Art Gallery – 2012

Art Gallery – 2012

Art Gallery-2012

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Collision Butterfly over Alien Cropcircle Red Yellow Vortex
Totemic Purple Flame Cross Rising Towards
Existing in a bubble world Reaching For More Time Mandala in a Storm
Bowed but not Beaten Red Gray Waking Spiral Paths to and from the centre
Blue Violet Rays Embrace-Chiseled yet Faded Exploring Shapes on an Exploded Ruby Abstract
She Holds Her Children Close Escherian Torch The Hierophant
Stained Flower Mandala Psychodelia Psychodelia rev
If the Night Falls on a Lonely Planet Will the Tree Hear it Make a Sound Last Dance copy Elephant
Emerald Vision Leaving the Studio Astro Womb With A View by G A Rosenberg
Vehicle0 Green Play Mandala life inside the bubble
Flowering Mood Indigo Geode Mandala
Lesson Shadow Vortex Lonely Orb in the mind stream
Ganesh I Live at the Centre Justice
Rise of the Indigo Mandala Blue Red Mandala Red Gold Galaxy
Star Quest Falling To Circles
She Wears The Night Rose Cross Mandala Flight of Spirits
Emerald Chamber Sacrificial Totem Purple Lazer Mandala
Masqued Mandala A Prayer for Peace Jade Ray Mandala
Cosmic Dance Peaceful Purple Mandala