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Cutting Up in Verse


“What Bill [William S. Burroughs] explained to me then was pivotal to the unfolding of my life and art: Everything is recorded. If it is recorded, then it can be edited. If it can be edited then the order, sense, meaning and direction are as arbitrary and personal as the agenda and/or person editing. This is magick. For if we have the ability and/or choice of how things unfold—regardless of the original order and/or intention that they are recorded in—then we have control over the eventual unfolding. If reality consists of a series of parallel recordings that usually go unchallenged, then reality only remains stable and predictable until it is challenged and/or the recordings are altered, or their order challenged.”
— Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Thee Psychick Bible)


Cut up images flow
like a tree in the desert
longing for the fiery blaze
that feeds the heat
of the tidal wave.
The three-legged chair
beats the wounded man
as the piano comforts
his raging slippers.
Begat oranges said the
wizened cactus
as the warrior
finds his true
through dreams that
scissors seek
and the morning’s
bright stars forgot.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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