Quote of the Day – November 26 2011

 ‎”Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.”

Thinking about language and how some words have become so charged that people when hearing them will react to the words used rather than what is being said. Some words seem to break communication stopping intelligent discourse dead in its tracks just by uttering them. These words (or terms or images (see Hitler or the Swastika) over time seem to have had their meaning so charged both positively and negatively that once you say them, you take on the charge and depending on how the person hearing them wishes to magnetize or polarize themselves, they will react. Examples of these words: socialism, communism, democracy, new world order, religion, Hitler, nazi. I go back and forth whether to add the words love and spiritual to this list. I know that there are many others that can be added. In my more paranoid (or lucid depending on  whom you talk to) moments I wonder at the social engineering that have resulted in these words being unable to be heard.
By demonizing communism during the cold war and then making sure that anyone who warned against it was seen as extreme or crazy (the term McCarthyism becoming synonymous with witch hunts) and miscarriages of justice, the nwo suckers make it very easy to discredit people like Charlotte Iserbyt

Another method to manipulate people with language:

A) Demonize a word (whether or not the word defines something evil or not is irrelevant at this point)
i.e. Communism in the 50’s. Was the Soviet form of social collectivism masquerading as Communism a bad thing undoubtedly as it becomes a very easy tool for manipulating / exploiting the masses

B) Once the word is demonized, have someone , in a position of power like Senator McCarthy et al take it to insane degrees (seeing communists everywhere accessing everyone on the smallest amount of evidence of being communist. and then persecuting them (i.e. the blacklisting in Hollywood

C) at this point at a fairly slow rate, you can bring in whatever you have been demonizing, calling it by other names (social justice, oneness, democracy in action (anyone who points out that this is actually socialist collectivism or what passed for Communism / Socialism will be seen as insane, People will not react in a logical thoughtful way to what they have to say, they will react to the use of the word branding the person using it in all kinds of unpleasant ways missing the point of anything they have to say

Sound familiar?

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Fire Mountains Under Storm Skies by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 16 2011

“I am content to follow to its source
Every event in action or in thought,
Measure the lot; forgive myself the lot!
When such as I cast out remorse
So great a sweetness flows into my breast
We must laugh and we must sing,
We are blest by everything,
Everything we look upon is blessed.”
–William Butler Yeates

I cannot find the right words
or feelings
so I will feel what I feel
until I no longer need to
I will say what I say
for expression is better than unexpressed festering
I will know what I know
until other knowledge supplants it
In the battle with my inner being
I surrender
for only then can I go on
–G A Rosenberg


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Infinite Colour by G A Rosenberg

Colour Play Dark by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 14 2011

“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. ”
–Richard Bach

Looking for words of gentle wisdom–
Gratitude, Love, Peace, Unity, Diversity, Wisdom, Understanding, Truth, Freedom, Joy, Compassion
Yet all of these words have so many meanings, not only depending on who says them but when they say them as well. We sometimes make the mistake of expecting greater consistency from others than we do from ourselves.. To paraphrase Uncle Walt, I am huge, I contain multitudes. Wouldn’t it be foolish then if I expected something different from others. Don’t they get to contain multitudes as well. Yet the above words and many others do give me solace. They all express concepts to me that I often hold dear. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t abused them. I have not been the most faithful with my concept of any of them yet I’ve been working on it.
Funny thing, very few of these words can exist in a vacuum. They all speak of relationship, not only to others but to ourselves,and to the Youniverse that exists in each of us..
Just a few thoughts that have bubbled up to the surface tonight.

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To The Surface and Above by G A Rosenberg

Stars by G A Rosenberg

Stray Verse and Thoughts

do you mean what i mean?
abused, used and yet we choose
Media lies
twisting and turning
those who listen
selling fear
to those we hold dear
controlling extolling
only see what’s in front of you
pay no attention to the
man behind the curtain
certain we’ll listen
more and more we do
not to them they’re through
but to ourselves
go within

In order for communication to work between two beings, it helps if they first have an agreed upon common language. It amazes me how often two people use the same words and have vastly different meanings for them. At the very least, this tends to cause confusion, at worst, anger and arguments when both were just misunderstanding the other’s intention.

Words and terms I’d just as soon loose

Should, must, should not, must not — especially in context of telling people what to believe or how to practice. especially in a spiritual context. There maybe one truth but everyone has their own (partial) conception of it and their own path of knowing…implying that you know what may be right for another with that level of certainty implies to me a level of ego of control–yeah we all have that yet I have always preferred teachers (and i have the conceit that every being i meet is my teacher tho with some I am a better student than with others) who suggest paths that are better

Stray Thoughts and Random Bits of Starlight

Thinking about friendship
adulthood, mystery, history and love
Time an invention to keep it all straight
yet it is a toy that we reorder and rewind
so to show its unreality
everything taking place concurrently
consciousness sweeps through it all
i find myself walking through yesterday with a brief stop next year

a feeling you enter into when you know you can’t win
a gift a decision to no longer play a game
that you designed to lose
yet surrender brings gifts
among them larger fields
that playing never could

words on paper or on the screen
how can you express what I’ve seen
flying, soaring answers found
hope and light abound

we take our 3d creations and we hang them on refrigerators
we jump up and down excitedly
“See what we did, see what we did”
Source smiles

Water and fire am I
the starry sky and earth as well
I feel the mountains and the grass
squirrels running up a tree in my forest
mermaids swimming off my shores
and ships flying through my sky
I walk through future fields
on distant planets
feel joy in my heat
no need for thought
understanding is always there
i take your hand
we walk through the night
and share this
you smile
and i touch galaxies..

Which is better
Striving to love
or railing against those not succeeding?

How can an angry ‘fuck you!’
sound better than “I love you’
no matter the context
and how can so many find the two equivalent?