Goetia Gateway Art


This is the final version of the Goetia Gateway set of prints. They were created by me with certain ritual assistance from Adam Percipio. In a few instances, Mr. Percipio graciously gave some tips on a few of the depictions. The art however is entirely my own.
A few of the pictures, most notably Leraje and Phenex were later significantly changed due to the gnosis of V.K. Jehannum (http://vkjehannum.wordpress.com)))
Click on images to see full-sized:
1-King Baal 2-Duke Agares 3-Duke Vassago
4-Marquis Gamigin 5-President Marbas 6-Duke Valefar
7-Marquis Amon 8-Duke Barbatos 9-King Paimon
10-President Buer 11-Duke Gusion 12-Prince Sitri
13-King Beleth 14-Marquis Leraje 15-Duke Eligos
16-Duke Zepar 17-Count Botis 18-Duke Bathin
19-Duke Sallos 20-King Purson 21-Count Marax
22-Prince Ipos 23-Duke Aim 24-Marquis Naberius
25-President Glasya-Labolas 26-Duke Bunè 27-Marquis Ronovè
28-Duke Berith 29-Duke Astaroth 30-Marquis Forneus
31-President Foras 32-King Asmodeus 33-President Gäap
34-Count Furfur 35-Marquis Marchosias 36-Prince Stolas
37-Marquis Phenex 38-Count Halphas 39-President Malphas
40-Count Räum 41-Duke Focalor 42-Duke Vepar
43-Marquis Sabnock 44-Marquis Shax 45-King Vinè
46-Count Bifrons 47-Duke Uvall 48-President Häagenti
49-Duke Crocell 50-Knight Furcas 51-King Balam
52-Duke Alloces 53-President Camio 54-Duke Murmur
55-Prince Orobas 56-Duke Gremory 57-President Ose
58-President Amy 59-Marquis Oriax 60-Duke Vapula
61-King Zagan 62-President Valac 63-Andras
64-Duke Flauros 65-Marquis Andrealphus 66-Marquis Cimeies
67-King Amdusias 68-King Belial 69-Marquis Decarabia
70-Prince Seere 71-Duke Dantalion 72-Count Andromalius

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