Four Pillars Tarot: The Emperor (Absolute Threshold)

Notes on The Emperor (Absolute Threshold)

Four Pillars Society Tarot by Gary Rosenberg (GAR) and Nyxsaurius Fallsong


Artist’s Notes:
The Empress is full-unbridled creativity and chaos. How do you rein that in so that it may reach its highest level of potential? You need the order and structure that comes from the Emperor. His is the authority that sets paths and decides where things will go and how they will be allocated. He sits on the plane of Endless Potential and rules which of those will happen at any particular time. He knows that the only way to remain stable is to avoid stasis and change with the changes. 
He acts when it is necessary to act and has acquired this wisdom at great cost. Aries is the astrological ruler of this card and the Aries energy always seeks new areas of conquest. This Emperor has learned that the most important battle is that of the self.
About the Archetype:
Where the Empress represents the creative principle in full flower, the Emperor represents order both mundane and divine. He is the paternal force seeking to keep things under tight reign during the time he is there. He seeks to instill both rules and the need for some kind of order in our lives so that we can live in the world. He also represents the laws that bind the universe as a whole. Where the Empress tells us to go wild and express ourselves fully, the Emperor tells us we need to color inside the lines, that they are there for a reason. The Emperor teaches us the obligation of service to others.
At its best, the Emperor’s force gives us a set of guidelines in which we can feel secure to live as we will. At its worst, it can lead to repression and a big brother type of society where we are over-protected for ‘our own good.’ While ideally, he represents the order in the service of virtue, he can become the tyrant who insists that only he knows what is right for all.
The Emperor is an expansive force that wants to bring more and more under his protective influence. He is a swift fiery force that knows that one day his power will pass on to another. In ancient days the legend is that the king would rule for one year and be consigned to the flames for the next king to take his place. His is the morning and the setup of the day.
Astrological Correspondent:
Aries (♈︎) – Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and tends to lead the pack with its headstrong nature. It is forceful and fiery and willing to fight for what it believes. The Aries force is a strong starter but not particularly good at seeing things through to their completion for just as people are catching up, Aries is on to something else for there are always new worlds to conquer. Aries has a fiery nature and is never afraid of competition but can burn themselves out if not adequately fuelled. It sees leadership as its natural place and can be somewhat domineering in keeping it. It has concern for others tho the concern can waver if challenged. It is honest and forthright energy.
In a Reading:
When the Emperor turns up in a reading it may indicate that it is time to move forward aggressively and take advantage of (or make) new opportunities. It is a time of power and potency. It may also indicate issues with the querent’s father or other paternal figures in their life. Someone who gives good advice based on their own life experiences. The Emperor may also refer to someone in authority in the social order who has influence or control over the querent’s life such as an employer or government figure. It would do the querent well in the situation to put forth the appearance of playing by that person’s rules. It may also be a time to bring order and organization into one’s life, clearing away all the chaos. It is time to make a plan and stick to it with confidence that it will work.
The reversed Emperor may indicate that the querent has grown too rigid and inflexible in their thinking and/or their lives. It may also mean that they are blocking themselves off from that vital, creative, take-charge feeling and are too concerned about upsetting their well-ordered lives to take advantage of opportunities in their path. Getting the reversed card may also indicate that there are difficulties with the querent’s paternal influences. Perhaps it is a case of their father being too dominant a figure in their lives. It may also indicate that they are becoming more sensitive to the feelings and concerns of other people in their lives
Fate’s Whisper:
The first thing one will notice about this card is not the colour scheme but the raw energy it emits. It is solid like the reality the four pillars created. The absolute force that ensures no boundary is crossed as if it knows all the wrong that you are about to do.
One of the gifts the Dragon of Reality has is called the Eyes of Truth. Regardless of what was used nothing was hidden from them. This ability would later be passed to the other pillars and eventually be used to grant the djinn their sight as a gift for protecting the knowledge of origin.
This is worth noting as in order to carry out their duties to preserve the energetic balance, the four pillars need to ensure that they were impervious to tricker Just as the card, it is obvious that whoever this figure is nothing can escape his ever-judging gaze. There is no room for compromise or negotiations. He does however respect the boundary of those around him while watching to ensure the same respect is returned. Sitting silent and waiting until it is his time to protect what he values.

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