Hermit Personal Reading

1-What do I need to do on my own? Judgement Judgement
2-Where will I find my light? X of Swords (rev) Ten of Swords
3-What will it illuminate? Queen of Swords (rev) Queen of Swords
4-What does the Hermit want me to see? V of Wands (rev) Five of Wands
5-What or Who is my secret teacher? VI of Pentacles RWPentaclesSix
6-What can I learn? The Hierophant


What do I need to do on my own? Judgement

“a fresh start” “various forms of rising up””change has already happened, it is time to acknowledge it”; “something that was hidden from us is now revealed and we look at the world with a clear eye and a larger understanding”; “We have the opportunity at last to fulfill our potential”

Wow, so this kind of addresses a few things on my mind lately. First of all I was wondering if I would find a teacher to guide me through this cycle of awakening and it seems that i will have to do it myself. There will be lots of people on the road with me, all on our own journey but as far as someone who will trick me into learning or walk me patiently or not through stuff, well, that hasn’t ever worked before … Still the journey will be amazing and the trail will take me to some amazing places. It already has. The part about looking at the world with a clear eye and a larger understanding also holds true to something that’s been circling in my consciousness lately about looking at everything as if it were the first time I’ve ever seen it. This comes up again in this reading.

Where will I find my light? X of Swords (rev)

“relief from suffering as if the swords literally fall out of the back” ; “possibly being too closse in a situation, too caught up in details” “SWORDS HAVE NOW FALLEN THE SHADOW OF KARMIC MEMORY MAY LINGER. CLIENT WILL HAVE A NEW SWORD OF ENDEAVOR”

Hmmm “The ending is the beginning of something always” I will find the light at the end of the cycle and the beginning of the new one? Step back and take a ‘universal perspective’, take time to heal and help others heal
What will it illuminate? Queen of Swords (rev)

“that powerful mind and personality turned towards manipulation and control” “another would see her leaving her high lonely place and becoming more involved in life”

If I understand what this card is saying…..ok it seems to be that my path is in serving / teaching / healing others some way some how–BC with its mountains is a high place….but the light will answer that. Does sound like there are interesting times ahead Sorry if this sounds a bit coy, but not sure how i feel about this one
What does the Hermit want me to see? V of Wands (Rev)

“competition turning nasty”; “people who don’t follow approved rules”; “a fire a passion that burns steadily without highs but also without danger of going out””Refuse to accept more stress” “CONDITIONS ARE NOW SETTLING-TAKE A BREATH AND ABSORB THE CHANGING CONDITIONS ACT UPON NEWS YOU WILL RECEIVE SOON.” “Be confident, don’t worry. Things can be too good not to be true. Take time to listen. someone needs you.”

hmmmm again the idea of innocence, believing that things can be as good as they look. Be open to helping others
What or who is my secret teacher? VI of Pentacles

“Partnership in work and other practical areas” “Justice working out in people’s lives”;”Spirituality in daily life”; “Could you be more open to giving and receiving?””This combination of symbols shows a shifting in your work/thought process. A new responsibility which is focused and concentrated””NOW IT IS YOUR TURN TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF KARMA SO MAY WAYS IN WHICH LIFE REPAYS AND REWARDS FOR THINGS WELL DONE”

Stop you’ll go to my head ;). Seriously taking this together with the rest seems to be saying that my secret teacher is the qualities / materials I have been given in my life and as long as i keep it flowing through me, the knowledge and ideas will keep coming.

What can I learn? The HierophantI can learn traditions of many different people, and teach others. Kind of where my interests lay anyway. I can teach traditions and initiation..

As usual comics are welcome. Appreciated

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