A High Priestess Reading

1-What is deep within me? VIII of Pent VIII of Pentacles
2-How can I know it? 15-The Devil (reversed)

15-The Devil
15-The Devil
3-How can I be true to it? Ace of Wands (reversed) Ace of Wands
4-What do I need to give out? 1-The Magician(Reversed)

The Magician
The Magician
5-What do I need to keep within? V of Pentacles V of Pentacles

1-What is deep within me? VIII of Pentacles-“stability; satisfaction; continuing in a steady way”; “cycles”-So despite outer chaos, i have an extremely stable core with the ability to achieve fulfillment.

2-How can I know It? The Devil (Reversed)-Liberation; He (or she or both) can free themselves and walk away; Seeing through illusions and turning to the spiritual in life” So the more real i make it, the more centered I become and the more I can accomplish. Watch out for the chains 😉

How can I be true to it? Ace of Wands (Reversed) “Not the time to try something new-Hesitation, setbacks, doubts” If I can only know what is inside of me by freeing myself from illusions then understanding proper timing, neither jumping recklessly nor hesitating is crucial”

4-What do I need to give out-The Magician (Reversed)-Do What I need to do; Don’t hesitate to act; Keep Producing

Don’t Doubt

5-What do I need to keep within-V of Pentacles-“Finding meaning in struggle-Helping the disenfranchised-not sweating the material stuff”

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  1. Hello Grosenburg

    I know that most of the pictures of Rider tarot cards are pretty much the same but the picture of the Ace of Wands shown here is unique to my website, “kufty.com”
    I am happy that you you like my pictures but you should, please, give appropriate acknowledgments.

    Good Luck for the future!

  2. Hi Mick-
    So sorry to not attribute your site. I do enjoy your deck for sure but would rather use the more generic pictures anyway. Thanks for the temporary usage of the card and please feel free to let me know if i had inadvertently used any others of yours. Again my gratitude and my apologies

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