Art Gallery – 2011

Art Gallery-2011

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0 thoughts on “Art Gallery – 2011”

    1. Thank you so much. My pictures are done in photoshop, a combination of collage, brushwork and filters. I love your artwork by the way, much beauty. Namaste =) <3 G

  1. “Art is a journey all can seek within their being, but few set forth on its path…. why?”

    Gary, I do not see a title on any from December, so how do I select or ID my favorite ? My comment for the contest stands above, peace… Heru Khephra

  2. December: Gateway11 is my favorite…they were ALL amazing but that one resonates deeply with me. Tenk you for sharing so much of you <3. Looking forward to what 2012 will bring!! Love ya Gary =)

  3. My favorite pic is pathways2 and from December I like my-dreams-have-colour the most but its very, very hard to decide for a favorite, cause there are so many beautiful pictures. Keep it on and have lots of fun. Ingrid

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