Notes on: The Ten of Swords


Artist’s Notes:
Well he doesn’t look at all well, does he? He sure is ornamental though. Seriously, this is the card that many readers do not want to see pop up in a reading. This is somewhat fair as it is basically what is left on the stage at the end of a Shakespearian tragedy. The ending has happened and now those characters who have been killed await the signal to rise up again and to go home awaiting the next night’s drama. The catharsis for tonight has already happened and now it can be released.
To me, the word release is more important than destruction or desolation in speaking of this card. After all, the torment that comes with the Nine of Swords is much worse as that feels as if it will never end while here the ending has happened and peace has been achieved.
About the Archetype:
The suit of Swords represents thought, ideas, plans, and conflicts. Tens show the ultimate completion of the energy involved leading ultimately to a new beginning.
If the story of the suit of Swords is about how one interacts with ideas and ideologies, then a true mark of the success of the suit is how well we can integrate a new way of thinking into ourselves. At the end of the journey, what is not incorporated and made purely ours is destroyed. The only truth that exists is that which we can internalize. Any concept that is truly not a part of ourselves cannot exist inside of us as the ensuing cognitive dissonance will lead to ruin. This ruin will destroy every aspect of ourselves until it is resolved and our mindsets once again find themselves in balance.
This is true, whether we are talking about individuals, groups, or even countries.
Nothing is ever permanently destroyed, however. Ruination leads eventually to a new beginning with a clear playing field. After all, after ruin, there is nothing else to lose.
Astrological Correspondence:
Sun in Gemini- This energy is an extremely mutable and active one, ever dancing from one idea to the next never stopping to rest. Sun in Gemini loves to reinvent itself, establishing a new way of being even as it leads the old one to fend for itself even if it means leaving it to ruin. Gemini being the sign of the twins tends to be of two minds in just about every area often in conflict with itself tho very rarely is the conflict taken as seriously by the Sun in Gemini as it is by the others drawn into the conflict.
In a Reading:
When the Ten of Swords comes up in a reading, it may mean that things have become about as bad as they can be. Almost anything that we’ve considered important has been taken from us and there is very little if anything left to lose. In some cases, it may be a matter of disappointment as something that we have set up for ourselves has failed to materialize but then how realistic were we in the first place? This card may be reflecting worries and fears that we have rather than the actuality of ruin so it is good to see both the position and the other cards surrounding the Ten of Swords to gather more insight. However, the best thing about the feeling that there is nothing left to lose is that if we’re still here then there is the chance of rebuilding again from the ground up and establishing a new life, informed by our past, without the circumstances and problems that led to things collapsing in the first place.
Ultimately though, the only parts of ourselves that we can lose are the parts that were not truly ours in the first place.
The Ten of Swords reversed in a reading may mean that the collapse has happened and a new beginning has started. It can also mean that we have been managing barely to stave off the total disaster that is hovering over us and either we need to extricate ourselves from either the situations or mindsets that are causing conflict or things will become dire. In either case, Ten of Swords reversed shows a need for clarity on how we want our lives to be and the follow-through to take the necessary steps to avoid the circumstances that we have just come through.
Fate’s Whisper:
One of the more tame hobbies the Spider of Fate partakes in is gardening a special flower. This flower thrives in the chaos of death as it consumes the body and soul of any who cant handle touching them. These Eternity Roses are the mark of immortality as they only wither is trampled on, deeming your survival. To feed his Garden the Spider takes the souls of those who chose to do nothing with their lives to nourish them and give them a more excellent value.
As cruel as the Spider is it is essential to know that we all must have that final release. This release lets off weight so we can incorporate new ideas and lifestyles as we go through life. Culling those who waste energy gives room for fresh souls to make their mark on existence without the risk of corrupting the existing pool of possibility. This marks a time when a part of you will die make sure you kill off the right part or it will be much more painful on the way out.