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Word Rhapsody


“We connect with the Other on the grounds that they keep their distance, that they do not demand from us or assert their Being, but rather play the role of abstract/grateful victim. The perverse (postmodern) libidinal pleasure is one of having a relationship but without the relationship as such; without the Real in the relationship”
— Glyn Daly


Who put the real in our relationship?
Is there any tea in our quality?
Did we close in our closeness
or go too far in our fear?
Did we become hapless in happiness?
Did we ever get together?
could we stare our mysterious ways
or figure out the what in weather?
— G A Rosenberg
A bit of word play while I shit through priorities after a week of cut-ups. The cut-ups were fun and a bit of a challenge tho I feel I want this blog to be something a bit more.
Still we will see where it goes.
Blessings G


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Chasing My Tail Seeking Self Knowledge


“Self-observation is very difficult.
The more you try, the more clearly you will see this.”
– G.I. Gurdjieff


Can I contain myself
enough to see my contents?
Can I be content
with what I can see
or will it always be hazy?
Can I hazard a guess as to the rest?
Can I rest without having that inner knowledge?
Will I know that what I see and
what others see are just partial glimpses?
Can I glimpse more by allowing myself to be?
Can I become more than the sum of the shadows I’ve been?
Can I then be contained?


Blessings, G


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