Useful Quotes

Eventually this page will be the home for all the quotes I use on the blog

“With My Ninth Mind I Resurrect My First
And Dance Slow To The Music Of My Soul Made New.”
― Aberjhani

“Liberty, According To My Metaphysics Is A Self-Determining Power In An Intellectual Agent. It Implies Thought And Choice And Power.”
–John Adams

“Remember There’s No Such Thing As A Small Act Of Kindness. Every Act Creates A Ripple With No Logical End.
———–Scott Adams

“Act so as to encourage the best in others, and by so doing you will develop the best in yourself. ”
— Felix Adler

“And If You See All The People
They’re Ev’ryone I Ever Was And
Ev’ryone I Ever Will Be
All The Lives Of Me”
–Peter Allen

“Healing Takes Courage, And We All Have Courage, Even If We Have To Dig A Little To Find It. “
–Tori Amos

“Some Of The Most Wonderful People Are The Ones Who Don’t Fit Into Boxes. “
–Tori Amos

“The Ache For Home Lives In All Of Us, The Safe Place Where We Can Go As We Are And Not Be Questioned.”
–Maya Angelou

“As The Garden Grows, So Does The Gardener”
– Anonymous

“The Sad Truth Is That Most Evil Is Done By People Who Never Make Up Their Minds To Be Good Or Evil.”
― Hannah Arendt

““Music Washes Away From The Soul The Dust Of Everyday Life”
–Berthold Auerbach

“Look Back Over The Past, With Its Changing Empires That Rose And Fell, And You Can Foresee The Future, Too.”
–Marcus Aurelius

“God Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The People I Cannot Change
Courage To Change The One I Can Change,
And Wisdom To Know It’s Me.”
–Author Unknown

“A Name Is A Label, And As Soon As There Is A Label, The Ideas Disappear And Out Comes Label-Worship And Label-Bashing, And Instead Of Living By A Theme Of Ideas, People Begin Dying For Labels… And The Last Thing The World Needs Is Another Religion.”

–Richard Bach

‎”Because The Important Thing,” He Said, “Is For You To Know The Truth. Until You Know It, Until You Truly Understand It, You Can Show It Only In Smaller Ways, And With Outside Help, From Machines And People And Birds. But Remember,” He Said, “That Not Being Known Doesn’t Stop The Truth From Being True.” And He Was Gone.”
– Richard Bach

“How Much More There Is Now To Living! Instead Of Our Drab Slogging Forth And Back To The Fishing Boats, There’s Reason To Life! We Can Lift Ourselves Out Of Ignorance, We Can Find Ourselves As Creatures Of Excellence And Intelligence And Skill. We Can Be Free! We Can Learn To Fly!”
–Richard Bach, Johnathan Livingston Seagull

“If Your Happiness Depends On What Somebody Else Does, I Guess You Do Have A Problem.”
–Richard Bach

“If You Will Practice Being Fictional For Awhile, You Will Understand That Fictional Characters Are Sometimes More Real Than People With Bodies And Heartbeats.”
—Richard Bach-Illusions

“Learning Is Finding Out What You Already Know. Doing Is Demonstrating That You Know It. Teaching Is Reminding Others That They Know Just As Well As You. You Are All Learners, Doers, Teachers”
—Richard Bach, Illusions

“Perspective – Use It Or Lose It. If You Turned To This Page, You’re Forgetting That What Is Going On Around You Is Not Reality.
Think About That.”
–Richard Bach

“Remember Where You Came From, Where You’re Going, And Why You Created This Mess You Got Yourself Into In The First Place.”
― Richard Bach, Illusions: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah

“Sometimes when learning comes before experience It doesn’t make sense right away.”
— Richard Bach

“The Best Way To Pay For A Lovely Moment Is To Enjoy It. “
–Richard Bach

“The Mark Of Your Ignorance Is The Depth Of Your Belief In Injustice And Tragedy. What The Caterpillar Calls The End Of The World, The Master Calls A Butterfly. “
–Richard Bach, Illusions

“The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing?
Think about these once in a while, and watch your answers change.”
—Richard Bach

“When You Have Come To The Edge Of All The Light You Have
And Step Into The Darkness Of The Unknown
Believe That One Of The Two Will Happen To You
Either You’ll Find Something Solid To Stand On
Or You’ll Be Taught How To Fly!”
–Richard Bach

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however”
—Richard Bach, Illusions

“Effective Listeners Remember That “Words Have No Meaning – People Have Meaning.” The Assignment Of Meaning To A Term Is An Internal Process; Meaning Comes From Inside Us. And Although Our Experiences, Knowledge And Attitudes Differ, We Often Misinterpret Each Other’s Messages While Under The Illusion That A Common Understanding Has Been Achieved.”
–Larry Baker

“A Gift Is Pure When It Is Given From The Heart To The Right Person At The Right Time And At The Right Place, And When We Expect Nothing In Return”
–Bahgavad Gita

“He Alone Sees Truly Who Sees The Lord The Same In Every Creature…Seeing The Same Lord Everywhere, He Does Not Harm Himself Or Others.”
–Bahgavad Gita

“Still Your Mind In Me, Still Yourself In Me, And Without A Doubt You Shall Be United With Me, Lord Of Love, Dwelling In Your Heart.”
—Bhagavad Gita

“Effective Listeners Remember That “Words Have No Meaning – People Have Meaning.” The Assignment Of Meaning To A Term Is An Internal Process; Meaning Comes From Inside Us. And Although Our Experiences, Knowledge And Attitudes Differ, We Often Misinterpret Each Other’s Messages While Under The Illusion That A Common Understanding Has Been Achieved.”
–Larry Baker

“Transformation Means Removing The Rocks From Our Garden, The Boulders That Block Our Naturalness… When We Were Kids, We Were Free And Innocent. As Time Passed, We Accumulated The Rocks Of Resistance, Piling Them Up Until They Become Mountains In Our Minds. Transformation Comes Not By Adding Things On But By Removing What Didn’t Belong In The First Place. We Change By Pealing Away All The Toxic Layers, Emotional Debris, And Beliefs That We Have Added On Over The Years. We Forget That There Is Something Perfect Already Within Us; Through Years Of Habit And Hypnosis We Took A Wrong Turn, And Now We Automatically Look Outside Ourselves For Something That Will Fix Us”. – Baron Baptiste, “40 Days To Personal Revolution

Vision Without Action Is A Dream. Action Without Vision Is Simply Passing The Time. Action With Vision Is Making A Positive Difference.
–Joel Barker

“Those Who Bring Sunshine Into The Lives Of Others Cannot Keep It From Themselves.”
– JM Barrie

“I Pray To Be Like The Ocean, With Soft Currents, Maybe Waves At Times. More And More, I Want The Consistency Rather Than The Highs And The Lows. “
–Drew Barrymore

All Beliefs Are Equally Valid. (Since Each Belief Generates Its Own Self-Validating Reality).

Do Not Rely On The Outer World As Your Measuring Stick For Your Own Spiritual Growth, Rely On Your Response To The Outer World To Determine How Much You Have Grown.”
–Bashar (Darryl Anka)

“A Major Difficulty Is That The Answer To The Riddle Of The Sphinx Is Partly A Product Of The Answers That We Already Have Given To The Riddle In Its Various Forms.”
–Gregory Bateson

“Heroes Know That Things Must Happen When It Is Time For Them To Happen. A Quest May Not Simply Be Abandoned; Unicorns May Go Unrescued For A Long Time, But Not Forever; A Happy Ending Cannot Come In The Middle Of The Story.”
–Peter S Beagle

“Twenty Years From Now You Will Be More Disappointed By The Things You Didn’t Do Than By The Ones You Did Do. So Throw Off The Bowlines, Sail Away From The Safe Harbor. Catch The Trade Winds In Your Sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
– Mark Twain
“Travel Is More Than The Seeing Of Sights; It Is A Change That Goes On, Deep And Permanent, In The Ideas Of Living.”
– Miriam Beard

“The Conscious And Intelligent Manipulation Of The Organized Habits And Opinions Of The Masses Is An Important Element In Democratic Society. Those Who Manipulate This Unseen Mechanism Of Society Constitute An Invisible Government Which Is The True Ruling Power Of Our Country. …We Are Governed, Our Minds Are Molded, Our Tastes Formed, Our Ideas Suggested, Largely By Men We Have Never Heard Of. This Is A Logical Result Of The Way In Which Our Democratic Society Is Organized. Vast Numbers Of Human Beings Must Cooperate In This Manner If They Are To Live Together As A Smoothly Functioning Society. …In Almost Every Act Of Our Daily Lives, Whether In The Sphere Of Politics Or Business, In Our Social Conduct Or Our Ethical Thinking, We Are Dominated By The Relatively Small Number Of Persons…Who Understand The Mental Processes And Social Patterns Of The Masses. It Is They Who Pull The Wires Which Control The Public Mind.”
― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

“We Need Another And A Wiser And Perhaps A More Mystical Concept Of Animals… In A World Older And More Complete Than Ours They Move Finished And Complete, Gifted With Extensions Of The Senses We Have Lost Or Never Attained, Living By Voices We Shall Never Hear. They Are Not Brethren, They Are Not Underlings; They Are Other Nations, Caught With Ourselves In The Net Of Life And Time, Fellow Prisoners Of The Splendour And Travail Of The Earth.”
–Henry Beston

“We Thought That We Had The Answers, It Was The Questions We Had Wrong.”

“The Belief That There Is Only One Truth, And That Oneself Is In Possession Of It, Is The Root Of All Evil In The World”
–Max Born

“Observe The Space Between Your Thoughts, Then Observe The Observer. “
–Hamilton Boudreaux

What Is Your Most Valuable Secret? What Forbidden Art Do You Practice? What Taboo Dream Do You Draw On?
–Rob Breszny

“There Are Mystically In Our Faces Certain Characters Which Carry In Them The Motto Of Our Souls, Wherein He That Cannot Read A, B, C May Read Our Natures. “
~Sir Thomas Browne

“To See A World In A Grain Of Sand
And A Heaven In A Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity In The Palm Of Your Hand
And Eternity In An Hour”
–William Blake

What Is Your Most Valuable Secret? What Forbidden Art Do You Practice? What Taboo Dream Do You Draw On?
–Rob Breszny

“Language Exerts Hidden Power, Like The Moon On The Tides.”
–Rita Mae Brown

“So I Am Public Agent And Don’t Know Who I Work For, Get My Instructions From Street Signs, Newspapers And Pieces Of Conversation I Snap Out Of The Air The Way A Vulture Will Tear Entrails From Other Mouth.”
–William Burroughs

“All Things Appear And Disappear Because Of The Concurrence Of Causes And Conditions. Nothing Ever Exists Entirely Alone; Everything Is In Relation To Everything Else.”

“All Things, Oh Priests, Are On Fire…The Eye Is On Fire; Forms Are On Fire; Eye-Consciousness Is On Fire; Impressions Received By The Eye Are On Fire.”

“Believe Nothing, No Matter Where You Read It Or Who Has Said It, Not Even If I Have Said It, Unless It Agrees With Your Own Reason And Your Own Common Sense”

“Be Where You Are; Otherwise You Will Miss Your Life.”

“It Is Better To Spend One Day Contemplating The Birth And Death Of All Things Than A Hundred Years Never Contemplating Beginnings And Endings.

“Meditation Brings Wisdom; Lack Of Mediation Leaves Ignorance. Know Well What Leads You Forward And What Hold You Back, And Choose The Path That Leads To Wisdom.”

“There Is Only One Moment In Time When It Is Necessary To Awaken. That Moment Is Now.”

“To Keep The Body In Good Health Is A Duty… Otherwise We Shall Not Be Able To Keep Our Mind Strong And Clear.”

‎”Whatever Words We Utter Should Be Chosen With Care For People Will Hear Them And Be Influenced By Them For Good Or Ill.”

“All That Is Necessary For Evil To Triumph Is For Good Men To Do Nothing”
– Edmund Burke

“Reading About Nature Is Fine, But If A Person Walks In The Woods And Listens Carefully, He Can Learn More Than What Is In Books, For They Speak With The Voice Of God.”
– George Washington Carver

“A Hero Is Someone Who Has Given His Or Her Life To Something Bigger Than Oneself.”
–Joseph Campbell

“Find A Place Inside Where There’s Joy, And The Joy Will Burn Out The Pain. “
–Joseph Campbell

“If You Can See Your Path Laid Out In Front Of You Step By Step, You Know It’s Not Your Path. Your Own Path You Make With Every Step You Take. That’s Why It’s Your Path.”
— Joseph Campbell

“Our Demons Are Out Own Limitations, Which Shut Us Off From The Realization Of The Ubiquity Of The Spirit…Each Of These Demons Is Conquered In A Vision Quest.
–Joseph Campbell

“Participate Joyfully In The Sorrows Of The World. We Cannot Cure The World Of Sorrows, But We Can Choose To Live In Joy.”
– Joseph Campbell

“The Way To Find Out About Happiness Is To Keep Your Mind On Those Moments When You Feel Most Happy, When You Are Really Happy — Not Excited, Not Just Thrilled, But Deeply Happy. This Requires A Little Bit Of Self-Analysis. What Is It That Makes You Happy? Stay With It, No Matter What People Tell You. This Is What Is Called Following Your Bliss.”
–Joseph Campbell

“The Goal Of Life Is To Make Your Heartbeat Match The Beat Of The Universe, To Match Your Nature With Nature. “
–Joseph Campbell

“We Must Let Go Of The Life We Have Planned, So As To Accept The One That Is Waiting For Us.”
—Joseph Campbell

‎“We’re So Engaged In Doing Things To Achieve Purposes Of Outer Value That We Forget The Inner Value, The Rapture That Is Associated With Being Alive, Is What It Is All About.”
–Joseph Campbell

“What Each Must Seek In His Life Never Was On Land Or Sea. It Is Something Out Of His Own Unique Potentiality For Experience, Something That Never Has Been And Never Could Have Been Experienced By Anyone Else. “
– Joseph Campbell

“Your Sacred Space Is Where You Find Yourself Again And Again”
–Joseph Campbell

“All Great Deeds And All Great Thoughts Have A Ridiculous Beginning. Great Works Are Often Born On A Street Corner Or In A Restaurant’s Revolving Door.”
–Albert Camus

“A Loving Heart Is The Beginning Of All Knowledge.
—Thomas Carlyle

“The Vitalized Art Form Of Storytelling Will Determine What Lives And What Dies”
–Caroline Casey

“One Must Assume Responsibility For Being In A Weird World,” He Said. “We Are In A Weird World, You Know.”
I Nodded My Head Affirmatively.
“We’re Not Talking About The Same Thing,” He Said. “For You The World Is Weird Because If You’re Not Bored With It You’re At Odds With It. For Me The World Is Weird Because It Is Stupendous, Awesome, Mysterious, Unfathomable; My Interest Has Been To Convince You That You Must Assume Responsibility For Being Here, In This Marvelous World, In This Marvelous Desert, In This Marvelous Time. I Wanted To Convince You That You Must Learn To Make Every Act Count, Since You Are Going To Be Here For Only A Short While, In Fact, Too Short For Witnessing All The Marvels Of It.”
–Carlos Castaneda, Journey To Ixtlan

“Only As A Warrior Can One Withstand The Path Of Knowledge. A Warrior Cannot Complain Or Regret Anything. His Life Is An Endless Challenge, And Challenges Cannot Possibly Be Good Or Bad. Challenges Are Simply Challenges.”
–Carlos Casteneda

“The Basic Difference Between An Ordinary Man And A Warrior Is That A Warrior Takes Everything As A Challenge While An Ordinary Man Takes Everything As A Blessing Or A Curse.”
― Carlos Castaneda

“To Achieve The Mood Of A Warrior Is Not A Simple Matter. It Is A Revolution. To Regard The Lion And The Water Rats And Our Fellow Men As Equals Is A Magnificent Act Of A Warrior’s Spirit. It Takes Power To Do That.”
–Carlos Casteneda

“Twilight Is The Crack Between The Worlds”
-Carlos Casteneda

“When Nothing Is For Sure We Remain Alert, Perennially On Our Toes. It Is More Exciting Not To Know Which Bush The Rabbit
Is Hiding Behind Than To Behave As Though We Knew Everything.”
–Carlos Casteneda

“You Have Little Time Left, And None Of It For Crap. A Fine State. I Would Say That The Best Of Us Always Comes Out When We Are Against The Wall, When We Feel The Sword Dangling Overhead. Personally, I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way.”
― Carlos Castaneda, Tales Of Power

“I Would Maintain That Thanks Are The Highest Form Of Thought; And That Gratitude Is Happiness Doubled By Wonder. “
~G.K. Chesterton

“There Is A Road From The Eye To Heart That Does Not Go Through The Intellect.”
–GK Chesterton

“If We Know The Divine Art Of Concentration, If We Know The Divine Art Of Meditation, If We Know The Divine Art Of Contemplation, Easily And Consciously We Can Unite The Inner World And The Outer World.”
–Sri Chinmoy

“The Only Reason We Don’t Open Our Hearts And Minds To Other People Is That They Trigger Confusion In Us That We Don’t Feel Brave Enough Or Sane Enough To Deal With. To The Degree That We Look Clearly And Compassionately At Ourselves, We Feel Confident And Fearless About Looking Into Someone Else’s Eyes. “
— Pema Chödrön

“Either You Repeat The Same Conventional Doctrines Everybody Is Saying, Or Else You Say Something True, And It Will Sound Like It’s From Neptune.”
–Noam Chomsky

“The Voice Of The Sea Speaks To The Soul. The Touch Of The Sea Is Sensuous, Enfolding The Body In Its Soft, Close Embrace.”
-Kate Chopin – The Awakening

“I Have Enjoyed Greatly The Second Blooming… Suddenly You Find – At The Age Of 50, Say – That A Whole New Life Has Opened Before You.”
~ Agatha Christie

“Surrender Is Faith That The Power Of Love Can Accomplish Anything Even When You Cannot Forsee The Outcome.”
—- Deepak Chopra

“Was Your Day Easy, Was It Fun, Did You See Results.? If “Yes”, Then You Were Connected To Source.”
–Deepak Chopra

“A Room Without Books Is Like A Body Without A Soul.”

“A Warrior Never Gives In To Fear When He Is Searching For What He Needs. Without Love, He Is Nothing”
–Paulo Coelho

“But Love Is Always New. Regardless Of Whether We Love Once, Twice, Or A Dozen Times In Our Life, We Always Face A Brand-New Situation. Love Can Consign Us To Hell Or To Paradise, But It Always Takes Us Somewhere. We Simply Have To Accept It, Because It Is What Nourishes Our Existence. If We Reject It, We Die Of Hunger, Because We Lack The Courage To Stretch Out A Hand And Pluck The Fruit From The Branches Of The Tree Of Life. We Have To Take Love Where We Find It, Even If That Means Hours, Days, Weeks Of Disappointment And Sadness.
The Moment We Begin To Seek Love, Love Begins To Seek Us. And To Save Us.”
― Paulo Coelho

“I Can Choose Either To Be A Victim Of The World Or An Adventurer In Search Of Treasure. It’s All A Question Of How I View My Life.”
― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes

“It’s The Possibility Of Having A Dream Come True That Makes Life Interesting.”
― Paulo Coelho

“Listen To Your Heart. Because, Wherever Your Heart Is, That Is Where You’ll Find Your Treasure.”
Paulo Coelho

“When I Had Nothing To Lose, I Had Everything. When I Stopped Being Who I Am, I Found Myself.”
–Paulo Coelho

“Poetry Is Just The Evidence Of Life. If Your Life Is Burning Well, Poetry Is Just The Ass”
–Leonard Cohen

“The Beauty Of Empowering Others Is That Your Own Power Is Not Diminished In The Process.”
– Barbara Colorose

“We Are Not Human Beings On A Spiritual Journey. We Are Spiritual Beings On A Human Journey.”
–Stephen R Covey

“I Slept With Faith And Found A Corpse In My Arms Upon Awakening; I Drank And Danced All Night With Doubt And Found Her A Virgin In The Morning”
–Aleister Crowley

“Inevitably Anyone With An Independent Mind Must Become ‘One Who Resists Or Opposes Authority Or Established Conventions’: A Rebel. If Enough People Come To Agree With, And Follow, The Rebel, We Now Have A Devil. Until, Of Course, Still More People Agree. And Then, Finally, We Have — Greatness.”
― Aleister Crowley

“It Should Be Evident That Nuit Obtains The Satisfaction Of Her Nature When The Parts Of Her Body Fulfill Their Own Nature. The Sacrament Of Life Is Not Only So From The Point Of View Of The Celebrants, But From That Of The Divinity Invoked.”
–Aleister Crowley

“Paganism Is Wholesome Because It Faces The Facts Of Life….”
–Aleister Crowley

“The Essence Of Independence Has Been To Think And Act According To Standards From Within, Not Without.”
— Aleister Crowley

““The Joy Of Life Consists In The Exercise Of One’s Energies, Continual Growth, Constant Change, The Enjoyment Of Every New Experience. To Stop Means Simply To Die. The Eternal Mistake Of Mankind Is To Set Up An Attainable Ideal.”
–Aleister Crowley

“I Would Rather Learn From One Bird How To Sing Than To Teach 10,000 Stars How Not To Dance. “
-E. E. Cummings

“Listen: There’s A Hell Of A Good Universe Next Door; Let’s Go”
–E E Cummings

“Love And Compassion Are Necessities, Not Luxuries. Without Them Humanity Cannot Survive.”
— Dalai Lama

“This Is My Simple Religion. There Is No Need For Temples; No Need For Complicated Philosophy. Our Own Brain, Our Own Heart Is Our Temple; The Philosophy Is Kindness.”
–Dalai Lama

“Whether One Believes In A Religion Or Not, And Whether One Believes In Rebirth Or Not, There Isn’t Anyone Who Doesn’t Appreciate Kindness And Compassion. “
–Dalai Lama

“One Day It Will Have To Be Officially Admitted That What We Have Christened Reality Is An Even Greater Illusion Than The World Of Dreams.”
― Salvador Dalí

“For Once You Have Tasted Flight You Will Walk The Earth With Your Eyes Turned Skywards, For There You Have Been And There You Will Long To Return.”
–Leonardo Da Vinci

“Where The Spirit Does Not Work With The Hand There Is No Art”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

“A Memory Is What Is Left When Something Happens And Does Not Completely Unhappen.”
-Edward De Bono

“Don’t Forget – No One Else Sees The World The Way You Do, So No One Else Can Tell The Stories That You Have To Tell.”
― Charles De Lint

“Every Time We Fix Something That Broken, Whether It’s A Car Engine Or A Broken Heart, That An Act Of Magic. And What Makes It Magic Is That We Choose To Create Or Help, Just As We Can Choose To Harm.”
― Charles De Lint

“I Dont Want To Live In The Kind Of World Where We Dont Look Out For Each Other. Not Just The People That Are Close To Us, But Anybody Who Needs A Helping Hand. I Cant Chnage The Way Anybody Else Thinks, Or What They Choose To Do, But I Can Do My Bit.”
― Charles De Lint

“It’s All A Matter Of Paying Attention, Being Awake In The Present
Moment, And Not Expecting A Huge Payoff. The Magic In This World Seems
To Work In Whispers And Small Kindnesses.”
― Charles De Lint

“Let Me Give You Some Advice: Try To Approach Things Without Preconceived Ideas, Without Supposing You Already Know Everything There Is To Know About Them. Get That Trick Down And You’ll Be Surprised At What’s Really All Around You.”
― Charles De Lint

“Remember The Quiet Wonders. The World Has More Need Of Them Than It Has For Warriors.”
–Charles De Lint

“That’s The Thing With Magic. You’ve Got To Know It’s Still Here, All Around Us, Or It Just Stays Invisible For You.”
–Charles DeLint

“The Thing With Pretending You’re In A Good Mood Is That Sometimes You Can. “
–Charles DeLint

“When You’re Touched By Magic, Nothing’s Ever Quite The Same Again. What Really Makes Me Sad Is All Those People Who Never Have The Chance To Know That Touch. They’re Too Busy, Or They Just Don’t Hold With Make-Believe, So They Shut The Door Without Really Knowing It Was There To Be Opened In The First Place.”
– Charles De Lint

“Why Did Men Worship In Churches, Locking Themselves Away In The Dark, When The World Lay Beyond Its Doors In All Its Real Glory?”
–Charles De Lint

“Wondering’s Healthy. Broadens The Mind. Opens You Up To All Sorts Of Stray Thoughts And Possibilities.”
– Charles De Lint

“You Didn’t Make Art By Capturing An Image On Paper, Or Canvas, Or In Stone. You Didn’t Make It By Writing Down Stories And Poems. Music And Dance Came Closest To What Real Art Was–But Only So Long As You Didn’t Try To Record Or Film It. Musical Notation Was Only So Much Dead Ink On Paper. Choreography Was Planning, Not Art.
You Could Only Make Art By Setting It Free. Anything Else Was Just A Memory, No Matter How You Stored It”
–Charles de Lint

“I Am The Eagle, I Live In High Country
In Rocky Cathedrals That Reach To The Sky
I Am The Hawk And There’s Blood On My Feathers
But Time Is Still Turning They Soon Will Be Dry
And All Of Those Who See Me, All Who Believe In Me
Share In The Freedom I Feel When I Fly
Come Dance With The West Wind And Touch On The Mountain Tops
Sail Oer The Canyons And Up To The Stars
And Reach For The Heavens And Hope For The Future
And All That We Can Be And Not What We Are”
–John Denver “The Eagle And The Hawk”

“BE Lost On a painted sky
Where the clouds are hung For the poet’s eye
You may find him If you may find him
There On a distant shore By the wings of dreams
Through an open door You may know him If you may”
–Neil Diamond “Be”

“It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible.”
~ Walt Disney.

“Knowing’s Easy; Everyone Does That Ad Nauseam. I Just Sort Of Hope.”
–The Doctor; (Doctor Who-State Of Decay)

“Memories Span The Miles And In Seconds We Are There.”
–Jane Doh, Artist And Gyver

“It Is Not Light That We Need, But Fire; It Is Not The Gentle Shower, But Thunder. We Need The Storm, The Whirlwind, And The Earthquake.”
—–Frederick Douglas

“In This World You Must Be Oh So Smart Or So Pleasant. For Years I Was Smart, I Recommend Pleasant. You May Quote Me”
–Elwood P Dowd (“Harvey”)

“Well, I’ve Wrestled With Reality For 35 Years, Doctor, And I’m Happy To State I Finally Won Out Over It.”
–Elwood P. Dowd, Harvey

“Life Is Infinitely Stranger Than Anything The Mind Could Invent”
–Arthur Conan Doyle

“Being In Several, Disparate Bands Is What I Thrive On.”
–Trevor Dunn

“I Was So Much Older Then
I’m Younger Than That Now”
–Bob Dylan

“May You Build A Ladder To The Stars And Climb On Every Rung”
–Bob Dylan

“If You Change The Way You Look At Things The Things You Look At Change.”
–Dr. Wayne Dyer

“Transformation Literally Means Going Beyond Your Form. “
-Dr. Wayne Dyer

“To Survive, You Must Tell Stories.”
― Umberto Eco, The Island Of The Day Before

“He Who Can No Longer Pause To Wonder And Stand Rapt In Awe, Is As Good As Dead; His Eyes Are Closed.”
–Albert Einstein

“The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience Is The Mysterious. It Is The Source Of All True Art And All Science. He To Whom This Emotion Is A Stranger, Who Can No Longer Pause To Wonder And Stand Rapt In Awe, Is As Good As Dead: His Eyes Are Closed.”
–Albert Einstein

When I Examine Myself And My Methods Of Thought, I Come To The Conclusion That The Gift Of Fantasy Has Meant More To Me Than Any Talent For Abstract, Positive Thinking.”
–Albert Einstein

“Home Is Where One Starts From. “
–T. S. Eliot

“I Said To My Soul, Be Still And Wait Without Hope, For Hope Would Be Hope For The Wrong Thing; Wait Without Love, For Love Would Be Love Of The Wrong Thing; There Is Yet Faith, But The Faith And The Love Are All In The Waiting. Wait Without Thought, For You Are Not Ready For Thought: So The Darkness Shall Be The Light, And The Stillness The Dancing.”
― T.S. Eliot

“We Die To Each Other Daily.
What We Know Of Other People
Is Only Our Memory Of The Moments
During Which We Knew Them. And They Have Changed Since Then.
To Pretend That They And We Are The Same
Is A Useful And Convenient Social Convention
Which Must Sometimes Broken. We Must Also Remember
That At Every Meeting We Are Meeting A Stranger”
— T. S. Eliot

“If someone told me that I could live my life again free of depression provided I was willing to give up the gifts depression has given me–the depth of awareness, the expanded consciousness, the increased sensitivity, the awareness of limitation, the tenderness of love, the meaning of friendship, the apreciation of life, the joy of a passionate heart–I would say, ‘This is a Faustian bargain! Give me my depressions. Let the darkness descend. But do not take away the gifts that depression, with the help of some unseen hand, has dredged up from the deep ocean of my soul and strewn along the shores of my life. I can endure darkness if I must; but I cannot lie without these gifts. I cannot live without my soul.’ (p. 188)”
― David Elkins, Beyond Religion: A Personal Program for Building a Spiritual Life Outside the Walls of Traditional Religion

“All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was. I accepted their answers too, though they were often in contradiction and even self-contradictory. I was naïve. I was looking for myself and asking everyone except myself questions which I, and only I, could answer. It took me a long time and much painful boomeranging of my expectations to achieve a realization everyone else appears to have been born with: that I am nobody but myself.
~Ralph Ellison, “Battle Royal”

A Man’s Growth Is Seen In The Successive Choirs Of His Friends.
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Once You Make A Decision, The Universe Conspires To Make It Happen”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Are You Really Sure That A Floor Can’t Also Be A Ceiling?”
–M C Escher

“All Art Is Autobiographical. The Pearl Is The Oyster’s Autobiography.”
—Federico Fellini

“And If You Ever Hear Me Calling Out
And If You’ve Been By Paupers Crowned
Between The Worlds Of Men And
I Can Be Found.”
– Dan Fogelberg

“Anthems To Glory
And Anthems To Love
And Hymns Filled With Earthly Delight
Like The Songs That The Darkness Composes
To Worship The Light “
–Dan Fogleberg (Netherlands)

“The Trick Is To Combine Your Waking Rational Abilities
With The Infinite Possibilities Of Your Dreams. Because, If You Can
Do That, You Can Do Anything.”
–Guy Forsyth {Waking Life}}

“If This Is A Dream, The Whole World Is Inside It.”
–Sam Foster, Stay

““The Great Secret Of Succeeding In Conversation Is To Admire Little, To Hear Much; Always To Distrust Our Own Reason, And Sometimes That Of Our Friends; Never To Pretend To Wit, But To Make That Of Others Appear As Much As Possibly We Can; To Hearken”
–Benjamin Franklin

“When You’re Finished Changing, You’re Finished.”
–Benjamin Franklin

“In The World Through Which I Travel, I Am Endlessly Creating Myself.”
–Frantz Franon

“Who Is More Foolish, The Child Afraid Of The Dark Or The Man Afraid Of The Light? “
~Maurice Freehill

“The Longer You Look At An Object, The More Abstract It Becomes, And, Ironically, The More Real.”
–Lucian Freud

“Most People Do Not Really Want Freedom, Because Freedom Involves Responsibility, And Most People Are Frightened Of Responsibility. “
–Sigmund Freud

“Don’t Fight Forces, Use Them.”
– R Buckminster Fuller

“I’m Not A Genius. I’m Just A Tremendous Bundle Of Experience. “
—R Buckminster Fuller

“You Never Change Things By Fighting The Existing Reality.
To Change Something, Build A New Model That Makes The Existing Model Obsolete.”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller

“And All My Instincts, They Return
And The Grand Facade, So Soon Will Burn
Without A Noise, Without My Pride
I Reach Out From The Inside”
– Peter Gabriel

“To Keep In Silence I Resigned
My Friends Would Think I Was A Nut
Turning Water Into Wine
Open Doors Would Soon Be Shut
So I Went From Day To Day
Tho’ My Life Was In A Rut
“Till I Thought Of What I’d Say
Which Connection I Should Cut
I Was Feeling Part Of The Scenery
I Walked Right Out Of The Machinery
My Heart Going Boom Boom Boom
“Hey” He Said “Grab Your Things I’ve Come To Take You Home.”
——Peter Gabriel, Solsbury Hill

“Each Person Who Ever Was Or Is Or Will Be Has A Song. It Isn’t A Song That Anybody Else Wrote. It Has Its Own Melody, It Has Its Own Words. Very Few People Get To Sing Their Song. Most Of Us Fear That We Cannot Do It Justice With Our Voices, Or That Our Words Are Too Foolish Or Too Honest, Or Too Odd. So People Live Their Song Instead.”
— Neil Gaiman (Anansi Boys)

“Everybody Has A Secret World Inside Of Them. All Of The People Of The World, I Mean Everybody. No Matter How Dull And Boring They Are On The Outside, Inside Them They’ve All Got Unimaginable, Magnificent, Wonderful, Stupid, Amazing Worlds. Not Just One World. Hundreds Of Them. Thousands Maybe.”
–Neil Gaiman

“Trust Dreams. Trust Your Heart, And Trust Your Story.”
–Neil Gaiman

“When We Hold Each Other, In The Darkness, It Doesn’t Make The Darkness Go Away. The Bad Things Are Still Out There. The Nightmares Still Walking. When We Hold Each Other We Feel Not Safe, But Better. “It’s All Right” We Whisper, “I’m Here, I Love You.” And We Lie: “I’ll Never Leave You.” For Just A Moment Or Two The Darkness Doesn’t Seem So Bad.”
― Neil Gaiman

“You Shouldn’t Trust The Story-Teller; Only Trust The Story”
–Neil Gaiman

“In Prayer It Is Better To Have A Heart Without Words Than Words Without A Heart.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

“Man Often Becomes What He Believes Himself To Be. If I Keep On Saying To Myself That I Cannot Do A Certain Thing, It Is Possible That I May End By Really Becoming Incapable Of Doing It. On The Contrary, If I Have The Belief That I Can Do It, I Shall Surely Acquire The Capacity To Do It Even If I May Not Have It At The Beginning.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

“My Life Is My Message”
–Mohandas Gandhi

“When I Admire The Wonder Of A Sunset Or The Beauty Of The Moon, My Soul Expands In Worship Of The Creator”
–Mahatma Gandhi

“When Restraint And Courtesy Are Added To Strength, The Latter Becomes Irresistible. “
–Mohatma Gandhi

“I Think That There Is Only One Church, And Your Membership In It Is Your Belly Button.”
–Stephen Gaskin

“Love Is An Active Verb. It’s Not An Abstraction Or A Conceptual Idea. You Have To Perform An Action To Show That It’s Really Real.
Enlightenment Is Not So Much Making It To Never-Never Land Through The Secret Passageway. It’s More Like Getting Off Your Tail And Doing Something…”
–Stephen Gaskin

“‘Q: What Can Each One Of Us Do To Help Alleviate The Suffering Of The World?‘
‘That’s A Good Question. The First Thing Is That You Be Aware Of It And Recognize It Unsentimentally… That You Just Be Aware Of What It’s Really Like. Then The Next Thing You Do Is That You Don’t Get Bummed By It, Because That Makes You Contribute To It.’
‘What You Do Is That You Take Care Of The First Thing At Hand, Which Is Right Between Your Ears. Fix Your Head….’
‘Q: How Do You Fix Your Head?‘
‘You Have To Tell The Truth All The Time Even In Uncomfortable Situations, Even If There’s Great Social Difficulty.’
‘What That Does Is That It Keeps You From Having [Things] Subconscious; And If You Don’t Have Subconscious You Should Be Smart Enough To Figure Everything Else Out Yourself. If You Don’t Have Subconscious The Clear Light Of God Can Shine Through You. Your Own Subconscious Is The Filter That Keeps That Out.’
–Stephen Gaskin

“What you put your attention on prospers”
–Stephen Gaskin

“When A Baby Is Born It’s God’s Opinion That There’s Room For One More Avatar In The World”
–Stephen Gaskin

“All Our Words Are But Crumbs That Fall Down From The Feast Of The Mind.”
—Khalil Gibran

“Art Is A Step From What Is Obvious And Well-Known Toward What Is Arcane And Concealed. “
–Kahlil Gibran

“Beauty Is Eternity Gazing At Itself In A Mirror.”
–Khalil Gibran

“But Let There Be Spaces In Your Togetherness And Let The Winds Of The Heavens Dance Between You. Love One Another But Make Not A Bond Of Love: Let It Rather Be A Moving Sea Between The Shores Of Your Souls.”
– Kahlil Gibran

“Friendship Is One Of The Most Important Things In Life. True Friends Increase Your Joys And Celebrate Your Successes. They Are There To Nourish Your Soul And Bring Harmony To Your Life. When You Face Difficulties, They Provide You With Support And Comfort To Press On. True Friends Are Aware Of And Accept Your Many Failings. But When It Is Required They Are Also Your Harshest Critic. They Are Unafraid To Say The Things That You Need To Hear Because They Care. “
–Kahlil Gibran

“I Love You My Brother Whoever You Are Whether You Worship In Your Church, Kneel In Your Temple, Or Pray In Your Mosque.You And I Are All Children Of One Faith, For The Diverse Paths Of Religion Are Fingers Of The Loving Hand Of One Supreme Being, A Hand Extended To All, Offering Completeness Of Spirit To All, Eager To Receive All.”
–Kahlil Gibran

“I Love You When You Bow In Your Mosque, Kneel In Your Temple, Pray In Your Church. For You And I Are Sons Of One Religion, And It Is The Spirit.”
–Kahlil Gibran

In Every Winter’s Heart
Lies A Quivering Spring,
And Behind The Veil Of Each Night
Waits A Smiling Dawn.
–Kahlil Gibran

‎”In Your Waking Dreams When You Are Hushed And Listening To Your Deepest Self, Your Thoughts, Like Snowflakes, Fall And Flutter And Garment All The Sounds Of Your Spaces With White Silence”
– Kahlil Gibran, Garden Of The Prophet

“I Prefer To Be A Dreamer Among The Humblest, With Visions To Be Realized, Than Lord Among Those Without Dreams And Desires. “
–Kahlil Gibran

“Love… It Surrounds Every Being And Extends Slowly To Embrace All That Shall Be.”
–Khalil Gibran

“One May Not Reach The Dawn Save By The Path Of The Night.”
–Kahlil Gibran

“Perplexity Is The Beginning Of Knowledge.”
–Kahlil Gibran

Progress Lies Not In Enhancing What Is, But In Advancing Toward What Will Be.”
– Kahlil Gibran

“She danced the dance of flames and fire,
and the dance of swords and spears;
she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space,
and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind”
–Kahlil Gibran

“Safeguarding The Rights Of Others Is The Most Noble And Beautiful End Of A Human Being.”
~Kahlil Gibran.

“The Reality Of The Other Person Lies Not In What He Reveals To You, But What He Cannot Reveal To You.
Therefore, If You Would Understand Him, Listen Not To What He Says, But Rather To What He Does Not Say.”
–Kahlil Gibran

“Those Who Give You A Serpent When You Ask For A Fish, May Have Nothing But Serpents To Give. It Is Then Generosity On Their Part.”
–Kahlil Gibran

“Your Daily Life Is Your Temple And Your Religion. When You Enter Into It Take With You Your All.”
–Kahlil Gibran

“Your Pain Is The Breaking Of The Shell That Encloses Your Understanding… And Could You Keep Your Heart In Wonder At The Daily Miracles Of Your Life, Your Pain Would Not Seem Less Wondrous Than Your Joy”
― Khalil Gibran

“Believe Those Who Are Seeking The Truth; Doubt Those Who Find It.”
–Andre Gide

“Thinking Is More Interesting Than Knowing, But Less Interesting Than Looking”
–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“Whatever You Do, Or Dream You Can, Begin It. Boldness Has Genius And Power And Magic In It.
–Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

“A Desert Is A Place Without Expectation. “
–Nadine Gordimer

Art Can Transform The Way We See Ourselves And The World.
Sacred Art Has Always Depended On This Possibility.
Theosis Means Coming Closer To God By Contemplation Of Icons.
New Ways Of Seeing Lead To New Ways Of Being.
When Your Being Is Transformed,
The World According To You Transforms.
–Alex Grey

‎”I Acknowledge The Privilege Of Being Alive
In A Human Body At This Moment,
Endowed With Senses, Memories, Emotions, Thoughts,
And The Space Of Mind In Its Wisdom Aspect.
It Is The Prayer Of My Innermost Being
To Realize My Supreme Identity
In The Liberated Play Of Consciousness,
The Vast Expanse.
Now Is The Moment,
Here Is The Place Of Liberation.”
–Alex Grey From The Vast Expanse

People Live For The Dream In Their Hearts. And I Have Yet To Know Anyone Who Has Not Some Secret Dream, Some Hope, However Dim, Some Storied Wall To Look At In The Some Painted Window Leading To The Soul.
–Zane Grey

“Volcanoes Are One Way Earth Gives Birth To Itself.”
—Robert Gross

“Without Self Knowledge, Without Understanding The Working And Functions Of His Machine, Man Cannot Be Free, He Cannot Govern Himself And He Will Always Remain A Slave. “
–G. I. Gurdjieff

“Mysteries, Like The Masonic Rites, Are Ones Parents And Elders Are Sworn Not To Reveal To The Uninitiated, Which Include All Children. And So We Sought For Signs.”
–Anthony Hect

“Don’t Ever Become A Pessimist… A Pessimist Is Correct Oftener Than An Optimist, But An Optimist Has More Fun, And Neither Can Stop The March Of Events.”
–Robert Heinlein

“There Is Nothing To Writing. All You Do Is Sit Down At A Typewriter And Bleed.”
– Ernest Hemingway

“It Is Not Our Purpose To Become Each Other; It Is To Recognize Each Other, To Learn To See The Other And Honor Him For What He Is.”
–Hermann Hesse

“Our Mind Is Capable Of Passing Beyond The Dividing Line We Have Drawn For It. Beyond The Pairs Of Opposites Of Which The World Consists, Other, New Insights Begin.”
–Hermann Hesse

“One Never Reaches Home, But Wherever Friendly Paths Intersect The Whole World Looks Like Home For A Time.”
–Hermann Hesse

“The World Is Not Imperfect Or Slowly Evolving Along A Path To Perfection. No, It Is Perfect At Every Moment, Every Sin Already Carries Grace In It.
–Herman Hesse

“To Hold Our Tongues When Everyone Is Gossiping, To Smile Without Hostility At People And Institutions, To Compensate For The Shortage Of Love In The World With More Love In Small, Private Matters; To Be More Faithful In Our Work, To Show Greater Patience, To Forgo The Cheap Revenge Obtainable From Mockery And Criticism: All These Are Things We Can Do. ”
― Hermann Hesse

“When Someone Is Seeking … It Happens Quite Easily That He Only Sees The Thing That He Is Seeking; That He Is Unable To Find Anything, Unable To Absorb Anything … Because He Is Obsessed With His Goal. Seeking Means: To Have A Goal; But Finding Means: To Be Free, To Be Receptive, To Have No Goal”
–Hermann Hesse

“In Life, Many Thoughts Are Born In The Course Of A Moment, An Hour, A Day. Some Are Dreams, Some Visions. Often, We Are Unable To Distinguish Between Them. To Some, They Are The Same; However, Not All Dreams Are Visions. Much Energy Is Lost In Fanciful Dreams That Never Bear Fruit. But Visions Are Messages From The Great Spirit, Each For A Different Purpose In Life. Consequently, One Person’s Vision May Not Be That Of Another. To Have A Vision, One Must Be Prepared To Receive It, And When It Comes, To Accept It. Thus When These Inner Urges Become Reality, Only Then Can Visions Be Fulfilled. The Spiritual Side Of Life Knows Everyone’s Heart And Who To Trust. How Could A Vision Ever Be Given To Someone To Harbor If That Person Could Not Be Trusted To Carry It Out. The Message Is Simple: Commitment Precedes Vision.”
–High Eagle

“I Must Not Fear. Fear Is The Mind-Killer. Fear Is The Little Death That Brings Total Obliteration. I Will Face My Fear. I Will Permit It To Pass Over Me And Through Me. And When It Has Gone Past I Will Turn The Inner Eye To See Its Path. Where The Fear Has Gone There Will Be Nothing. Only I Will Remain.
–Frank Herbert, Bene Gesserit litany against fear

“First You Need Only Look: Notice And Honor The Radiance Of Everything About You… Play In This Universe. Tend All These Shining Things Around You: The Smallest Plant, The Creatures And Objects In Your Care. Be Gentle And Nurture. Listen…”
–Anne Hillman

“In The End, We Self-Perceiving, Self-Inventing, Locked-In Mirages Are Little Miracles Of Self-Reference.”
–Douglas Hofstadter

“Since I Am Convinced
That Reality Is In No Way
How Am I To Admit
That Dreams Are Dreams?”
–Saigyo Hoshi

“Whenever I Take Up A Newspaper, I Seem To See Ghosts Gliding Between The Lines. There Must Be Ghosts All The Country Over, As Thick As The Sand Of The Sea…. We Are, One And All, So Pitifully Afraid Of The Light.”
–Henrick Ibsen

“Love Is The Only Bow Of Life’s Dark Cloud. It Is The Morning And Evening Star. It Shines Upon The Cradle Of The Babe, And Sheds Its Radiance Upon The Quiet Tomb. It Is The Mother Of Art, Inspirer Of Poet, Patriot, And Philosopher. It Is The Air And Light Of Every Heart, Builder Of Every Home, Kinder Of Every Fire On Every Hearth, It Was The First Dream Of Immortality. It Fills The World With Melody. Love Is The Magician, The Enchanter, That Changes Worthless Things To Joy, And Makes Right Royal Kings Of Common Clay.”
–Robert Green Ingersoll

“If My Mind Can Conceive It, And My Heart Can Believe It, I Know I Can Achieve It.”
–Jesse Jackson

“Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact”
~ William James

“This Moment. Without Any Story. The Storyless Now. What Is Your Direct Experience Of This Moment When You Drop ALL Stories? Life Without The Commentator In The Head. Pure Being Resting In Complete (Complete Meaning Whole, Lacking Nothing) Silence.”
—-Michael Jeffreys

“You May Never Understand
How The Stranger Is Inspired
But He Isn’t Always Evil
And He Is Not Always Wrong”
–Billy Joel, The Stranger

“A Man Of Genius Makes No Mistakes; His Errors Are Volitional And Are The Portals Of Discovery.”
– James Joyce

“All The Works Of Man Have Their Origin In Creative Fantasy. What Right Have We Then To Depreciate Imagination.”
– Carl Jung

“As Far As We Can Discern, The Sole Purpose Of Human Existence Is To Kindle A Light In The Darkness Of Mere Being.”
—Carl Jung

“To Be Normal Is The Ideal Aim Of The Unsuccessful.”
–Carl G. Jung

“To Confront A Person With His Shadow Is To Show Him His Own Light. Once One Has Experienced A Few Times What It Is Like To Stand Judgingly Between The Opposites, One Begins To Understand What Is Meant By The Self. Anyone Who Perceives His Shadow And His Light Simultaneously Sees Himself From Two Sides And Thus Gets In The Middle.”
– Carl Jung

‎”There Is No Coming To Consciousness Without Pain. People Will Do Anything, No Matter How Absurd, In Order To Avoid Facing Their Own Soul. One Does Not Become Enlightened By Imagining Figures Of Light, But By Making The Darkness Conscious.”
– Carl Jung.

“Unfortunately There Can Be No Doubt That Man Is, On The Whole, Less Good Than He Imagines Himself Or Wants To Be. Everyone Carries A Shadow, And The Less It Is Embodied In The Individual’s Conscious Life, The Blacker And Denser It Is.If An Inferiority Is Conscious, One Always Has A Chance To Correct It. Furthermore, It Is Constantly In Contact With Other Interests, So That It Is Continually Subjected To Modifications. But If It Is Repressed And Isolated From Consciousness, It Never Gets Corrected.”
–Carl Jung

“We Are Born At A Given Moment, In A Given Place And, Like Vintage Years Of Wine, We Have The Qualities Of The Year And Of The Season Of Which We Are Born. Astrology Does Not Lay Claim To Anything More”
— Carl Jung

“We Must Be Able To Let Things Happen In The Psyche. For Us, This Becomes A Real Art… Consciousness Is Forever Interfering, Helping, Correcting, And Negating, Never Leaving The Single Growth Of The Psychic Processes In Peace. “
–Carl Jung

“What Is Essential In A Work Of Art Is That It Should Rise Far Above The Realm Of Personal Life And Speak To The Spirit And Heart Of The Poet As Man To The Spirit And Heart Of Mankind”
–Carl Jung

“Who Looks Outside, Dreams; Who Looks Inside, Awakes.”
– Carl Jung

“Anyone Who Cannot Come To Terms With His Life While He Is Alive Needs One Hand To Ward Off A Little His Despair Over His Fate… But With His Other Hand He Can Note Down What He Sees Among The Ruins.”
–Franz Kafka

“And If I Claim To Be A Wise Man
It Surely Means That I Don’t Know”

“No Pessimist Ever Discovered The Secret Of The Stars, Or Sailed To An Uncharted Land, Or Opened A New Doorway For The Human Spirit.
–Helen Keller

“History Will Have To Record That The Greatest Tragedy Of This Period Of Social Transition Was Not The Strident Clamor Of The Bad People, But The Appalling Silence Of The Good People.”
–Martin Luther King Jr.

“Jaya Jagatambe Seetaa Raadhe, Gauri Durge Namoh Namah
Paalana Karani Bhava Bhaya Harani, Kaali Durge Namoh Namah
Victory! Hail To The Mother Of The World!
Called Sita, Radha, Gauri And Durga
I Bow To You Again And Again.
She Who Lifts Me Up And Saves Me From The Fear Of This World,
Kali Durga, I Bow To You Again And Again.”
–lyrics to Krishna Das ‘s Kali Durge Mantra

“A Circle Is The Reflection Of Eternity. It Has No Beginning And It Has No End – And If You Put Several Circles Over Each Other, Then You Get A Spiral.”
–Maynard James Keenan

“A Nation That Is Afraid To Let Its People Judge The Truth And Falsehood In An Open Market Is A Nation That Is Afraid Of Its People.”
–John F. Kennedy

“All Human Beings Are Also Dream Beings. Dreaming Ties All Mankind Together.”
–Jack Kerouac

“I Like Too Many Things And Get All Confused And Hung-Up Running From One Falling Star To Another Till I Drop. This Is The Night, What It Does To You. I Had Nothing To Offer Anybody Except My Own Confusion.”
–Jack Kerouac

Our Battered Suitcases Were Piled On The Sidewalk Again; We Had Longer Ways To Go. But No Matter, The Road Is Life.”
– Jack Kerouac

“The Only People For Me Are The Mad Ones, The Ones Who Are Mad To Live, Mad To Talk, Mad To Be Saved, Desirous Of Everything At The Same Time, The Ones Who Never Yawn Or Say A Commonplace Thing, But Burn, Burn, Burn, Like Fabulous Yellow Roman Candles Exploding Like Spiders Across The Stars And In The Middle You See The Blue Centerlight Pop And Everybody Goes Awww!”
–Jack Kerouac “On the Road”

““There Was Nowhere To Go But Everywhere, So Just Keep On Rolling Under The Stars.”
― Jack Kerouac, On The Road: The Original Scroll

“An Individual Has Not Started Living Until He Can Rise Above The Narrow Confines Of His Individualistic Concerns To The Broader Concerns Of All Humanity.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

“All Labor That Uplifts Humanity Has Dignity And Importance And Should Be Undertaken With Painstaking Excellence.”
–Martin Luther King Jr.

“If Words Are Not Things, Or Maps Are Not The Actual Territory, Then, Obviously, The Only Possible Link Between The Objective World And The Linguistic World Is Found In Structure, And Structure Alone.”
–Alfred Korzybski

“Let Us Repeat The Two Crucial Negative Premises As Established Firmly By All Human Experience: (1) Words Are Not The Things We Are Speaking About; And (2) There Is No Such Thing As An Object In Absolute Isolation.”
–Alfred Korzybski

“Dr. Mark Powell: How Do You Know Right From Wrong?
Prot: Every Being In The Universe Knows Right From Wrong, Mark. “
–From K-Pax

“Only When The Writer Is Willing To Be Transformed In The Writing, Will The Audience Be Capable Of Transformation. “
–Varja Krishna

“So When You Are Listening To Somebody, Completely, Attentively, Then You Are Listening Not Only To The Words, But Also To The Feeling Of What Is Being Conveyed, To The Whole Of It, Not Part Of It.”
–Jiddu Krishnamurti

“For There Is Nothing Heavier Than Compassion. Not Even One’s Own Pain Weighs So Heavy As The Pain One Feels With Someone, For Someone, A Pain Intensified By The Imagination And Prolonged By A Hundred Echoes.”
― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

“A Signal Is Comprehended If It Serves To Make Us Notice The Object Or Situation It Bespeaks. A Symbol Is Understood When We Conceive The Idea It Presents. “
–Susanne Langer

“Darkness Within Darkness. The Gateway To All Understanding.”
–Lao Tsu

From Wonder Into Wonder Existence Opens.
Lao Tzu

“He Who Knows Others Is Learned, He Who Knows Himself Is Wise. “
– Lao Tzu

“If You Look To Others For Fulfillment, You Will Never Be Truly Fulfilled.”
–Lao Tsu

“Nothing In The World Is More Flexible And Yielding Than Water. Yet When It Attacks The Firm And The Strong, None Can Withstand It, Because They Have No Way To Change It. So The Flexible Overcome The Adamant, The Yielding Overcome The Forceful. Everyone Knows This, But No One Can Do It.”
–Lao Tzu

“The Key To Growth Is The Introduction Of Higher Dimensions Of Consciousness Into Our Awareness. “
–Lao Tzu

“I Do Not At All Understand The Mystery Of Grace – Only That It Meets Us Where We Are But Does Not Leave Us Where It Found Us.”
–Anne Lamott

“I Never Saw A Wild Thing Sorry For Itself.”
–D. H. Lawrence

“If You Don’t Like What You’re Doing, You Can Always Pick Up Your Needle And Move To Another Groove.”
–Timothy Leary

“The Universe Is An Intelligence Test”
–Timothy Leary

“You’re Only As Young As The Last Time You Changed Your Mind”
–Timothy Leary

”A Good Teacher Protects His Pupils From His Own Influence.”
– Bruce Lee

“Be Like Water Making Its Way Through Cracks. Do Not Be Assertive, But Adjust To The Object, And You Shall Find A Way Round Or Through It. If Nothing Within You Stays Rigid, Outward Things Will Disclose Themselves.
Empty Your Mind, Be Formless. Shapeless, Like Water. If You Put Water Into A Cup, It Becomes The Cup. You Put Water Into A Bottle And It Becomes The Bottle. You Put It In A Teapot It Becomes The Teapot. Now, Water Can Flow Or It Can Crash. Be Water My Friend.”
–Bruce Lee

“Empty Your Mind, Be Formless, Shapeless – Like Water. Now You Put Water Into A Cup, It Becomes The Cup, You Put Water Into A Bottle, It Becomes The Bottle, You Put It In A Teapot, It Becomes The Teapot. Now Water Can Flow Or It Can Crash. Be Water, My Friend.”
–Bruce Lee

“Man, The Living Creature, The Creating Individual, Is Always More Important Than Any Established Style Or System.”
–Bruce Lee

“Mistakes Are Always Forgivable, If One Has The Courage To Admit Them.”
– Bruce Lee

‎”The Doubters Said,
“Man Can Not Fly,”
The Doers Said,
“Maybe, But We’ll Try,”
And Finally Soared
In The Morning Glow
While Non-Believers
Watched From Below.”
–Bruce Lee

“It Is Good To Have An End To Journey Towards, But It Is The Journey That Matters, In The End.”
–Ursula Le Guin

“The Important Thing Is Not The Finding, It Is The Seeking, It Is The Devotion With Which One Spins The Wheel Of Prayer And Scripture, Discovering The Truth Little By Little. If This Machine Gave You The Truth Immediately, You Would Not Recognize It,”
Ursula K. LeGuin

“The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.”
— Ursula K Le Guin

“All We Are Saying, Is ‘Give Peace A Chance’”
–John Lennon

“Be Thou The Rainbow In The Storms Of Life. The Evening Beam That Smiles The Clouds Away, And Tints Tomorrow With Prophetic Ray. “
–Lord Byron

“The Angels Were All Singing Out Of Tune,
And Hoarse With Having Little Else To Do,
Excepting To Wind Up The Sun And Moon
Or Curb A Runaway Young Star Or Two.”
– Lord Byron

“It Is Singular How Soon We Lose The Impression Of What Ceases To Be Constantly Before Us. A Year Impairs, A Luster Obliterates. There Is Little Distinct Left Without An Effort Of Memory, Then Indeed The Lights Are Rekindled For A Moment – But Who Can Be Sure That The Imagination Is Not The Torch-Bearer?
—Lord Byron

“Men Of Broader Intellect Know That There Is No Sharp Distinction Betwixt The Real And The Unreal…”
— Howard Phillips Lovecraft

“Rest Is Not Idleness, And To Lie Sometimes On The Grass Under The Trees On A Summer’s Day, Listening To The Murmur Of Water, Or Watching The Clouds Float Across The Sky, Is By No Means A Waste Of Time”
–John Lubbock

“Ideas Are Like Fish. If You Want To Catch Little Fish, You Can Stay In The Shallow Water. But If You Want To Catch The Big Fish, You’ve Got To Go Deeper. Down Deep, The Fish Are More Powerful And More Pure. They’re Huge And They’re Abstract. And They’re Beautiful.”
– David Lynch (Talking About Meditation And Consciousness)

“When You Smoke The Herb, It Reveals You To Yourself.”
― Bob Marley

“Come Live With Me And Be My Love, And We Will All The Pleasures Prove, That Valleys, Groves, Hills, And Fields, Woods, Or Steepy Mountain Yields.”
—Christopher Marlowe

“The Mind, That Ocean Where Each Kind / Does Straight Its Own Resemblance Find; / Yet It Creates, Transcending These, / Far Other Worlds, And Other Seas, / Annihilating All That’s Made / To A Green Thought In A Green Shade.”
—Andrew Marvell

“I, Not Events, Have The Power To Make Me Happy Or Unhappy Today. I Can Choose Which It Shall Be. Yesterday Is Dead, Tomorrow Hasn’t Arrived Yet. I Have Just One Day, Today, And I’m Going To Be Happy In It.”
—Groucho Marx

“I Like Happiness As Much As The Next Guy, But It’s Not Happiness That Sends One In Search Of Truth. It’s Rabid, Feverish, Clawing Madness To Stop Being A Lie, Regardless Of Price, Come Heaven Or Hell. This Isn’t About Higher Consciousness Or Self-Discovery Or Heaven On Earth. This Is About Blood-Caked Swords And Buddha’s Rotting Head And Self-Immolation, And Anyone Who Says Otherwise Is Selling Something They Don’t Have.” – Jed McKenna, Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing,

“I Want What’s Best And I Trust The Universe, Not My Little Brain, To Be The Judge Of What’s Best And How Best To Make It Happen.”
–Jed McKenna

“Relax Into The Moment And Let The Universe Do The Driving. If There Was A Secret To Happiness In Life, I’d Say That Was It.”
–Jed McKenna

“The Teachers We Need Will Always Be There When We Need Them; No Reason To Track Down Somebody Else’s.”
–Jed McKenna

“The Universe Isn’t Vague And Ignorant. I Am Vague And Ignorant. Something Is True, And It Doesn’t Matter What It Is, I’m Not Going To Be False Any More. I Have Not Even The Slightest Trace Of The Slightest Reservation That I Would Rather Suffer And Die Figuring Out What Is True Than Continue This Life As A Slave To Lies And Ignorance.”
–Jed McKenna

“You Can’t Manage To Avoid Your Own True Nature Forever. It’s A Wonder Anybody Manages It At All.”
– Jed McKenna

“We Are So Much The Victims Of Abstraction That With The Earth In Flames We Can Barely Rouse Ourselves To Wander Across The Room And Look At The Thermostat.”
–Terence McKenna

“One’s Destination Is Never A Place, But A New Way Of Seeing Things.”
– Henry Miller

“So Be Gentle With Yourself; Show Yourself The Same Kindness And Patience You Might Show A Young Child – The Child You Once Were. If You Won’t Be Your Own Friend, Who Will Be? If, When Playing An Opponent, You Are Also Opposing Yourself, You Will Be Outnumbered.”
–Dan Millman

“There’s Never Nothing Going On… There Are No Ordinary Moments”
— Dan Millman

The First Step To Change,… Is Accepting Your Reality Right Now. Honoring Your Process. Compassionate Self-Awareness Leads To Change; Harsh Self-Criticism Only Holds The Pattern In Place, Creating A Stubborn And Defensive Basic Self. Be Gentle With Yourself As You Would With A Child. Be Gentle But Firm. Give Yourself The Space To Grow. But Remember That The Timing Is In God’s Hands, Not Yours.”
–Dan Millman

“‎”When We Feel Stuck, Going Nowhere–Even Starting To Slip Backward–We May Actually Be Backing Up To Get A Running Start.”
– Dan Millman

“A Thousand Fantasies Begin To Throng Into My Memory, Of Calling Shapes, And Beckoning Shadows Dire, And Airy Tongues That Syllable Men’s Names On Sands And Shores And Desert Wildernesses”
–John Milton

“Millions Of Spiritual Creatures Walk The Earth
Unseen, Both When We Wake And When We Sleep.”
~John Milton

“Artists Use Lies To Tell The Truth. Yes, I Created A Lie. But Because You Believed It, You Found Something True About Yourself.”
– Alan Moore

“In Order To Be Able To Make It, You Have To Put Aside The Fear Of Failing And The Desire Of Succeeding. You Have To Do These Things Completely And Purely Without Fear, Without Desire. Because Things That We Do Without Lust Of Result Are The Purest Actions We Shall Ever Take.”
–Alan Moore

“You’re In A Prison, Evey. You Were Born In A Prison. You’ve Been In A Prison So Long, You No Longer Believe There’s A World Outside.”
– V (Alan Moore)

“The First Step Towards Getting Somewhere Is To Decide That You Are Not Going To Stay Where You Are.”
–John Pierpont Morgan

‎“Sometimes You Wonder, In An Interconnected Universe, Who’s Dreaming Who?”
–Grant Morrison

“We Exist As Living Fractals
Patterns Expressed In Reality
Spiralling Out On Every Level
Look Within And Discover Without
Look Without And Discover Within”
—-Ian Mous

“When We Try To Pick Out Anything By Itself, We Find It Hitched To Everything Else In The Universe”
— John Muir

“Do Nothing That Is Of No Use”
― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book Of Five Rings

“It Is Difficult To Understand The Universe If You Only Study One Planet”
― Miyamoto Musashi, Book Of Five Rings: The Classic Guide To Strategy

“It May Seem Difficult At First, But Everything Is Difficult At First.”
–Miyamoto Musashi

“You Should Not Have Any Special Fondness For A Particular Weapon, Or Anything Else, For That Matter. Too Much Is The Same As Not Enough. Without Imitating Anyone Else, You Should Have As Much Weaponry As Suits You.”
― Miyamoto Musashi, The Book Of Five Rings

“Don’t Ask Directions From Someone Who Knows Them; It Will Prevent You From Wandering”
–Rabbi Nachman, 1772-1810

“He Who, Having Lost One Ideal, Refuses To Give His Heart And Soul To Another And Nobler, Is Like A Man Who Declines To Build A House On Rock Because The Wind And Rain Ruined His House On The Sand.”
— Constance Naden

“Nothing, Not Even A Utopia, Can Necessarily Make The Pursuit Of Happiness A Successful One That Ends In Capture. The Best Society Can Merely Allow Every Individual To Flourish In The Pursuit.”
–Daniel Nettle, Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile

“‎”Convictions Are More Dangerous Foes Of Truth Than Lies.”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

“The Hour When You Say, ‘What Matters My Reason? Does It Crave Knowledge As The Lion His Food? It Is Poverty And Filth And Wretched Contentment.’
The Hour When You Say, ‘What Matters My Virtue? As Yet It Has Not Made Me Rage. How Weary I Am Of My Good And My Evil! All That Is Poverty And Filth And Wretched Contentment.’
“Man Is A Rope, Tied Between Beast And Overman–A Rope Over An Abyss…
What Is Great In Man Is That He Is A Bridge And Not An End: What Can Be Loved In Man Is That He Is Anoverture And A Going Under…
–Fredrich Nietzsche

“The Man Who Fights Too Long Against Dragons Becomes A Dragon Himself”
–Friedrich Nietsche

Life Is A Process Of Becoming, A Combination Of States We Have To Go Through. Where People Fail Is That They Wish To Elect A State And Remain In It. This Is A Kind Of Death.
–Anais Nin

“Surely The Job Of Fiction Is To Actually Tell The Truth. It’s A Paradox That’s At The Heart Of Any Kind Of Storytelling.”
–Jeremy Northam

“Consciousness Is The Place Of Worship. Consciousness Is The Sacred Text. Consciousness Is The Way. Consciousness Is The Place Of Sacrifice. Consciousness Is The Fire. Consciousness Is The Place Of Ritual Union. Consciousness Is The Place Of Samadhi. Consciousness Is The Awakening. Consciousness Is The Dwelling Place Of The Gods. Consciousness Is Time. Consciousness Is Space. Consciousness Is The Jar, The Vessel Out Of Which Flows The Divine.”
– Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

“Everybody Wants To Let Go, But How Do You Let Go If You Don’t Hold Things, If You Don’t Touch Things In Full Consciousness, With A Totally Open Heart?
–Daniel Odier, Tantric Quest

“One Of The Tasks Of True Friendship Is To Listen Compassionately And Creatively To The Hidden Silences. Often Secrets Are Not Revealed In Words, They Lie Concealed In The Silence Between The Words Or In The Depth Of What Is Unsayable Between Two People.”
― John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom

“Real Friendship Or Love Is Not Manufactured Or Achieved By An Act Of Will Or Intention. Friendship Is Always An Act Of Recognition.”
― John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book Of Celtic Wisdom

” A Man Who Lives Through Conscience Becomes Hard. A Man Who Lives Through Consciousness Remains Soft. Why?–Because A Man Who Has Some Ideas About How To Live, Naturally Becomes Hard. He Has Continuously To Carry His Character Around Himself. That Character Is Like An Armor; His Protection, His Security; His Whole Life Is Invested In That Character. And He Always Reacts To Situations Through The Character, Not Directly. If You Ask Him A Question, His Answer Is Ready-Made. That Is The Sign Of A Hard Person–He Is Dull, Stupid, Mechanical. He May Be A Good Computer, But He Is Not A Man. You Do Something And He Reacts In A Well- Established Way. His Reaction Is Predictable; He Is A Robot. The Real Man Acts Spontaneously. If You Ask Him A Question, Your Question Gets A Response, Not A Reaction. He Opens His Heart To Your Question, Exposes Himself To Your Question, Responds To It…. “

“The Disciple Is Not Hankering For Knowledge; He Wants To See, Not To Know. He Wants To Be. He Is No Longer Interested In Having More Knowledge; He Wants To Have More Being.”

‎”There Is A Difference. You Watch Television, You Don’t Witness It. But, While Watching Television, If You Start Witnessing Yourself Watching Television, Then There Are Two Processes Going On: You Are Watching Television, And Something Within You Is Witnessing The Process Of Watching Television. Witnessing Is Deeper, Far Deeper. It Is Not Equivalent To Watching. Watching Is Superficial.
So Remember That Meditation Is Witnessing.”

“Thoughts Can Create Such A Barrier That Even If You Are Standing Before A Beautiful Flower, You Will Not Be Able To See It. Your Eyes Are Covered With Layers Of Thought. To Experience The Beauty Of The Flower You Have To Be In A State Of Meditation, Not In A State Of Mentation. You Have To Be Silent, Utterly Silent, Not Even A Flicker Of Thought – And The Beauty Explodes, Reaches To You From All Directions. You Are Drowned In The Beauty Of A Sunrise, Of A Starry Night, Of Beautiful Trees.”
– Osho

“‘Mock Me If You, Sir, But At Least I Have Found My God. What Gods Do You Worship, Mr. Grimjack’
‘ All Of Them Lady. All Of Them’”
–John Ostrander (Grimjack)

“Change And Growth Take Place When A Person Has Risked Himself And Dares To Become Involved With Experimenting With His Own Life. “
—Herbert Otto

“Perhaps The Most Important Thing We Can Undertake Toward The Reduction Of Fear Is To Make It Easier For People To Accept Themselves, To Like Themselves.”
—Bonaro W. Overstreet

“Venus Favours The Bold!”

“To Imagine The Unimaginable Is The Highest Use Of The Imagination.”
— Cynthia Ozick

“Still I Persist In Wondering Must Folly Always Be Our Nemesis”
–Edgar Pangborn

“You Can Always Abandon A Page, But If It Ain’t On The Page, It Ain’t On The Stage. And That’s The Truth. It Takes Work And Discipline, But It Also Takes An Incredible Power Of Forgiveness And A Desire To Serve The Music Completely Without Any Sort Of Cosmetic Desire. Stripped And Bleeding…Baring Your Soul, So That Someone Else Might Feel Exalted And Able. You Must Learn To Give If You Want To Pursue The Arts.”
– Van Dyke Parks (American Composer)>

“He Knows Changers Aren’t Permanent, But Change Is.”
–Neil Peart, Rush

“I Begin With An Idea And Then It Becomes Something Else.”
–Pablo Picasso

“Like Those In The Valley Behind Us, Most People Stand In Sight Of The Spiritual Mountains All Their Lives And Never Enter Them, Being Content To Listen To Others Who Have Been There And Thus Avoid The Hardships.”
–Robert Pirsig

“To Live For Some Future Goal Is Shallow. It’s The Sides Of The Mountain That Sustain Life, Not The Top.”
– Robert M Pirsig

“Be Kind, For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle.”
― Plato

“There Are Three Classes Of Men; Lovers Of Wisdom, Lovers Of Honor, And Lovers Of Gain.”

“Your True Nature Is Something Never Lost To You Even In Moments Of Delusion, Nor Is It Gained At The Moment Of Enlightenment”
— Huang Po

“Every Good Painter Paints What He Is.”
–Jackson Pollack

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes”
—-Marcel Proust

“There Is No Small Act Of Kindness. Every Compassionate Act Makes Large The World.”
–Mary Anne Radmacher

“Remember Me, Try To Remember.
I Am That Laughing Man With Eyes Like Leaves.
When You Think That Winter Will Never End,
I Will Come.
You Will Feel My Breath,
A Vine Caressing Your Foot.
I Am The Blue Eye Of A Crocus,
Opening In The Snow,
A Trickle Of Water, A Calling Bird,
A Shaft Of Light Among The Trees.
You Will Hear Me Singing
Among The Green Groves Of Memory,
And The Shining Leaves Of Tomorrow.
I’ll Come With Daisies In My Hands –
We’ll Dance Among The Sycamores
Once More.””
—- Lauren Raine, The Green Man

“It Is As If The Divine Mother Said To The Human Mind In Confidence, With A Sign From Her Eye, ’Go And Enjoy The World’. How Can One Blame The Mind? The Mind Can Disentangle Itself From Worldliness If, Through Her Grace, She Makes It Turn Toward Herself.Only Then Does It Become Devoted To The Lotus Feet Of The Divine Mother”
–Ramakrishna Quote

“Be Open To All Teachers And All Teachings, And Listen With Your Heart.”
– Ram Dass

“It Is Important To Expect Nothing, To Take Every Experience, Including The Negative Ones, As Merely Steps On The Path, And To Proceed.”
Ram Dass

“Genius Is The Recovery Of Childhood At Will.”
– Arthur Rimbaud

“How Am I Going To Live Today In Order To Create The Tomorrow I’m Committed To? “
—Tony Robbins

“The Higher Your Energy Level, The More Efficient Your Body The More Efficient Your Body, The Better You Feel And The More You Will Use Your Talent To Produce Outstanding Results. “
——–Tony Robbins

“The More Clear You Are About Exactly What It Is You Want, The More Your Brain Knows How To Get There”
–Anthony Robbins

“You Are Now At A Crossroads. This Is Your Opportunity To Make The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make. Forget Your Past. Who Are You Now? Who Have You Decided You Really Are Now? Don’t Think About Who You Have Been. Who Are You Now? Who Have You Decided To Become? Make This Decision Consciously. Make It Carefully. Make It Powerfully.”
–Anthony Robbins

“A Beginning Is The End Of Something Always”
–Spider Robinson

“An Ending Is The Beginning Of Something Always”
–Spider Robinson

” All People Are Born Potentially Telepathic—But That If We’re Ever Going To Get Any Message-Traffic Capacity, We Must First Shovel The Shit Out Of The Communications Room.”
– Spider Robinson

“Call It… Joy. The Thing Like Pleasure That You Feel When You’ve Done A Good Thing Or Passed Up A Real Tempting Chance To Do A Bad Thing. Or When The Unfolding Of The Universe Just Seems Especially Apt. It’s Nowhere Near As Flashy And Intense As Pleasure Can Be. Believe Me! But It’s Got Something Going For It. Something That Can Make You Do Without Pleasure, Or Even Accept A Lot Of Pain, To Get It.”
–Spider Robinson

“Shared joy is increased. Shared pain lessened.”
-Spider Robinson

“Some Guys Step On A Rake In The Dark, And Get Mad And Go Punch Somebody. Others Step On A Rake In The Dark And Fall Down Laughing At Themselves. I Know Which Kind Of Guy I’d Rather Be. So Do My Friends.”
– Spider Robinson

““This Is What It Is To Be Human: To See The Essential Existential Futility Of All Action, All Striving — And To Act, To Strive. This Is What It Is To Be Human: To Reach Forever Beyond Your Grasp. This Is What It Is To Be Human: To Live Forever Or Die Trying. This Is What It Is To Be Human: To Perpetually Ask The Unanswerable Questions, In The Hope That The Asking Of Them Will Somehow Hasten The Day When They Will Be Answered. This Is What It Is To Be Human: To Strive In The Face Of The Certainty Of Failure. This Is What It Is To Be Human: To Persist.”
–Spider Robinson

“That’s The Right Way To Get Telepathic:
Walking On Eggshells, With The Awareness That A Mistake Could Put A Knot On Your Own Skull. It’s Dark In There. So What Ends Up Happening Half The Time Is, People With Sensitive Areas They Don’t Want To Talk About Get So Tired Of Watching People Back Away From Them On Eggshells That They Say The Hell With It, And Cut Loose Of Whatever Hangup It Was. The Other Half Of The Time, At Least Nobody Ends Up Feeling Violated.”
–Spider Robinson

“Art Is Contemplation. It Is The Pleasure Of The Mind Which Searches Into Nature And Which There Divines The Spirit Of Which Nature Herself Is Animated.”
—Auguste Rodin

“The Fundamental Delusion Of Humanity Is To Suppose That I Am Here And You Are Out There.”
—Yasutani Roshi

“It’s The Questions We Can’t Answer That Teach Us The Most. They Teach Us How To Think. If You Give A Man An Answer, All He Gains Is A Little Fact. But Give Him A Question And He’ll Look For His Own Answers.”
–Patrick Rothfuss

“‘Would You Like An Apple?’ ‘This One Has A Wish Inside It,’ She Said Matter-Of-Factly. ‘Make Sure You Know What You Want Before You Take A Bite.’”
–Patrick Rothfuss (The Name Of The Wind)

“If You Live In A Past Dream, You Don’t Enjoy What Is Happening Right Now Because You Will Always Wish It To Be Different Than It Is. There Is No Time To Miss Anyone Or Anything Because You Are Alive. Not Enjoying What Is Happening Right Now Is Living In The Past And Being Only Half Alive. This Leads To Self Pity, Suffering And Tears.”
― Miguel Ruiz

“There Is A Huge Amount Of Freedom That Comes To You When You Take Nothing Personally”
– Don Miguel Ruiz

“Always Check Your Inner State
With The Lord Of Your Heart.
Copper Doesn’t Know It’s Copper,
Until It’s Changed To Gold.”
– Rumi

“And If Every Way Is Closed Before You. The Secret One Will Show A Path No Other Eyes Have Seen”

“Be A Falcon In Your Rapture
Be A Lion In Your Majesty
Find The Treasure Of The Contented Soul
Walk Fast
Get To The Place Where Neither Fast Nor Slow Exist
Ascend To The Height Where There Is No High Or Low”

“Because Of Love I Have Become The Giver Of Light.”

“Be Silent Now.
Say Fewer And Fewer Praise Poems.
Let Yourself Become Living Poetry.”
–Rumi, Soul Houses

“Come, Come, Whoever You Are.
Wanderer, Worshipper, Lover Of Leaving — It Doesn’t Matter,
Ours Is Not A Caravan Of Despair.
Come, Even If You Have Broken Your Vow A Hundred Times,
Come, Come Again, Come.”

“Don’t Be Satisfied With Stories, How Things Have Gone With Others. Unfold Your Own Myth.”

“Every Sensation
Every Image
Everything We Think Is Lifeless
Talks To Us Silently
With Our Lips Or Tongue
Relating To Us Our Joys And Sorrows
Informing Us
Trying To Awaken Us”

‎”I Am A Cup In The Hands Of Love.
If You Don’t Believe Me Look In My Eyes.
Or Better Still, Listen To My Heart, Beating Like Crazy.
But Watch Out! This Love Is Not The Pale And Slender Type.
She Is Drinking In All The Lovers Right Now!”

“I Am In Love With Love
And Love Is In Love With Me.
My Body Is In Love With The Soul
And The Soul Is In Love With My Body.
I Opened My Arms To Love
And Love Embraced Me Like A Lover.”

“I Died A Mineral And Became A Plant.
I Died A Plant And Rose An Animal.
I Died An Animal And I Was A Man.
Why Should I Fear? When Was I Less By Dying?
Yet Once More I Shall Die As Man, To Soar
With The Blessed Angels; But Even From Angel Hood
I Must Pass On. All Except God Perishes.
When I Have Sacrificed My Angel Soul,
I Shall Become That Which No Mind Ever Conceived.
O, Let Me Not Exist! For Nonexistance Proclaims,
“To Him We Shall Return.””

“If You Know The Value Of Every Article Of Merchandise,
But You Don’t Know The Value Of Your Own Soul,
It Will All Have Been Pointless.
You’ve Come To Know The Fortunate And The Inauspicious Stars,
But You Don’t Know Whether You Yourself
Are Fortunate Or Unlucky.
This Then Is The Essence Of All Sciences–
That You Should Know Who You Will Be
When The Day Of Reckoning Arrives”

“In Your Light I Learn How To Love.
In Your Beauty, How To Make Poems.
You Dance Inside My Chest,
Where No One Sees You,
But Sometimes I Do,
And That Sight Becomes This Art

“If You Don’t Find True Balance, Anyone Can Deceive You;
Anyone Can Trick Out Of A Thing Of Straw,
And Make You Take It For Gold
Don’t Squat With A Bowl Before Every Boiling Pot;
In Each Pot On The Fire You Find Very Different Things.
Not All Sugarcanes Have Sugar, Not All Abysses A Peak;
Not All Eyes Possess Vision, Not Every Sea Is Full Of Pearls.”

“Late, By Myself, In The
Boat Of Myself,
No Light And No Land
Cloudcover Thick.
I Try To Stay
Just Above The Surface.
Yet I’m Already Under And Living Within
The Ocean”

“Lovers Don’t Finally Meet Somewhere. They’re In Each Other All Along.”
—- Rumi

“My Heart Is On Fire
In My Madness I Roam The Desert
The Flames Of My Passion
Devour The Wind And The Sky”

“O Maker Of Mysteries
Who Makes Every Stranger A Friend,
Who Has Given The Rose To The Thorn
As A Robe Of Honour,
Shift Our Dust Again!
Make Our Nothing Something”
– Rumi

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”

“Since Love Has Made Ruins Of My Heart
The Sun Must Come And Illumine Them.
Such Generosity Has Broken Me With Shame.”
― Rumi

“Something Opens Our Wings. Something Makes Boredom And Hurt Disappear. Someone Fills The Cup In Front Of Us: We Taste Only Sacredness.”

“The Dust Of Many Crumbled Cities Settles Over Us Like A Forgetful Doze, But We Are Older Than Those Cities. We Began As A Mineral. We Emerged Into Plant Life And Into The Animal State, And Then Into Being Human, And Always We Have Forgotten Our Former States, Except In Early Spring When We Slightly Recall Being Green Again. That’s How A Young Person Turns Toward A Teacher. That’s How A Baby Leans Toward The Breast, Without Knowing The Secret Of Its Desire, Yet Turning Instinctively. Humankind Is Being Led Along An Evolving Course, Through This Migration Of Intelligences, And Though We Seem To Be Sleeping, There Is An Inner Wakefulness That Directs The Dream, And That Will Eventually Startle Us Back To The Truth Of Who We Are.”

“The Wound Is The Place Where The Light Enters You. “

“There Is Nothing I Want But Your Presence
In Friendship, Time Dissolves.
Life Is A Cup. This Connection
Is Pure Wine. What Else Are Cups For?”

“We Rarely Hear The Inward Music, But We’re All Dancing To It Nevertheless.”
– Jalal Ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

”When Your Heart Is Cleansed Of Everything You
Think You Are
You’ll See Yourself As A Beloved Old Soul”

“This Being Human Is A Guest House. Every Morning Is A New Arrival. A Joy, A Depression, A Meanness, Some Momentary Awareness Comes As An Unexpected Visitor…Welcome And Entertain Them All. Treat Each Guest Honorably. The Dark Thought, The Shame, The Malice, Meet Them At The Door Laughing, And Invite Them In. Be Grateful For Whoever Comes, Because Each Has Been Sent As A Guide From Beyond.”
― Rumi

“Who Could Be So Lucky? Who Comes To A Lake For Water And Sees The Reflection Of Moon”

“Your Task Is Not To Seek For Love, But Merely To Seek And Find All The Barriers Within Yourself That You Have Built Against It.”

“You Were Born With Wings, Why Prefer To Crawl Through Life?”
— Rumi

“The Road Leading To A Goal Does Not Separate You From The Destination; It Is Essentially A Part Of It”
–Romany Saying

A Traveler Without Observation Is A Bird Without Wings.”
–Moslih Eddin Saadi

“Walk Gently, With Humility, Respect And Love Or At Least Awe For Everything Around You. That Way, A Spiritual Process Will Naturally Happen For You.”
–Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

“Whenever You Are Happy, The Real Source Of Happiness Is Within You. It Bubbles Up. It Is Just That You Are Looking For An External Stimulus To Make You Happy.”
–Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

“If You Identify Yourselves With The Body That You Carry About With You, You Are Inviting Sorrow And Suffering To Overwhelm You Instead Of The Joy And Peace Which Are Awaiting To Bless You.”
Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“Service Without Ideal Of Self . . . Trains You To Transcend All The Artificial Distinctions Imposed By History And Geography, And To Realize That The Human Community Is One And Indivisible.”
– Sri Sathya Sai Baba

“And When Your Sorrow Is Comforted (Time Soothes All Sorrows) You Will Be Content That You Have Known Me. You Will Always Be My Friend. You Will Want To Laugh With Me. And You Will Sometimes Open Your Window, So, For That Pleasure… And Your Friends Will Be Properly Astonished To See You Laughing As You Look Up At The Sky! Then You Will Say To Them, ‘Yes, The Stars Always Make Me Laugh!’”
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery

‎”A Rock Pile Ceases To Be A Rock Pile The Moment A Single Man Contemplates It, Bearing Within Him The Image Of A Cathedral.”
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery

“A Single Event Can Awaken Within Us A Stranger Totally Unknown To Us. To Live Is To Be Slowly Born.”
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

“But The Eyes Are Blind. One Must Look With The Heart…”
~Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

“How Could Drops Of Water Know Themselves To Be A River? Yet The River Flows On”
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery

“If You Want To Build A Ship, Don’t Drum Up People To Collect Wood And Don’t Assign Them Tasks And Work, But Rather Teach Them To Long For The Endless Immensity Of The Sea.”
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery

“Night, The Beloved. Night, When Words Fade And Things Come Alive. When The Destructive Analysis Of Day Is Done, And All That Is Truly Important Becomes Whole And Sound Again. When Man Reassembles His Fragmentary Self And Grows With The Calm Of A Tree. “
~Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

“Well, I Must Endure The Presence Of Two Or Three Caterpillars
If I Wish To Become Acquainted With The Butterflies. “
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery – The Little Prince”

“What Makes The Desert Beautiful,” Said The Little Prince, “Is That Somewhere It Hides A Well…”
–Antoine De Saint-Exupery

“It’s Partly True, Too, But It Isn’t All True. People Always Think Something’s All True.”
― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher In The Rye

“Poetry Is The Journal Of A Sea Animal Living On Land, Wanting To Fly In The Sky”
–Carl Sandburg

““We Have To Dare To Be Ourselves, However Frightening Or Strange That Self May Prove To Be.”
–May Sarton

“What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?”
–Dr. Robert Schuller

“You Are What You Think About All Day Long.”
–Robert Schuller

“I’m Not A River Or A Giant Bird
That Soars To The Sea
And If I’m Never Tied To Anything
I’ll Never Be Free”
— Stephen Schwartz

“And When Two Raging Fires Meet Together, They Do Consume The Thing That Feeds Their Fury”
–William Shakespear

“What A Piece Of Work Is A Man, How Noble In Reason, How
Infinite In Faculties, In Form And Moving How Express And
Admirable, In Action How Like An Angel, In Apprehension How Like
A God! The Beauty Of The World, The Paragon Of Animals”
–William Shakespeare

“Every Time You Don’t Follow Your Inner Guidance, You Feel A Loss Of Energy, Loss Of Power, A Sense Of Spiritual Deadness.”
–Shakti Gawain

“When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.”
– George Bernard Shaw

“A Mountain Is Composed Of Tiny Grains Of Earth. The Ocean Is Made Up Of Tiny Drops Of Water. Even So, Life Is But An Endless Series Of Little Details, Actions, Speeches, And Thoughts. And The Consequences Whether Good Or Bad Of Even The Least Of Them Are Far-Reaching”

“I Can Slay A Dragon Any Old Week. It’s Easy”
–Stephen Sondheim

“Home Is A Name, A Word, It Is A Strong One; Stronger Than Magician Ever Spoke, Or Spirit Ever Answered To, In The Strongest Conjuration.”
– Robert Southey

“I Would Rather Have A Mind Opened By Wonder Than One Closed By Belief.”
—-Gerry Spence

“Man’s Heart Away From Nature Becomes Hard”
. ~Standing Bear

“A Journey Is Like Marriage. The Certain Way To Be Wrong Is To Think You Control It.”
– John Steinbeck

There Is A Fifth Dimension, Beyond That Which Is Known To Man. It Is A Dimension As Vast As Space And As Timeless As Infinity. It Is The Middle Ground Between Light And Shadow, Between Science And Superstition.
–Rod Sterling –

“I’ve Always Felt That Sexuality Is A Really Slippery Thing. In This Day And Age, It Tends To Get Categorized And Labeled, And I Think Labels Are For Food. Canned Food.”
—Michael Stipe

“So Long As We Love We Serve;
So Long As We Are Loved By Others, I Would Almost Say That We Are Indispensable;
And No One Is Useless While They Have A Friend.”
–Robert Louis Stevenson

“The Words Shared Don’t Matter As Much As The Vibration They Come From.
-Elina St-Onge

“Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others”
–Jonathan Swift

“Clouds Come Floating Into My Life, No Longer To Carry Rain Or Usher Storm, But To Add Color To My Sunset Sky.”
–Rabindranath Tagore

“Do Not Say, ‘It Is Morning,’ And Dismiss It With A Name Of Yesterday. See It For The First Time As A Newborn Child That Has No Name.”
—Rabindranath Tagore

“Love Is The Only Reality And It Is Not A Mere Sentiment. It Is The Ultimate Truth That Lies At The Heart Of Creation.
–Rabindranath Tagore

“The Butterfly Counts Not Months But Moments, And Has Time Enough.
–Rabindranath Tagore

“You Can’t Cross The Sea Merely By Staring At The Water”
–Rabindranath Tagore

“Always Give A Word Or Sign Of Salute When Meeting Or Passing A Friend, Or Even A Stranger, If In A Lonely Place.”

“I Went To The Woods Because I Wished To Live Deliberately, To Front Only The Essential Facts Of Life, And See If I Could Not Learn What It Had To Teach, And Not, When I Came To Die, Discover That I Have Not Lived.”
–Henry David Thoreau

“The Road Goes Ever On And On Down From The Door Where It Began. Now Far Ahead The Road Has Gone, And I Must Follow, If I Can, Pursuing It With Eager Feet, Until It Joins Some Larger Way Where Many Paths And Errands Meet. And Whither Then? I Cannot Say.”
— J R R Tolkien

“Loving Knowledge, Understanding What Knowledge Is Is A Whole Different Thing Than Gaining Knowledge.”
– Michael Tsarion

“Man Is The World And The World Is Man. Nature Is The Self And The Self Is Nature. A Natural Religion Is A Human Religion. Consciousness, Of One Sort Or Another, Is Shared By Everything Living Here And Now In The Creation, From The Neutron Star To The Subatomic Particle. Nothing Is Dead. Nothing Is Inanimate. A Thing Lives, And Has An Everlasting Relationship With Everything Else. Man Is Not Alone In The Creation And Does Not Require Remote Invisible Voices Behind The Clouds Or In The Dark Places Beneath The Earth To Instruct Or Waylay Him. Man Is His Own Student And Teacher And His Prestigious School Is Nature, The House Of Life. Nothing Is Missing In The Life Of A Man Who Has Nature As His Mentor.”
–Michael Tsarion, Irish Origins Of Civilization

“We Have Forgotten That Our Sovereign Duty Is To Leave The World In A Better Condition Than When We Each Entered It”
–Michael Tsarion

“And So I Am Become A Knight Of The Kingdom Of Dreams And Shadows!”
—-Mark Twain

“Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.”
–Mark Twain

“Our Best Built Certainties Are But Sand-Houses And Subject To Damage From Any Wind Of Doubt That Blows”
— Mark Twain

“The Dog Is A Gentleman; I Hope To Go To His Heaven, Not Man’s. “
-Mark Twain

“A Narrative Is Like A Room On Whose Walls A Number Of False Doors Have Been Painted; While Within The Narrative, We Have Many Apparent Choices Of Exit, But When The Author Leads Us To One Particular Door, We Know It Is The Right One Because It Opens.”
–John Updike

“First Of All The Twinkling Stars Vibrated But Remained Motionless In Space, Then All The Celestial Globes Were United Into One Series Of Movements…Firmament And Planets Both Disappeared, But The Mighty Breath Which Gives Lives To All Things And In Which All Is Bound Up Remained”
–Vincent Van Gough

“For My Part I Know Nothing With Any Certainty, But The Sight Of The Stars Makes Me Dream.”
–Vincent Van Gough

““If You Hear A Voice Within You Say „You Cannot Paint“, Then By All Means Paint And That Voice Will Be Silenced.”
― Vincent Van Gogh

“In The End We Shall Have Had Enough Of Cynicism, Skepticism And Humbug, And We Shall Want To Live More Musically.”
― Vincent Van Gogh

“Every Man Is Guilty Of All The Good He Did Not Do”
– Voltaire

“Go Into The Arts. I’m Not Kidding. The Arts Are Not A Way To Make A Living. They Are A Very Human Way Of Making Life More Bearable. Practicing An Art, No Matter How Well Or Badly, Is A Way To Make Your Soul Grow, For Heaven’s Sake. Sing In The Shower. Dance To The Radio. Tell Stories. Write A Poem To A Friend, Even A Lousy Poem. Do It As Well As You Possibly Can. You Will Get An Enormous Reward. You Will Have Created Something.”
– Kurt Vonnegut

“Participation In The Arts — Drawing, Dancing, And All That — Makes The Soul Grow. That’s Why You Engage In It. That’s How You Grow A Soul.”
–Kurt Vonnegut Jr

“There’s Only One Rule That I Know Of, Babies—God Damn It, You’ve Got To Be Kind.”
–Kurt Vonnegut

“Art Is Whatever You Can Get Away With”
–Andy Warhol

“But I’ll Tell You What Hermits Realize. If You Go Off Into A Far, Far Forest And Get Very Quiet, You’ll Come To Understand That You’re Connected With Everything.”
– Alan Watts

“Faith Is A State Of Openness Or Trust.”
Alan Watts

““The Art Of Living…Is Neither Careless Drifting On The One Hand Nor Fearful Clinging To The Past On The Other. It Consists In Being Sensitive To Each Moment, In Regarding It As Utterly New And Unique, In Having The Mind Open And Wholly Receptive.”
― Alan Wilson Watts

The Ego Is Nothing Other Than The Focus Of Conscious Attention.
–Alan Watts

“Art Is The Symbol Of The Two Noblest Human Efforts: To Construct And To Refrain From Destruction. “
—Evelyn Waugh

“Fiction Reveals Truths That Reality Obscures. “
~Jessamyn West

“If You Spend Your Whole Life Waiting For The Storm, You’ll Never Enjoy The Sunshine. “
–Morris West

“Man Is A Creature Who Walks In Two Worlds And Traces Upon The Walls Of His Cave The Wonders And The Nightmare Experiences Of His Spiritual Pilgrimage. “
–Morris West

“Do Anything, But Let It Produce Joy.”
― Walt Whitman

“Re-Examine All You Have Been Told. Dismiss What Insults Your Soul”
–Walt Whitman

“And So, Please Practice! Please Let That Be Your Guide. And I Believe That You Will Find, If Your Practice Matures, That Spirit Will Reach Down And Bless Your Every Word And Deed, And You Will Be Taken Quite Beyond Yourself, And The Divine Will Blaze With The Light Of A Thousand Suns, And Glories Upon Glories Will Be Given Unto You, And You Will In Every Way Be Home. And Then, Despite All Your Excuses And All Your Objections, You Will Find The Obligation To Communicate Your Vision. And Precisely Because Of That, You And I Will Find Each Other. And That Will Be The Real Return Of Spirit To Itself.”
— Ken Wilber

“If Spirit Has Any Meaning At All, Then It Must Be Eternal, Or Without Beginning Or End. If Spirit Had A Beginning In Time, Then It Would Be Strictly Temporal, It Would Not Be Timeless And Eternal. And This Means, As Regards Your Own Awareness, That You Cannot Become Enlightened. You Cannot Attain Enlightenment. If You Could Attain Enlightenment, Then That State Would Have A Beginning In Time, And So It Would Not Be True Enlightenment.
Rather, Spirit, And Enlightement, Has To Be Something That You Are Fully Aware Of Right Now. Something You Are Already Looking At Right Now… We Are All Already Looking Directly At Spirit, We Just Don’t Recognize It. We Have All The Necessary Cognition, But Not The Recognition. “
– Ken Wilber

“I Have One Major Rule: Everybody Is Right. More Specifically, Everybody — Including Me — Has Some Important Pieces Of Truth, And All Of Those Pieces Need To Be Honored, Cherished, And Included In A More Gracious, Spacious, And Compassionate Embrace”
–Ken Wilber

“I Rise To Taste The Dawn, And Find That Love Alone Will Shine Today.”
–Ken Wilber

“On My Tombstone, I Really Hope That Someday They Will Write: He Was True But Partial…”
–Ken Wilber

“Real Compassion Kicks Butt And Takes Names. If You Are Not Ready For This Fire, Then Find A New Age, Sweetness- And-Light, Perpetually Smiling Teacher. . . . But Stay Away From Those Who Practice Real Compassion Because They Will Fry Your Ass, My Friend.”
– Ken Wilber

“The Truth Will Not Necessarily Set You Free, But Truthfulness Will.”
– Ken Wilber

“BE STILL: Be Stiller Yet; And Listen. Set The Screen
Of Silence At The Portal Of Your Will.
Relax, And Let The World Go By Unheard.
And Seal Your Lips With Some All-Sacred Word.”
–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Between The Optimist And The Pessimist, The Difference Is Droll. The Optimist Sees The Doughnut; The Pessimist The Hole!”
–Oscar Wilde

“There Is Something Terribly Morbid In The Modern Sympathy With Pain. One Should Sympathise With The Colour, The Beauty, The Joy Of Life. The Less Said About Life’s Sores The Better.
–Oscar Wilde

“Talent Is A Flame. Genius Is A Fire.”
–Bern Williams

“The Spiritual Path – Is Simply The Journey Of Living Our Lives. Everyone Is On A Spiritual Path; Most People Just Don’t Know It.”
–Marianne Williamson

“Beyond A Certain Point, The Whole Universe Becomes A Continuous Process Of Initiation.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

“If You Take History On This Planet At Starting At Midnight…Then It Is Now 8 O’clock In The Morning, And It’s Time For Us To Wake Up, Because We’ve Been Operating On Auto-Pilot Up Until Now.
And There Are Signs Of Planetary Awakening. Domesticated Primate Psychology [Humanity] Is Pretty Much The Same As It Was In The Paleolithic. But One Sees Increasing Evidence Of Mutations.
There Was Only One Buddha 2500 Years Ago, Now You Meet 5-10 Buddhas At Every City You Go To.
Knowledge Wherever It’s Discovered Is Traveling Over The Whole World Faster And Faster.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

“Intelligence Is The Capacity To Receive, Decode And Transmit Information Efficiently. Stupidity Is Blockage Of This Process At Any Point. Bigotry, Ideologies Etc. Block The Ability To Receive; Robotic Reality-Tunnels Block The Ability To Decode Or Integrate New Signals; Censorship Blocks Transmission.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

“Is”, “Is.” “Is” — The Idiocy Of The Word Haunts Me. If It Were Abolished, Human Thought Might Begin To Make Sense. I Don’t Know What Anything “Is”; I Only Know How It Seems To Me At This Moment”
― Robert Anton Wilson

“The Future Is Up For Grabs. It Belongs To Any And All Who Will Take The Risk And Accept The Responsibility Of Consciously Creating The Future They Want.”
― Robert Anton Wilson

“The Longer One Is Alone, The Easier It Is To Hear The Song Of The Earth. “
–Robert Anton Wilson

“The Totally Convinced And The Totally Stupid Have Too Much In Common For The Resemblance To Be Accidental.”
–Robert Anton Wilson

“You Are Precisely As Big As What You Love And Precisely As Small As What You Allow To Annoy You.”
–-Robert Anton Wilson

Our Remote Ancestors Said To Their Mother Earth, “We Are Ours.”
Modern Humanity Has Said To Nature, “You Are Mine.”
The Green Man Has Returned As The Living Face Of The Whole Earth
So That Through His Mouth We May Say To The Universe, “We Are One.”
– Terri Windling

“Think Of The Future As A Series Of Pictures Of Yourself. Each Picture Portrays A Different You, Much As An Actor Changes His Guise With Makeup And Mannerism. Each Of These Future Lives In The Time Ahead Of Us Just As Our Neighbours Live In The Space Around Us. Each Friendly “Neighbour” Calls To Us, Perhaps Over The Backyard Fence Or On The Telephone And Invites Us Over. We Must Choose Whom To Visit.”
–Fred Alan Wolf

“You Never Learn How To Write A Novel, You Only Learn How To Write The Novel You’re On”
–Gene Wolfe (To Neil Gaiman)

“Fiction Is Like A Spider’s Web, Attached Ever So Slightly Perhaps, But Still Attached To Life At All Four Corners. Often The Attachment Is Scarcely Perceptible.”
– Virginia Woolf

“I’ve Just Closed My Eyes Again Climbed Aboard The Dream Weaver Train”
–Gary Wright

“How Can We Know The Dancer From The Dance?”
~William Butler Yeats

“I Am Content To Follow To Its Source
Every Event In Action Or In Thought,
Measure The Lot; Forgive Myself The Lot!
When Such As I Cast Out Remorse
So Great A Sweetness Flows Into My Breast
We Must Laugh And We Must Sing,
We Are Blest By Everything,
Everything We Look Upon Is Blessed.”
–William Butler Yeates

“The Spiritual Quest Was Always The Predominant Aspect Of My Life. It’s Always Been There. But There’s Also An Incredible Passion Connected To It; It’s Not Just A Dry Investigative Process. I Have Been Extremely Emotional About It, And That Comes Out In The Songs.”
–Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

“No Word Matters. But Man Forgets Reality And Remembers Words.”
― Roger Zelazny

“A Monk Once Asked Master Chao-Chou, “Does A Dog Have Buddha-Nature Or Not?”
Chao-Chou Said, “Mu”
–Zen Koan

“Soundless And Without Scent, Heaven And Earth Are Incessantly Repeating Unwritten Sutras”
–Zen Saying

“I See The Potential For A New World Being Born In Front Of Me And All Around Me, And I Feel The Only Way To Bring That Potential Into Being Is To Know Myself.”
–Gary Zukov

“No Two People Have The Same Reality.”
—Gary Zukav

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