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“Don’t be afraid. There are exquisite things in store for you. This is merely the beginning.”
—Oscar Wilde


Tomorrow is another Thanksgiving Day in the United States. I am ambivalent to say the least about the origins of the holiday yet for me it invokes memories of family and good food, closeness and feelings of gratitude. Tho my ideas of who I am grateful to and what I am grateful for have evolved throughout the years, there is much satisfaction in looking at the positives in my life and being appreciative.
In the west we tend to become fairly jaded. Most of us feel quite put-upon when the ratio of positive to negative in our lives shifts even slightly towards the negative. I feel pretty certain in saying that at least as far as life’s comforts go, that anyone who can read this definitely has a life that is weighted towards the positive. Perhaps a day is needed to remind us of that every now and then. For me it helps.
Blessings, G


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The Eye LandThe Eye Land by G A Rosenberg


UnfoldmentUnfoldment by G A Rosenberg


Grateful for the Life


At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.
–Albert Schweitzer


I have many reservations about the Thanksgiving holiday. Oh I believe gratitude to be a necessary part of life. If we can’t appreciate what we have then whatever comes our way will be something we won’t appreciate. Part of my hesitation is that we have a special day put aside as if to say “Let’s get all this gratitude stuff over with so we can get on with things.” What’s more many of us do it in the company of those with whom we have the greatest degree of awkwardness.
I also am not comfortable with the alterations of history. Happy natives serving the settlers their holiday dinner. Ever notice not many First Nations people celebrate this holiday.
I do love both the intention and action of gratitude tho. I have been given a lot of wonderful things in my life. I have wonderful people to share it with and a pretty great family. I love what I do and I have enough challenges to keep it interesting. I have been given talent and ways of using those talents and people who appreciate them. I have love and time for love and a burning curiosity to see what happens next. For all of this I am grateful.
What are you most thankful for in your life?
Blessings, G


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It's Your Turn to Feed the DogIt’s Your Turn to Feed the Dog by G A Rosenberg


VelocityVelocity by G A Rosenberg


Wishing all those who celebrate a happy Hanukah:


It's All About the Light

Giving Thanks

Today has been Canadian Thanksgiving. A day when traditionally we give thanks to whatever deity alive or dead we may believe in for all the good things that we have in life. Believing on some levels in most deities I find myself very grateful :). This year in particular has been a fantastic one for me. It has been a year of putting things in perspective, with lots of new growth and perception. I have a wonderful family, one that sprawls out in all directions both birth and chosen, so that where some people have family trees, i have a forest that consists of some growth that I’ve planted myself. I love and am loved with a wonderful partner and children. I have friends both ones I’ve met and ones I know only virtually, and they have all been amazing. This year has been an amazing one, meeting so many great people through Spirit Refuge , Seventh Fire and YouTube,
This year I feel that I have become awoken spiritually after years of letting that part of myself lay fallow. It seems apparent now that there were things I had to experience in the mundane world before I was ready to work on that area of my life. Yet I realize now, that tho it may seem to be a matter of different paths, there exists but one path, one adventure, just different foci. I don’t believe that anyone falls away from their path, whatever we experience, there our path lies.
Last but not least, this year has been an amazing one of self-expression for me. I’ve written more than I have in years, made videos, and found that I have more talent in expressing myself visually than I ever believed that I have.
Thank You Universe, Thank you fellow beings, Thank you Mother Gaia, Thank you flesh that encloses my being.
This next year will be even more awesome 😀