today are in danger of drowning in information; but, because they have been taught that information is useful, they are more willing to drown than they need be.If they could handle information, they would not have to drown at all.”

― Idries Shah, Reflections


I met a caterpillar the other day. He called to me as I was walking past a tree in my backyard. I bent down to see him better.

“Look at my wings are they not beautiful” he said spreading out his feet.

“Pardon me, you don’t have wings, you are a caterpillar”

“No I am a Butterfly. You know all caterpillars become butterflies and I am one. Look at my wings.”

“I don’t see wings as yet and have no doubt that you will one day have beautiful wings but at this point you have none.”

“You’re just not able to see them. One day you will be as advanced as I am and then you will know I have wings and you will know them for the beauties they are”

“No doubt”, I said and made my farewells and left. I’ve met many people like that. People who had read so much about enlightenment and advanced perceptions that they needed to not only believe that they were there but have others believe it as well. For me, I have few doubts that I grow and advance and on some level beyond space and time there is nothing to attain but in the here and now, I intend to enjoy every part of the process, every lesson learned, even the hard ones.
Blessings, G

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Butterfly Over Crop Circle by G A Rosenberg


Collision by G A Rosenberg